Girl Films Own Abortion to Be an “Inspiration”

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  • Ted Slater

    Wow. That is heartbreaking to watch.

  • John H

    Murder. so cool!!! You can make a life and you can end it too! Wow, you killed a defenseless baby, inspiration to us all.

  • ash

    Just fucked up killing an innocent baby!! Couldn’t go through with it and give it up for adoption!.

  • Eddie

    hey a word of advice blondie keep your legs closed

  • Eddie

    boy I sure hope she repents before she stands before almighty God

  • Ben Quignon

    He’s the simple truth.
    There is right and wrong in this world. Stealing, adultery, murder, but it is not our place to judge people. Only God can judge. We can tell people what God says is right and wrong, but that’s all we can do after that it’s between God and the person in question. Having said that, on the issue of abortion, in God’s eye’s it’s murder plane and simple.
    ( This part is just my opinion- but I think abortion is very selfish, Just because you aren’t ready, or someone made a mistake you can just end a life… I would feel like horrible human being.) Like I said that’s just how I see it.

    • vincent wallace

      @Ben Quignon Agreed, and on the personal level we can speak the truth in love to those around us. But God has instituted government to punish wrongdoing and reward good. It’s ok and necessary to make laws that prevent what is morally wrong in society. That is why we have the laws against murder we already have so I think it’s important to support legally what we believe morally especially when it comes to murder.

  • hunter jackson

    yeah you can make a life, and you couldve just put the kid up for adoption, but instead you killed them, if your not ready to have kids, keep it in your pants!

  • Choppy

    I know most of the people commenting are against abortions, so I’ll just put my perspective up. I would never abort my child because I’m just the type who loves before even seeing (just like I trust people before being suspicious of them). However I’m neither pro choice or against abortion. Reason? There’s always a gray area in everything. That’s why abortions is a moral dilemma. After receiving all information, the woman has a right to do what she feels best. Age and circumstances plays a huge role and the debate on abortion should not be so clear cut. If a woman was rape, did everything she could to not become pregnant, is unable to bare taking on a 9month pregnancy with ALL the symptoms that comes with it, then it should be her call to say what is right for her and those around her. She’s not beig selfish in aborting her child. She takes in all considerations and her feelings.

    • vincent wallace

      Respectfully, I understand your sentiment but that’s faulty reasoning. Here’s why. What you’re essentially saying is that whether killing your child is morally wrong is totally dependent on the circumstances. In other words, it’s relative. And that’s exactly what the author of the post is saying is the problem with our society. We don’t believe morality or truth are absolute (they don’t change, and are the same for all people at all times in history). Either killing your child is wrong, or it isn’t wrong. It can’t be only sometimes wrong.

      What you’re really saying is that it’s ok for a more powerful human to kill a less powerful human, just because the one in power decides that’s ok. If your child could talk at that point do you think your child would say “oh, yeah, I totally understand your reasoning – I know I’m inconvenient and I came along at a bad time in your life and you know, you’ve got things to do and I’m just in the way – so go ahead and kill me. Really, it’s ok. I trust in your best judgement…”

      Would any child being killed say that? Would you, if you were that child? The point is, we’re all human and have absolute value not dependent on what others think about us.

      I used to be “pro-choice” even though I didn’t “personally” agree with abortion. But when I started thinking about it, that abortion is actually murder, and we have laws against people murdering other people, that it clicked. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in the womb or outside of the womb. Taking an innocent human life is murder and murder is always wrong. And, we should be consistent in our laws. If murder is illegal because it’s morally wrong, it should be illegal in all cases. It’s ok to have laws against things that are morally wrong. That’s how we have a society that actually functions.

      Hope what I’m saying makes sense and is helpful!

      • cHUCK

        What’s really sick about this video is the girl herself. She’s young, healthy, pretty and reasonably intelligent (notice I didn’t say “smart”) and she made two very wrong decisions. Make that three. First, she put herself at risk of getting pregnant. She wasn’t raped. Second, she decided that, since it wasn’t really convenient for her to have a baby at that time, she would have an abortion.

        The third really sick decision was when she decided to have the “procedure” filmed. She gave the world an image of a young, pretty, intelligent girl going thru a simple medical procedure, no pain, no agony, nothing more than having a tooth pulled… in fact, probably less painful. Certainly less painful than going thru the pregnancy and delivering the child.

        Her attitude stinks, and the smile on her face throughout the whole thing makes it even more disgusting. By her example, she’s making it clear to other young women that abortion is acceptable after-the-fact birth control. Having sex need have no consequences. Of course, no mention of the baby him/her self is made. She didn’t even take the time to get a look at who she was killing before doing the deed.

        Vince, I agree with you 100%. I and my sister were adopted. If our “natural” parents had decided it was more convenient to have an abortion than to deliver me, I wouldn’t be writing this. I know several young women – my own sister included – who had abortions for reasons they thought were good. They both paid for the mistake with physical and psychological problems, and that’s much more common than the image portrayed by the girl in the video.

