Ford Mustang Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Historic Design and Global Release

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of America’s most iconic muscle car, the Ford Mustang. With a new Mustang unveiled every year since 1964, this car has become a part of our nation’s history and holds a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. In order to commemorate this meaningful occasion, Ford has planned celebrations that go far beyond simply wheeling out a new edition of this classic pony.

2015 Mustang

As you might expect, the 2015 edition of the Mustang pays homage to the models that came before it. Its interior will feature classic Mustang logos on the seat backs and steering wheel.

The exterior represents a blend of original Mustang style and 21st century chic. Its Y-shaped chrome wheels and body shape are features reminiscent of the original mustang. Sleek exterior Mustang lighting and dual exhaust are elements that give the 2015 edition a modern, sporty feel. These aesthetic features combine with the iconic Mustang taillights and grill to create a stylish new ride.

While the new Mustang has maintained the car’s classic look, it also offers a modern and luxurious feel. For instance, the cabin features cashmere stitching on both the steering wheel and the instrument panel. The dash offers drivers the latest in MyFord Touch technology with a mounted LCD screen.

As for the engine, it will be available in both V-6 and V-8 models, with the 5.0-liter V-8 model expected to produce upwards of 420 horsepower. The V-8 model will be stock as the 2015 model is meant to resemble the GT. A 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine will also be an option in an effort to appeal to those interested in fuel economy. This offering represents an effort to adapt to the modern trend toward fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly products in the automotive industry.

International Appeal

This year will mark the first time that the Mustang will be sold overseas. This spring it is expected that the Mustang will be sold on four continents, meaning that the Mustang will be leaving its home soil and venturing out into the world. Specifically, it will go on a globalized release tour in which it will be unveiled in Shanghai, Barcelona and Sydney.

While many hardcore American muscle car enthusiasts might raise an eyebrow at this decision, it represents forward thinking on Ford’s part. Although the car is a representative of Mustangs of the past, its technology and international marketing plan are modern elements.

This shows Ford’s willingness to adapt, as we now live in a global economy in which every company is impacted by events and economic conditions in other countries. With this move, Ford is also recognizing the reality that demand for the Mustang is high in foreign markets. It is no coincidence that Mustangs pop up in China and across Europe even though they’ve never been sold there, and this demand is something Ford’s plan will take advantage of.

In my opinion, Ford is using its 50th anniversary to show the way in which this iconic car continues to grow and adapt along with the culture in which it has become a staple. Elements such as the global release and pro-fuel economy engine are steps toward modernizing the Mustang, while the vehicle’s design and image honor its originality. The 50th anniversary edition of the Mustang is proof that this car has always been a part of American culture and that it will be around for years to come.

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