Should Conservatives Hope for a Democratic President in 2016?

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The other day I was talking to my friend, Steve, about politics.  I met Steve in 2008, when we had both volunteered to work on the McCain-Palin campaign.  At that time, Steve and I wound up doing frequent door-to-door canvassing together, and feverishly working the phone banks for the national, state, and local races.  We both soon became GOP precinct captains of our adjoining respective areas, and even though I later moved a short distance away, we have stayed in close contact ever since, occasionally reuniting to volunteer on campaigns, attending political meetings and events, and talking on the phone quite often.

Steve is self-employed.  He makes his living by studying the financial markets and publishing a specialized newsletter, for which his subscribers around the world pay him to advise them on financial forecasting.

So I’m on the phone with Steve recently, and as usual the topic of the 2016 presidential election came up.  Steve hit me with an intriguing (although somewhat troubling) concept which I have not been able to shake from my skull since that day he suggested it.

My friend argued that Republicans should just let the Democrat party keep the White House in 2016; deliberately throw the election to whoever the Democrats nominate.

His reasoning went along the following lines:  A horrible economic reckoning is coming, and the masses and the media will lay the blame for it on whoever/whichever party holds the presidency when it hits.

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