Rubio and Cruz are Very VERY Different

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I love it when adverts are just WRONG!!! Facebook just had an ad on my page that Senator Marco Rubio is similar to Senator Ted Cruz…. ‪#‎Priceless‬

So let me explain this. This is like comparing a Kiwi to an apple. Yes they both may be fruit but they are very very different. One follows America’s Founding Principles, the other do not! One is a great Senator and a fighter for Liberty, the other is not! One respects and fights for the Constitution, the other does not. One supports Amnesty and the other does not. Lastly one is a fire breathing Constitutional Conservative and the other is somewhere between an establishment Republican and a moderate.

I will let y’all decide which is which!!!!

Reader Rant By: Jonathon Dunne

Do you agree?  Comment below.

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Jonathon Dunne is an Irish college student who has been waiting on a green card for nine years. He is pursuing a degree in International Relations and dreams of moving to America to work in politics and follow his "American Dream." He has strong ties to the Republican Party and the Conservative movement and his aunt worked in Ronald Reagan campaigns in Florida in the '80s. Favorite Reagan quote: "It can be done" and he hopes Conservatives follow Reagan in "appealing to your best hopes, not your worst fears, to your confidences rather than your doubts". Follow Jonathon on Twitter @JonathonDunne13.
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  • Robert Kaschner

    The difference is clear. Cruz is cool, Rubio is not.

  • Garwoodv6

    Facebook is owned, operated, filtered, and used as a propaganda outlet by Liberals.

    This comparison is a ploy to disparage and divide the public over two political figures that represent a different view than the liberal mantra. Nothing more.

  • Ruben Escobar

    I like both Cruz and Rubio, But Cruz is the leader we need as Chief Commander right now to put this wonderful country back on track and put us again as World best Country, not a punching bag for all this Liberals and terrorist. And also STOP once and for all all the ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.