Get This For Your Family Member Who’s Scared of Technology

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Social-media platforms serve as a medium for friends and loved ones to connect, but what about family members who don’t use social media? While research suggests that the baby boomer generation makes up a large portion of Facebook’s audience, there are still people who haven’t caught onto the social-media craze and prefer traditional forms of communication. If this sounds a lot like your parents or grandparents, then these people are missing out on content that reflects important moments in your life.

Another issue arises when loved ones are too concerned with social media, as they are using it to keep tabs on you, your friends and your love life. For family members who are either anti-social media or a little too involved for your liking, there needs to be a happy medium. One suggestion is to use technology such as Famatic, which presents itself as a way to bridge the gap between older and younger generations without being overly transparent.


Famatic is a digital photo frame that can sync with Facebook, Instagram and email to stream photos. The unit features a touch screen and allows you to select which content from the synced accounts appears on the screen. This can be done by placing photos in specific albums or using a predesignated hashtag. Once you’ve selected the images to be displayed, they appear in a screensaver-style montage for people to enjoy.

In terms of individuals who don’t like to use social media, Famatic can serve as a window into the digital lives of their loved ones. Also, Famatic’s sleek design and HD images make it a welcomed addition to most living rooms. This means mom and dad won’t have to worry about this item intruding on the style created by interior and exterior painters or clashing with furniture or other décor. As far as easing older generations of loved ones into digital content, items like Famatic can help to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Perfect Solution for Both Parties

From the perspective of someone who frequents social media, there are certainly things you want to keep private from your loved ones. Whether you’re worried about party pictures from college surfacing or your parents meddling in your love life, some aspects of social media are for your friends’ eyes only.

On the other hand, letting your loved ones follow updates from your life is a nice concept from time to time. Images from recent trips, updates about school and tasteful photos with your friends are all items mom and pop would enjoy seeing.

Famatic presents itself as a great solution for both scenarios. Its filter features allow you to pick and choose which content your family is exposed to, making it possible to share cool moments from your life without feeling like you’re being spied on or that your loved ones are intruding. Your families will also agree, as they will be able to enjoy this content without moving out of their comfort zone or using social media to keep tabs on their children.

Technology like Famatic presents itself as a tool for bridging the gap between young social-media users and older generations who have yet to adapt.

Image by Daniel Oines

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