I Find it Hard to Be Friends With Liberals

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Could I have a romantic relationship with someone of opposite political beliefs to me?


I find it hard to be friends with people of different political beliefs. 

I respect their opinions, but in my conscience, I can’t be friends with someone who believes abortion is acceptable. 

I could be friends with someone who has had an abortion & regrets it & sees what it does to women…

But not someone who openly accepts or champions it.

Reader Rant By: Jennifer Nicholson

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  • Ben Mullany

    I think you’re wrong, I think its our differences that bring us together, one of the best relationships of my life was with a bleeding heart liberal. We both grew from it, when we knew how to be respectful and see where the other person was coming from things were great. It was when we dug into our camps that we fought. It’s all about communication, the exact same thing we need to see in Washington.

  • Nick McIntosh

    Ben, it’s not just about communication. There is a right and there is a wrong, your disagreement or refusal to accept that has absolutely no bearing on the fact that it exists. It’s entirely possible to be courteous and respectful to someone who supports evil/deranged/destructive causes such as the homicide of babies, socialism, the alienation of individual rights, legalization of anti-social behavior and class warfare and even laudable (i.e. do not bring yourself to their level). But, to be in a relationship with someone who condones and believes in these things will unnecessarily risk compromising your own conscience, values, and beyond that your long-term well being because there’s an above-average chance the relationship will not last and risk of corrupting yourself with those ideas as well – which can have a very negative effect on your personal conduct, your career, your health, etc. Leftist ideas are extremely destructive to society but the destruction begins on the individual level – much like the destruction illicit drugs cause are founded in individuals choosing to use them. Going into this relationship with the mentality of “i can change her” (or him, for you ladies out there) is almost guaranteed to result in a spectacular relationship implosion. If the other person makes a choice to change on their own, and shows commitment to champion causes that are just and good instead of championing sickness and insanity – that might be a good time to consider a relationship with that person.