Woman Claims ‘Twitter Gave me PTSD’

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I’m going to preface this article with a few statements.

  • I take mental illness very seriously.  I think it’s REAL and I think that it’s a personal thing.  It’s common.  No one can tell you you are or aren’t something.  You know.  It’s legit.
  • I think that hard is hard.  You can’t compare yourself to people who are worse off.  Everyone has pain and all pain is hard.
  • I definitely agree that PTSD can be caused by all sorts of things – not just WAR.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, this headline just baffled me today. An atheist/ feminist/ activist from Washington is claiming that she has PTSD caused by online harassment and Twitter trolls.  She is saying that her PTSD is equal to that of military vets.


I’m not going to condemn her for saying her condition is equal to someone else’s.  Like I said, pain is pain, but here’s my issue with this lady.  Maybe she really is suffering with this…but if she is, she is not handling it appropriately.

Rather than behaving like someone who is suffering, she is behaving like someone who just wants attention.  And she’s getting it.

Look at her tweets.




Let me tell you something.  Mental illness is a thing in my family.  I have seen PTSD up close and personal.  There’s a lot of it in my family tree.  And here is one thing I know – people who REALLY suffer with mental illness don’t whine about it on social media.  They certainly don’t hashtag about it.   It’s a private thing!  If they do come out and tell people about it’s to help others and raise awareness not to start a media frenzy.  Someone who is traumatized doesn’t angrily tweet about being traumatized.

Also, what is she doing reading comments that allegedly upset her so much?  I have a pretty thin skin and I write controversial opinion articles every day.  I used to read comments, and SOMETIMES I still do, but when the mean comments start getting to me, I quit reading them.

I do know how hurtful internet trolls are – I have been affected by them.  But rather than having it out in a twitter battle, I just tuned them out.

I don’t know this lady and I can’t judge her, but I don’t sympathize with her for the internet outrage she’s getting.  Anyone who says ANYTHING about anything on the internet is gonna be faced with haters.  If you choose to be part of this massive fishbowl that is the internet, you have to understand that you’re opening the door to O-PIN-IONS.  Boy, do people have opinions.

And if you’re going to post such extremely personal information about yourself, I mean, what do you expect?

I feel for anyone who suffers with PTSD.  I have seen it first hand – and not from just war heroes.  It’s a real thing.  And maybe this woman is suffering, but scolding people on twitter is just going to bring out more opposition…which apparently is what is causing this.  Not the right approach IMO.

If I were her and twitter comments were traumatizing me, I would shut down my twitter account.

What do you think?


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  • Ben Mullany

    While all pain does hurt. It hurts a lot less to have your feelings hurt than it does to lose both your legs in an IED attack and not only lose your mobility but your freedom and independence. For men that come back with debilitating injuries they go from being a provider and the cornerstone of their household to being in need of support themselves. What she has doesn’t even begin to pale in comparison.

  • Kevlar Linc

    If she is so dead-set on attaining martyrdom, why does she not do something which is actually worthy of the claim? She states her opinions online and is subsequently criticized for her position (understandably) and turns into a sympathy-seeking crybaby when someone disagrees with her. And yes, she can easily find a therapist who will support her delusion of suffering, but PTSD is a latter day term for battle fatigue. And her case is ludicrously far-fetched.

    • ADRoberts

      Being proven WRONG is TRULY “traumatic stress” for a mind that is LOCKED into a FAILED idea. LOL

  • ADRoberts

    She is proving that she knows how to use Saul Alinsky’s RULES FOR RADICALS.
    She is on the internet to PUSH her ideology and apparently just can’t take it when someone rationally and reasonably blows her thinking out of the water So she is turning it into an attack on THEM. They NEVER quit. They NEVER learn. No matter what happens, they will be working to somehow defeat those pesky Christian, happily married women who HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER.
    Forget the facts. She has GOT to find a way to defeat her opposition. LOL

  • janmaus

    For Pete’s sake–if she can’t handle disagreements, why is she online?

  • guest

    Shut it down!!!!!!!!