        Killing is killing, and there’s no way to rationalize it away. Killing “in cold blood” as with abortion for convenience, when the woman’s life is not threatened, is murder, and there’s no way to rationalize THAT away. I know a dozen married couples who would gladly have adopted her baby at birth – there just aren’t enough babies available for adoption. This video doesn’t just make me sad, it makes me angry.

      • Carly Hill, Managing Editor

        Love what you said, Vincent – going to publish the last paragraph of your comment as a ‘reader rant’ tomorrow so be on the lookout 🙂

    • Love Him

      Although I’m not surprised at all by the thinking of the world today (the Bible says in the last days right would become wrong and wrong would become right), your logic is similar to someone else in history. He thought that elimination of innocent life for his own preference was good. His name was Adolf Hitler.
      The baby, whether conceived during a willing encounter or a forced one, is innocent. The rapist should pay the price for the wrong doing, not the baby.

    • Sue

      “Thou shall not commit murder.” FINAL WORD.

    • gmamesw

      The first and foremost thing a woman who does not want to be pregnant should do is keep her drawers on! If you don’t screw around you will not get pregnant–simple!!!

      • Sarah Truex

        I wouldn’t call this video inspirational but this comment is sexist ^ Yes only females can get pregnant because of their internal organs but they need a male to do so. Only telling the girl to keep her “drawers on” and “not screw around” is an incredibly ignorant, one sided way of thinking. Would you ever say that to the guy?

        • cr0ak

          The ultimate decision to have sex (except in cases of rape) lies with the female. I don’t consider gmamesw’s comment to be sexist at all. It’s a simple fact.

          Emily (the aborting female) didn’t even say whether or not this was an “Oops – my birth control didn’t work” issue. So I have to assume that she did nothing to prevent a pregnancy. And most females know about when their ovulating, to boot, and generally avoid sex during that time.

          So, AFAIC, the onus lies squarely on Emily’s shoulders.

          (And, FWIW, I’m a female.)

          • Sarah Truex

            Like i said not inspirational. I think this video is pretty unnecessary. but The comment by itself is talking to everyone not just Emily. If a woman doesn’t want to get pregnant the first thing she should do is take precaution. Abstinence is an option but its not for everyone.

  • Momto5

    I am just sad … Sad for the day when she is going to want a child and she will have to face the realization that the “positive experience” has now affected the sibling she “chose” to keep.

  • juansantiago

    Just wish they would have told her the child’s gender so we could have watched her face. Nothing against her personally, as this is the mindset of the world right now, and as they said, she has a lot of evil support for this view, and apparently no godly advice whatsoever. I feel so sorry for her and of course, her offspring, past and future.

  • justinwachin

    This girl murdered her baby. If she honestly feels that is okay she is truly depraved.

  • Jim Rushton

    To be honest with you, I couldn’t watch the video. I do not know what her expression was at the end and it really doesn’t matter: what matters is that she murdered her baby. That is so heartbreaking. You see that little girl on my back in my photo? She was born 15 weeks early. The pregnancy was so hard and uncertain (uncertain as to what her life condition was going to be) that our family doctor told us to have an abortion. Thank God we did not. She is so strong, healthy, mentally and physically certain…think of the life we would have missed out on! And if she was born deformed? Think of the life we would have missed out on. She is and would have still been our precious daughter. But I guess that is just my “moral relativism.”
    I have a facebook page that has a photo album chronicling this child’s birth to coming home and every hardship we faced and the miracle of being carried through it. If you wish to see it, just shoot me a message through facebook. I am not solicitor, just a Believer who is continuously in awe of HIS goodness.
    By the way, we did drop that family doctor.

    • gmamesw

      We have 2 great grand children who are beautiful and brilliant!! Both sets of parents were urged to kill their baby. They couldn’t murder their child!! The little boy has 2 older siblings and they are, all four of them a joy to all of us!!

  • Sarah S

    She said herself that she made a life! That she is capable of making a life! So how is ending that life not considered murder? How is ending an innocent life ever acceptable? I don’t know how our society has gotten this far, and I am so disappointed in my generation and their world views. In a world where there is no definite right or wrong, society will effectively collapse.

  • disqus_oajLzmvtVa

    Strange I don’t see her doing anything but lying down, rolling her eyes, humming a tune and a person standing off to one side. This is to be an abortion with no pain inducing med? This is a S I C K O. There will be accountability come for all those millions of aborted babies, I assure you. God will have a judgment day and then who will be smiling, humming a tune, looking so pleased. ITS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GMA213

    I don’t believe she was pregnant in the first place. I think this is a crass tasteless publicity stunt by a shallow selfish attention wh*re. If she was, as she admits, having unprotected sex with mutiple partners, then she got pregnant on purpose and she’s not much of an “abortion counselor”

    • teriquajones

      GMA213, Your comment makes a lot of sense. As far as I know, abortions are performed without anything administered for pain. If this were an actual abortion, the girl would be in pain.
      Yes, I think this was a publicity stunt; falsely portraying abortion as a quick painless procedure.

