Senior Pranks (Like Peeing in the Hallway) Can Get You Arrested

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  • Ergo

    The punishment should fit the crime??

    They broke into and *vandalized* the school and you’re upset they’re being arrested for *that*?? Perhaps if it had been just balloons and greasing doorknobs, but *urinating* on the floor? You’re defending that??

    *face palm*

    (And lol, going to prison! Yeah, right. They’ll get a slap on the wrist and do some community service–talk about insane hyper-ventilating.)

  • cozmo

    Do you think arresting these guys was an overreaction or was it well

    Well deserved. It was okay until bodily fluids got involved.

  • jeffnkr

    The students got what they deserved. It’s called vandalism. It’s called LACK OF RESPECT FOR OTHER’S PROPERTY. I hope they get the maximum punishment.

  • Sunshine Kid

    This author speaks with a forked tongue. On one hand she decries the criminality of their act, admitting to even worse acts by her and her classmates, and then says at the end, “I’m totally not for letting things slide. I’m kind of the opposite. I’m a rule-follower – big time. I was THE goody-two-shoes in high school.”

    I’m not at all believing that she is a rule follower; in fact, I suspect that she is a liberal apologist for criminal activity.

  • steven

    Hell in this day and age I am surprised people don’t get arrested just for walking down the hallway.

    • gavinwca

      They do. If they wear American logos onthereshirt and the Mexicans don’t like it.

  • gavinwca

    60 kids more than likely did some serious destruction of property. Not just wetting the floor. Destroying the taxpayers property just because you are graduating school is ridiculous. They got what they asked for.