Benghazi: It Isn’t Bush’s Fault

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The spin that Bush had a dozen Benghazi’s is a fun deflection… but does that clear up what this administration did in lying and letting Americans die? Nope.

The difference here is that the Democratic party, the one that had the majority in Congress when Bush was around and after, didn’t investigate him the way they threatened to… and the GOP is being proactive investigating Obama now.

The game now is to pretend that not only Obama, but HIllary had nothing to do with it… this “Bush did it first thing,” just doesn’t work when both Hillary and Obama while in the Senate and Exec Branch could have investigated and gone after him… but didn’t. And apparently Bush’s foreign policy wasn’t that bad after all or else Obama would have done something to pull a 180… things like closing Gitmo.

And while Obama officials blow off Benghazi by saying that this is “2 years ago”… how much farther away was Bush?

The “Bush was way worse,” argument just doesn’t work since your guys just… didn’t care enough to do anything about it.

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Tim Young is the current Director of Marketing for Liberty Alliance and Associate Editor for He's also a conservative comic. He has written for everything from local papers to the Washingtonian and the Huffington Post and had 2 number 1 books in Political Humor on In 2011, he was Young Member Chair of the National Press Club. In his free time, he trolls progressive rallies and campuses with a camera crew to make them look bad.
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