SCOTUS Won’t Hear New Mexico Case Involving Christian Photographers

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In case you forgot – last year, a Christian photography business run by Elaine Huguenin and her husband was fined and admonished in the New Mexico Supreme Court for refusing to shoot a same-sex couple’s commitment ceremony back in 2006. To read the reaction I wrote to this headline last year, while shaking my head in disappointment, click here.

Just to give you a clear view of the two arguments – here’s the breakdown:

-New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that the Huguenin’s business DID violate the state’s Human Rights Act.

– Huguenin’s lawyers argued that the ruling violated the business owners’ free speech rights by compelling them to “express messages that conflict with their religious beliefs.” 

So, yesterday, we caught wind of the news that THE Supreme Court – the big guns – are refusing to hear the case…meaning, they’re letting the New Mexico Supreme Court ruling stick.

Megyn Kelly interviewed Tony Perkins on The Kelly File to discuss this case.

Perkins addressed the problem so eloquently, saying, “You should not have to surrender your religious convictions in order to enter the market place.”

YES.  That is the issue.  This case is not about social issues as much as it is about the free market. The free market and freedom of religion are the FUNDAMENTALS of our founding – the idea that there can exist a country where people are FREE to live as they please and conduct their business as they please!   Or as Perkins said, the right “to order your life and live it in accordance to the teachings of your faith.”

He continued, “…In refusing to see this case, we may be seeing precedent that stretches far beyond this one state.”

Listen. This is America – a place founded on the idea that no GOVERNMENT can force you to live your life in a way that contradicts your beliefs….so…what does that mean for Christian business owners, then?

I know that to people who don’t subscribe to a Biblical world view, refusing gay people marriage is troubling.  But that’s a whole different conversation.  This conversation isn’t even about gay marriage – it’s about…a business.  It’s Chick-Fil-A….Hobby Lobby – all these Christian businesses that are being backed into a corner by a liberal government forcing its views on Americans who are just trying to conduct their lives in a way that pleases their (our) God.

That’s what this is about – the fact that cases like this are causing the deterioration of what this country was built on – freedom and the free market.


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