WATCH: ‘Check Your Privilege’ is an Idiotic Statement!

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“Check your privilege” is an insulting and self-righteous phrase.

It’s used as a way to shut down discussion. It only creates more division, guilt, and jealously. Stop reducing people to their skin color or body parts. It’s not cool.”

-Julie Borowski

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  • George Washington’s spirit

    I hate to say this, but the left won’t even watch this, as a white woman is talking about it. Two things they hate

  • Dee Rockin

    I am on the left, and I hate the phrase ‘check your privilege’ but I have to say that she doesn’t really understand (nor do most leftists) what ‘check your privilege’ ACTUALLY means.
    There is a place in discussion to ask someone to recognize that white males DO have an unfair advantage in American society, but she is correct that most leftists use it to simply end a debate that they are in danger of losing.

  • Dee Rockin

    oh, and she is really annoying…