Benham brothers take a stand: If our faith costs us a TV show… so be it

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If you haven’t heard, HGTV had announced a new series for October called Flip it Forward starring twins David and Jason Benham. According to a few difference sources, such as, HGTV canceled the show after seeing a story by Right Wing, which looked into the background of the Benham brothers and found them to be “anti-gay, anti-Choice extremists” or, as we say, pro-life and traditional marriage advocates.

HGTV tweeted their decision:


How did the Benham brothers respond? The only way they know how — by being biblically correct, not politically correct:

“The first and last thought on our minds as we begin and end each day is; have we shined Christ’s light today? Our faith is the fundamental calling in our lives, and the centerpiece of who we are. As Christians we are called to love our fellow man. Anyone who suggests that we hate homosexuals or people of other faiths is either misinformed or lying. Over the last decade, we’ve sold thousands of homes with the guiding principle of producing value and breathing life into each family that has crossed our path, and we do not, nor will we ever discriminate against people who do not share our views…

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