Parenthood: Perfection in Prime Time TV

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As a young millennial, odds are you’re still getting on your own two feet professionally and relationally. Not to mention that crazy schedule you have with no free time and where sleep has now become a luxury. What reason could you possibly have to make time to watch a TV show with the word “parent” in the title?

Plenty, as it turns out. Here are just a few of them:

  1. It has a good message.                                                         

Unlike what you might assume from the title, the show is actually about much more than parenting. It focuses on family and the idea that — through good and bad times — families are about loyalty and standing by each other.

  1. It features stellar acting.

This show features actors and actresses who know how to get into character and really play their roles well. Among them are the mother and father of the Braverman clan: Zeek Braverman (played by Craig T. Nelson) and Camille Braverman (Bonnie Bedelia), and their four children: Adam (Peter Krause), Sarah (Lauren Graham, star of the hit WB series Gilmore Girls), Julia (Erika Christensen), and the baby of the family, Crosby (Dax Shepard). Throw in their spouses and children, and this show rocks a dynamic cast of characters who are sure to keep you tuned in week after week.

  1. It grapples with relatable issues.

How many of us have experienced sibling rivalry? Being betrayed by family members? Disappointed by family? In real life, those things happen, and they happen in Parenthood too. Amidst all the trashy reality TV shows that are out right now, it’s refreshing to have one that, although it’s a fictional drama, comes so close to being real you’ll have a hard time believing it’s not.

  1. It makes you appreciate your own family more.

We all know families are weird, and yet we can’t help but think our family is the weirdest. With all of their quirks and rarely charming, but usually annoying mannerisms (such as Crosby’s spontaneity that can sometimes come across as flakiness, and Julia’s ambition and drive that occasionally verge on neuroticism), this show reassures you that having a weird family is a-okay. In fact, it would be weird if your family wasn’t weird.

  1. It will make you cry and laugh all in the same episode.

Without trying to spoil the show for you, you should at least know this is a drama, and if you watch Parenthood, you might want to break out a box of tissues. Characters endure break-ups, career failures and rejection. They struggle with rebuilding a healthy marriage in the aftermath of an affair, they battle sickness and endure surgeries, and they grapple with infertility issues. But in the midst of the somber issues they face, they remember to smile, to laugh and to find humor in even the darkest of times. For a clan with the last name “Braverman,” it’s safe to say they wear their name well.

If you’re still depressed about the ending of How I Met Your Mother, or you’re sick of tuning into trashy reality TV and you want a new show to dive into, consider giving NBC’s hit show Parenthood a try. Just don’t be surprised when you get hooked and can’t stop watching it.


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    Just a few days ago I was thinking . They should bring back “Father Knows Best”