Oh – Look at the Kind, Humanitarian, All-loving al Qaeda…

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al qaeda

It would appear that the kind, humanitarian, and all-loving al Qaeda affiliated Syrian rebels we brilliantly supplied weapons to cut off power and water to Aleppo 14 days ago, and have been shelling the city. 

Strangely, nobody’s on TV decrying them — even Amnesty International is sweeping this one under the rug. 


Sidenote: The Supreme Court just declined to weigh in on the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA, which allows the government to INDEFINITELY imprison American citizens without trial or legal counsel for providing material support to al Quaeda. 

You know, like our government did.

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Nate Dale is a noninterventionist, anti-imperialist, free-market loving Libertarian and a Miami-based contributor to GenFringe.
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  • drthomasedavis

    Giving aid and comfort to our enemies constitutes Treason and since they wear no uniforms with identifying insignias, they are no different from guerrillas. Lock ’em up, throws away the key and when the opportunity arises, Baptize ’em on the water board.