Obama Trying to Maintain World Peace By Utilizing…a Hashtag

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For those who may not have been keeping up with US/Russian diplomatic relations, this is why we can’t have nice things. Keep in mind this is the official Twitter account of US State Dept. Spokesman Jen Psaki. When Reagan was President, we kept Russia under control and communism from spreading with a massive nuclear arsenal and frankly, actual leadership. Today, Obama is trying to maintain world peace by utilizing a hashtag. Obama’s tact is essentially trying to prevent a grizzly from mauling you by wielding a soggy toothpick.




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  • Ted Skovranek II

    this is why i dont like twitter, where is the rest of the article, you know the part that shows what you are talking about, this is like listening into a phone conversation and trying to hear what the other person on the phone is saying, but not quite following