Reader Rant: I Can’t Defend Clive Bundy

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As much as I’m a right wing guy, I could never be stupid enough to defend someone for making racist remarks.

The dumbest commentary I’ve seen about this scenario is that “people are being persuaded by the leftist media to call him a racist when in actuality he’s just either a bigot or racially ignorant.”

And to clarify the other idiotic argument: it’s one thing to be called racist because you don’t agree with our president’s policy choices…it’s another to be called racist because you said “negroes” wouldnt be in jail and have abortions if they had been picking cotton. And as a bonus… of course they wouldnt have abortions as slaves….their children arent their property at that point. I’m seriously disgusted about this. ‪#‎thisiswhywelose‬

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Tim Young is the current Director of Marketing for Liberty Alliance and Associate Editor for He's also a conservative comic. He has written for everything from local papers to the Washingtonian and the Huffington Post and had 2 number 1 books in Political Humor on In 2011, he was Young Member Chair of the National Press Club. In his free time, he trolls progressive rallies and campuses with a camera crew to make them look bad.
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  • gomurr

    Mr Bundy may be somewhat inarticulate and clumsy in his expression, but anyone who watches the whole video, not the edited version, can see he isn’t being racist. It’s so typical these days for people to read a deliberately edited 30 blurb, out of the context in which it was spoken, and quickly join in the shout for blood.

    What a sick society.

    • Robert DAgostino

      actually buddy, you are what makes this society sick. how anyone could even think about defending this racist rancher is beyond words. besides the racist rant, the guy is a welfare deadbeat using my land to graze his cattle without paying what he owes…you righties truly are garbage and no matter what happens in the midterms, this nation will not forget the shame and embarrassment caused by these rightwing radicals.

      • LeftSPUNDizzy

        Actually BUDDY if you had watched the full version of what he said and the context he was speaking in you would have realized that wasnt the case at all. Im now disappointing in GenFringe for not doing its homework. This is the exact same damn thing the liberal media did during the Zimmerman trial. Edit what they felt would best suit their case.

      • Golden_Earring

        You’re a left-wing government troll. Maybe you should consider ‘intent’ and whether Bundy was being malicious. He’s obviously NOT a great speaker, but that doesn’t make him racist. Who the F^%$ are you to dictate his perspective on the world? So now we can just tell people what to think as well? You suck at life.

      • Jared Barilovits Bahrilluvits

        First of all, the name calling is immature and unnecessary here, despite our mutual disgust with one another’s political views. Knock that crap off and be more respectful and tactful in your rhetoric. You have no chance of affecting a change in the political and ethical views of others by angering them with insults. Name calling only serves to strengthen the resolve of those you disagree with to maintain their current opinion and also takes the place of reasoning you could have instead presented to your audience in support of your opinion.

        With regard to Cliven Bundy, I’m not even going to try to defend his public use of the “n-word”, regardless of the form or context in which he used it, nor will I try to state whether or not he is racist. Regardless of his racial views, his cause, which he shares with so many supporters, is not invalid from an ethical viewpoint. He has a legitimate argument with regard to political ethics because his family has been using the land in question for generations, long before the existence of the bureau currently levying taxes on him for its use. From his point of view, which many share, he was “there first” and shouldn’t be subjected to these laws affecting him, of which he never approved and may never have had the chance to oppose.

        You act like the money he’s refused to pay is going to somehow go right into your hands. Unless you’re on welfare or unemployment pay from the government, how do you stand to benefit from his tax dollars? Are “they” going to build some new sign out of brick with some nice landscaping around its base at the border of your town, telling people the name of the town they’re entering? Useless allocation of tax dollars such as that seem to be all too common and ultimately provide tax payers with no real benefit while infrastructure such as our roads are largely neglected by those in control of how our tax dollars are spent. A city near my home just built one such sign and yet another nearby city is planning to build an unneeded sports stadium with tax money in spite of public disapproval. The same happens with college tuition money, which is basically government controlled, and a college that I attended spent $65,000 on one of the brick signs I mentioned, though I as a student was never asked if I approved of my tuition money going towards paying for something so frivolous.

        The honest fact is that the Bureau of Land Management does seem to be within its rights based on the criteria set forth in the constitution for how, by who, and for what taxes can be levied on the citizens of America. That being said, this country was founded as a result of a majority of it’s occupants, then citizens of European founded and governed colonies, disagreeing with the levying of taxes which were legal based on their current government. Their reaction of declaring independence was not based on laws that gave them the right or authority to do so, but was instead driven by their own sense of right and wrong. They revolted because the principles they believed in were at odds with the law and as their descendants, or at least the heirs to their legacy, it is not unexpected that we should see fit to make similar judgement calls and take action in opposition to any law we feel is unacceptable by our principles and damaging to our freedoms.

  • Trythis Last

    You should review Derrick Greyson’s video and the report on black from a black marine.

    Did you watch/read the whole of Bundy’s comments?

  • RC_Pilot

    Tim Young, your REALLY SHOULD HAVE viewed/listened to the COMPLETE, UNEDITED version of what Mr. Bundy had to say. The ONLY thing that made it sound “biased,” “bigoted,” or “racially ignorant” was the way the most heavily used EDITED VERSION of what he said was edited with so much relevant information OMITTED… You can take something the most racially tolerant and friendly person has to say about any race he mentions while talking, and by simple SELECTIVE EDITING, you can OMIT segments or even just selectively REPEAT some segments and make the edited version look/sound like his speaking that originally said something like “Origami is the most beautifully creative art-form possible with paper” come out making it sound like he was saying something like “Origami is the most useless thing anybody could ever do to waste paper.”

    Listen to/read COMPLETELY UNEDITED versions of what somebody said about ANYTHING before claiming and accusing the person of something like: “The dumbest commentary I’ve seen about this scenario is that “people are
    being persuaded by the leftist media to call him a racist when in
    actuality he’s just either a bigot or racially ignorant.””

    What made him sound, at least to you, as “either a bigot or racially ignorant” was EXCLUSIVELY the way the news media HIGHLY EDITED their aired segments of some of the things he said.

  • Robert DAgostino

    this is why repubs will lose a lot more than expected in November. retake the senate??? not any more. keep the house? maybe, but the tide is turning and dems need to take full advantage of this matter. repub president in 2016, what are you smoking? no way in hell.

    • Golden_Earring

      Go away troll….

  • Golden_Earring

    If you’re closed minded enough to think that Bundy’s remarks were maliciously intended to defame any person or ethnic group then you’re more simple than he is. Oration is obviously not the man’s strength, but that does not make him a racist. I think the author of this article needs to get his head and ass wired together a little better. I’m disappointed in Mr. Young to say the least.