WHY is our speech NO LONGER FREE?!

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freedom of speech

Just how many people have to hear an OFFENSIVE word or statement to make it grounds for legal action and punishment.

What if I say something to MYSELF? Would that be punishable by our CRAZY society today?

We already know that ONE PERSON hearing a statement that is OFFENSIVE to certain SELECT groups is grounds for a FINE of $2,500,000. Ask Sterling.

WHY is it now that speech is NO LONGER FREE. Why is it that you can be punished for being an idiot and saying stupid things, BUT not have a thing done for KILLING thousands of babies.

And people wonder why God is judging us.

Reader Rant By: ADRoberts

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  • Indy

    Remember: Sterling was kicked out of a voluntary business association formed of himself and 30 other billionaires- libertarian uberfreedom. They cut him when he became a liability to their brand.

    The government had nothing to do with it.

  • Indy

    Let XKCD explain how freedom of speech works: http://xkcd.com/1357/

  • Skully

    Donald Stirling…not “Sterling”…entered into a contract with the NBA. That contract included what’s known as a “morals clause” which prohibits certain behavior. Stirling eagerly signed this contract, so it’s not a 1st amendment issue.