Write For Us

Our site accepts contributions in both written and video format from those under 30 of:

  • nonfiction opinion articles on current events and political issues
  • nonfiction historical narrative and reference
  • journalistic viewpoints on political climate and current events
  • book and film reviews
  • verified quotes (provide footnoted original source)
  • fictional or allegorical content relating to political, historical or current events (please ensure preface indicates fictional content)
  • man-on-the-street or celebrity (local or national) interviews

All submissions should be compatible with a conservative perspective. We are particularly interested in review of first, second, and fifth amendment rights violations.

Please send a query to editor@genfringe.com and allow 2-4 weeks for a response. Queries should include the article title, summary, word count, your writing qualifications, a link to your site/blog if you have one, and your contact information. The query should be included in the body of the email, not in an attached file. We will not open attached files unless we’ve requested it.

The optimal article should range between 200-1000 words; video content should be between 5 and 12 minutes in length. Multi-part articles should stand alone though correlated and indicate the previous/future corresponding article(s).

All writing is voluntary. We do not offer compensation. If your submission is accepted for publication, we reserve the right to make minor edits. Additionally, Liberty Alliance, LLC, will have exclusive rights to your content for 30 days after it’s posted on GenFringe.com — you as author will retain copyright and following the 30 day period, Liberty Alliance, LLC, will retain non-exclusive rights to the content (it will remain in our archives) and you are free to seek additional publication (non-exclusively) elsewhere.

All content is copyright © 2013, under the respective author’s name, unless otherwise noted.