Colonoscopy Patient Suing Doctors for…Making Fun of Him

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We’ve all done it.  We’ve all had it done to us.  I can remember the stand-out insults that have been said to my face about me and behind my back.  And yeah – they stung.  I can remember being talked about while in a girls’ bathroom stall…and I can remember being the one trash talking on the outside of the stall.  It sucks.  But…sticks and stones, people.

This week, in the news, there is a colonoscopy patient suing doctors for making fun of him while he was under.  His phone recorder was on so he could supposedly remember his post-op instructions…

So, what’s the big offense, you ask?  As reported on Fox News, the doctors doing the colonoscopy spoke of ” shooting a gun up his rectum”, called him “a big wimp,” and discussed “an irritation on his penis.”  The alleged stand-out quote was made by Dr. Tiffany Ingham – “…after five minutes of talking to you in pre-op, I wanted to punch you in the face and man you up a little bit.”

Colonoscopy Dude is seeking, wait for it, A MILLION DOLLARS in “damages.”


I can remember the first time I majorly put my foot in my mouth.  I was in 6th grade and there was a boy who sat at my lunch table that everybody made fun of all the time.  I was one to always befriend the underdog, but I really liked this boy named Josh, and since he was in on the mockery and I wanted to impress him, I totally joined in and went way overboard in my digs at his expense.

Of course, word got back to him.  I found out at after-care so I had to wait a full sleepless night to know how he would react.

In fact, I don’t even remember how he reacted.  I must have repressed it.  I was terrified – not so much about getting in trouble, but about hurting a friend.

My point is, people making fun of other people has happened since the dawn of time.

I’ve been Netflix binging Ally McBeal lately, and this colonoscopy guy reminds me of Lucy Liu’s character, always LOOKING for reasons to sue.

It’s ridiculous!

So, does this guy have a case?  Yeah, he does.  He has proof and in today’s culture of eggshell walking, this will likely be taken seriously.

It’s just sad and strange to me that careless words uttered by adults, much like ones you’d hear on a playground, can bring on legal punishment, when they should be handled with a “Man, I’m sorry – I shouldn’t have said that.”

Thoughts? Share ’em below.

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  • joyfulme

    This comment was unprofessional and “smart-alecky” in nature–needs reprimanded in some degree–doesn’t matter if patient is a wimp or not–period!!

    • Akon

      Most hospitals and clinics have a patient bill of rights which says that the patient has the right to considerate and respectful care. What If the patient was mocked because of race or ethnic background. Would that be okay?

  • suzyshop

    But a million dollars, puleezeeee!

    • spatcher

      If he wins, they wont do it again!

      • ADRoberts

        Or maybe they will just join the ranks of doctors who are leaving practice because of our litigious society and Obamacare.
        Will this wimp win? Not in the long run.

  • progunone

    If the unprofessionnal comments would not have been uttered there would be no problem. The doctor is the problem, not the offended party!

    • ADRoberts

      Just how many people have to hear an OFFENSIVE word or statement to make it grounds for legal action and punishment.
      What if I say something to MYSELF? Would that be punishable by our CRAZY society today.
      We already know that ONE PERSON hearing a statement that is OFFENSIVE to certain SELECT groups is grounds for a FINE of $2,500,000. Ask Sterling. WHY is it now that speech is NO LONGER FREE. Why is it that you can be punished for being an idiot and saying stupid things, BUT not have a thing done for KILLING thousands of babies.
      And people wonder why God is judging us.

  • drofelkcahs

    It doesn’t matter if the doctors are being paid by the patient or an insurance policy. They still have an obligation to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  • BUD


  • welshcorgi

    How did he smuggle his phone into the OR? I have had 4 colonoscopies and only had on a rear view gown (or whatever it is called). No phones allowed.

  • 9Spoon9

    As a former OR staffer…Docs, nurses…hell all of the medical profession are PEOPLE with great responsibilities and often quip with the imperfections of the human species as a way to destress and lighten the mood on grim and more mundane occasions I believe this litigant should be asked by the court to seek a Psych eval where the Psychologist-Behaviorist or Psychiatrist could then refer him to a highly-qualified Dermatologist for skin-thickening/toughening treatments! His attitude, verbalizations and manner probably provoked more “pokes” than a relaxed and receptive patient would ever be expected to be exposed to. Levity often breaks the tension and apprehension in many folks undergoing diagnostic testing and other more serious/invasive procedures.

    To the bleeding hearts that believe they should be treated with kid gloves, have their asses kissed and wiped whenever they are seeking care…wake up cupcake! If you want respect and dignity at all times…be the example for others to follow. We’re all human and highly fallible, but litigious behavior just to pump up your own low self-esteem to the tune of a cool million actually suggests this fruitcake indeed needs a cursory interview with an analyst!

  • charlotte

    My comment: I too, had a colonoscopy BUT I can remember the conversation that took place. While under the influence of Versaid the doctor decided to ask me very personal questions regarding my personal life. There was no medical reason to ask those questions which I later found out were shared with other people for their amusement. This is far more serious than merelt sticks and stones. Someone needs to grow up around here – like immature doctors using their patiiiients for their amusement. You need to find a cause worth defending. Sticks and stones is not it. I’ll never trust a physician again.