Reader Rant on Donald Sterling: What the…

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This guy is a total a**, but my gut reaction was also wth? He was having a private conversation! And she recorded it illegally! Have any of us ever said something we wouldn’t want repeated, in our own homes? What if it had been recorded & released beyond those walls? It is a slippery slope we traverse in this day & age. We’ll be in really deep sh!! when they start reading our minds — lol.

Reader Rant By: Lisa Dulin

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  • Marg

    I so agree with her! Who cares if the guy does not want his GF bring Blacks around! So now it is considered racist to not like Blacks! Bull!

    • Skully

      Yes. That would be the very definition of racism…judging an entire group based on akin color.

      • Marg

        I think it is the same that Blacks judge all Whites because some guys 400 years ago owned slaves! I don’t judge all based on skin color, just the criminal thugs the Govt forces all of us to support either in jail or on welfare! How can one small percentage of our country and one race have so many criminal animals? Bad DNA for sure or just not fully evolved to get the animal instincts out!

  • Indy

    A quick comic about free speech: