Subway Bans Pork Due to Muslim Outcry

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Subway is a business doing what businesses do: looking out for its customers’ interests in neighborhoods around England.

But it’s how Subway is doing it that’s more than a bit ironic, given how tolerance is supposed to be a two-way street.

(And excuse me, are we even driving on the right side of the road? Oh, in the U.K. we drive on the left, gotcha).

The Daily Mail reports that Subway is holding the pork for customers in 185 shops around England, due to Muslims’ complaints about non-halal menus:

The sandwich chain said ‘following a strong demand from our Muslim customers’, 185 outlets in the UK and Ireland have introduced the meat, which is prepared under strict Islamic rules.


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  • heilbama

    I’m banning Subway from receiving any of my money ever again. I can get a good sandwich at your competitors – and you have more than one or two.

  • Hog Farmer

    i’m an independent hog farmer and i despise subway’s idea of appeasing a minority

  • The Realist

    No more subway for me and perhaps we should flood them with emails letting them know that we’ve had enough of this pc bullshit at the expense of the majority. There once was a very good reason not to eat pork because improper cooking will cause you to die a horrific death from parasites but the plain truth is that we are now in the 21st century and I’d invite all of the muslims that insist on remaining in the stone age to join the rest of the world!