  • gma8x

    She filmed herself murdering her baby!! If she finds her self pregnant and decides to keep the baby I thing she will wonder what the baby she killed would be like–I hope she will be unable to sleep and dream of her mother killing HER!!

  • teriquajones

    This girl would have been in a lot of pain if she was actually filmed while she was getting an abortion. I believe she is an abortion advocate trying to “sell” abortions to young women. I don’t believe she was getting an abortion.

  • Voice In the Wilderness

    I didn’t even waste my time watching the video. In anger I would hope this woman’s uterus would just rot… but I know I wouldn’t want that to happen to her. But I prefer to hope this woman never has children of her own because I can only imagine the extent of selfishness she would hold towards her children. But I do pray this woman is never ever able to have children again– and perhaps, rather than the exploitation of her hopes here, she will be an example of due punishment for such arrogance of her murderous attitude.

  • Cyndi Smith

    It doesn’t mater if you feel good about your decision, it is still wrong… Oh little life I love you and goodby. I’ll see you in heaven some day. I’m sorry you have to forgive your mother about what she did to you but you’re a good person for forgiving her because even though it’s very hard to do it is the right thing to do.

  • Kevin Schultz

    My daughter, when she was 17, got pregnant by her then 16 year old boyfriend. She got pregnant because, as we let all parties know they were not to see each other because her boyfriend was too emotionally involved and something was going to happen, his mother went behind our back to take him to an event that they knew my daughter was going to be attending. When my daughter confided with his mom that she was pregnant, the mother went behind our backs and got her all set up for an abortion. My wife and I were supposed to be on a mini vacation, although when the reservations got screwed up, we realized that we were not supposed to be there so we came home unexpected. My daughter and her boyfriend were at the house, in bed, the night before her big day at the abortion doctor. My daughter did not make her appointment, and when I looked over her paperwork I found out that I was an alcoholic and a drug addict and would have beat her had I found out she was pregnant, as she wrote out the narrative with assistance from the abortion counselor. On the following Monday I called the clinic to talk to someone about her appointment and my lack of knowledge, and found out that my 17 year old daughter would have to give them clearance to talk to me about the case, so I just asked rather loudly and threateningly who would have to give permission for life saving surgery (and, of course, payment for such) if something were to go wrong (I’m sure I said some other things, but my rage does not allow me to remember). Well, my daughter had Elijah while living at home, and when he was 18 months old my daughter and Elijah’s father got married. A couple years later my daughter got pregnant again, but this time her husband’s family was very excited about the prospect of a new bundle of joy. Jacob was born 9 months later, and he had the physical attributes of his father’s family. Unlike Elijah, Jacob was a very large child, and again, unlike Elijah, he looked exactly like his father when he was an infant. Their family pampered that child, and me and my wife seldom saw him. They were always taking him for professional photo shoots, and talking about his potential collegiate choices. That lasted for 6 months, until Jacob died of SIDS. I tremendously miss that child, but in some morbid way I can say that God does have a bit of a sense of, not humor, but knee buckling justice.

  • Drew

    Abortion is undeniably murder by its very definition. This depraved young girl is sadly become the norm. What’s far worse is that we know it’s murder, even those who favor abortion. Please see this great article at: /we-know-they-are-killing-children-all-of-us-know.

    Every breath drawn by a pro-death individual is dripping with hypocrisy. Why is it that they feel they have the right to declare someone else’s life a choice but would fervently resist surrendering their own life to that same process? No doubt only the Lord could change such a heart. Even more culpable are those who know the truth and stand by silently. Though it is the Lord’s place to judge, as for me, I believe there is a special place in hell for those that knowingly remain silent in this crisis.

  • cr0ak

    She works at an abortion center, is the gist I got from her first few sentences. Of course she’s not going to think there’s anything WRONG in what she did!

    I hope that when the time comes when she’s “ready to have a baby”, she either can’t conceive or she has a miscarriage. I know that sounds cruel and vindictive. But it would be her just desserts. She doesn’t deserve to be a mother, IMO!

    She’s the one who’ll have to live with her decision. I’m sure she’ll sleep well – for the first 10-15 years or so. After that, I hope she’s wracked with guilt – and prays to God for forgiveness for killing the gift He gave her and which she so wantonly discarded.

  • Abendschein

    This is the equivalent of someone going in to have a mole or skin tag removed.

    It sustains no life outside of a few cells, and has nothing yet that resembles a human life.

    People are ignorant and don’t understand that a clump of cells isn’t a baby, a life, or anything of the sort. It is simply a clump of cells. Like a tumor! 🙂

  • Mojoyin

    wow she makes me want to just beat the living crap outta her and smiling about to let me see her on the streets

  • CyberMental

    Is it worse to have an abortion or raise a child when you’re not ready?