Back in the News, Monica Lewinsky Complicates the GOP’s War on Hillary

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It’s not another scandal from the former White House intern, rather Lewinsky is making waves with an exclusive Vanity Fair spread.

After more than a decade spent absent from the public eye, Monica Lewinsky is back in the headlines. According to an advance excerpt from the piece due out on May 13th, Lewinsky is making a foray back into public life, seeking to “give purpose” to her tabloid-filled past. While she cites other public sex scandals as a reason for speaking out again, there is more to consider.

Now 40 years old, Lewinsky says she “Deeply regrets” her affair with then-President Bill Clinton that began in 1995. Although she’s tried many times and in different ways to overcome the stigma of the now infamous affair, the media and American people remain infatuated with the story.


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Spencer Brown is a native of Minnesota, currently a junior at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is active in Young America’s Foundation, as well as a fellow in the Koch Leaders Program. He has worked on numerous campaigns, and interned in federal offices. Spencer is a contributor on a number of outlets including HuffPost Live,, and All together, Spencer’s opinions and writing are seen by upwards of four million people each month. Follow on Twitter @itsSpencerBrown
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