Hmm…California City Moving to Criminalize Playground Bullies

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  • anarchyst

    Today’s bullies become tomorrow’s “law enforcement officers” and bureaucrats who enjoy “lording over” on mere citizens.. Look at the number of (unjustified) shootings by cops over the recent past. Look at the frequent abuses perpetrated by cops on honest citizens.
    I would bet that most cops nowadays were bullies in the schoolyard . . . the same goes for most other bureaucrats . . .

  • Traveller62

    I have a friend whose child was being bullied in pre-school. She ALSO went through the proper procedures, got nowhere, yanked the child out of said pre-school, and proceeded to enroll the child in karate classes. Needless to say, by the time the child got to first grade, NO ONE bullied him. NO ONE. He has learned to use the moves as a last resort, and it has worked out very well for him. Parents! Enroll your child in karate class. Children learn how to defend themselves, as well as confidence in themselves. Need I forget the word “discipline”?

  • Sunshine Kid

    There was a time when teachers actively engaged in discipline. In the 1950s (I won’t say exact year), I was in California and got the “board of education” in the principal’s office. The teacher had slapped me HARD on the face, and I had her hand-print in red on my cheek when I got home. When my parents found out what I had done, I got a belt on the backside. No child, including me, was harmed in the above event, and I am shocked at the garbage that “educators” come up with as reasons not to be involved in disciplinary problems.

    When will people understand that children have to be TAUGHT to stop the “me only” attitude? All that is required is to instill discipline in students, and if the home won’t do it, then the public MUST. Otherwise, the public will be nothing more than multiple gangs of thugs preying on those weaker than they.

  • paladin911

    Yea, lets go after those bullies. They deserve everything they get. Throw the book at them…But wait, if the bully is a Black 19 yr old kid who bullies a shop owner while stealing his merchandize, and a short time later tries to bully a cop with physical threats is shot dead, then he was no bully at all. He was a choir boy and a “gentle giant.” and Eric Holder is going to sic his dogs on everyone remotely associated with the incident in a bullying manner that would make the school yard bully wince.