A Woman Should Have Rights to HER Body…But Not to Someone Else’s

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Plenty of us keep saying that a woman has exclusive rights to her body…I agree…but she is not aborting her body..she is aborting someone else’s…even if it is on a multicellular level,,,it isn’t her cells. She becomes a host, but she didn’t think enough of her body to keep from being a host. Some mistakes must be paid for, even while still acknowledging that they are mistakes. If I pick up a cone from the Redwood Forest, I will be fined at best and may even be imprisoned…why? because I take away potential seeds from that cone of ever growing into a majestic redwood. Those who chastise us for using God as a reason for not aborting should understand that when we speak of God, we are speaking of life…there is no bigger reason.

Reader Rant By: Denise Daniel

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