‘After Birth Abortion’ – Yes, You Read That Right

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You know the world is upside down when the phrase “after birth abortion” exists.  Wondering what that means?  It means just what you think.  Killing healthy babies after they are born.

Two years ago, two bioethicists, Alberto Giubilini and Frencesca Minerva wrote a medical ethics paper with this shockingly horrible “after birth abortion” concept.

The original paper states,

“…’after-birth abortion’ (killing a newborn) should be permissible in all the cases where abortion is, including cases where the newborn is not disabled…Both a fetus and newborn certainly are human beings and potential persons, but neither is a ‘person’ in the sense of ‘subject of a moral right to life.’  We take ‘person’ to mean an individual who is capable of attributing to her own existence some (at least) basic value such that being deprived of this existence represents a loss to her…[A]ll the individuals who are not in a condition of attributing any value to their own existence are not persons.  Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life…”

People, this is where moral relativism has taken us.  We’ve gone from saying it’s okay to dismember and decapitate a baby, as long as it’s in its mother’s womb to saying that babies born healthy, really, aren’t people.

I have a three year old.  If I were to be home alone with her and faint or something – she’d get by for a few hours, but she can’t reach the food in the pantry.  She doesn’t know how to unlock the front door.  We’re working on 9-1-1, but pretty much, she’d be helpless after a while.  So, where would the guys who wrote this paper draw the line?  You might say, “Oh, surely they wouldn’t support killing a three year old who can at least feed herself and go to the bathroom,” but my question is, with their line of thinking, where do you draw the line?

Regular, run-of-the mill abortions show how sick we are – and what little regard we have for human life – but supporting the idea of killing healthy infants?  I’m speechless.

See – liberals who support moral relativism, who say “Love, peace, love, love, whatever works for you is what is right” think that they are being open-minded and loving, but really, they are advocates for a society void of morals.

A society void of morals becomes so numb to evil and so consumed with self, that they might suggest something unthinkable like, say, killing children.

Conservatives are the antagonists in this country right now – at least, that’s what the President will have you think.  Conservatives are made out to be the ones who are hateful and insensitive – but the people who are proposing concepts like “after birth abortion” are the same ones who are shouting that they are “bleeding hearts.”

Religious and political arguments aside — CNN recently reported on a study done by Yale that proved babies as young as 3 MONTHS OLD entertained with a puppet show featuring a “good” and “bad” character would take a cookie from the good character.  Almost 90% of infants preferred the “good” puppet and even chose to “punish” the bad puppet when they were given the chance – showing that even babies have a sense of JUSTICE.

Can you believe that?

As a Christian, I believe that humans are made in God’s image.  We are born sinners, but also with a natural sense of morality.

America was founded on religious freedom, yes, but also Biblical principles.  Read this article to see just a few quotes from our founding fathers.  They weren’t all Christians, but the majority were – and they all feared God.  They wrote out a plan for a FREE nation – one that didn’t force any religion on anyone, but one that was based on a Christian worldview.

I’m not for a forced-Christian country.  That’s ridiculous.  Politically, I say, the less government the better.  But, no matter where you stand on any issue, and no matter what you believe or who you worship, you can’t argue that Biblical morality produces the healthiest type of culture.

The 10 Commandments

  1. You shall have no other gods before Me.
  2. You shall not make idols.
  3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  5. Honor your father and your mother.
  6. You shall not murder.
  7. You shall not commit adultery.
  8. You shall not steal.
  9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
  10. You shall not covet.

Bottom line, morality is real.  Morality is important.  Morality is not subjective.  As soon as we start thinking of truth and morality as something that is subjective, we see medical ethics papers like this one pop up.

Abortion in utero is just as horrible as killing an infant, but many of us (myself included) become so desensitized to how widely accepted abortion is in our culture, that we are only shocked by a story like this.  There is really no difference between regular abortions and concepts like this.  And we need to keep reminding ourselves of that, lest we forget the REALITY and stop fighting for the unborn and infants alike.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.





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  • ligersaurus

    “…individuals who are not in a condition of
    attributing any value to their existence are not persons.”

    Doesn’t this phrase perfectly describe our current leaders?
    Time to abort them.

    • Mindy Robinson

      Yes it is.

    • Richard Brandt

      They do make you wish that you could make abortion Retro-active.

  • outofsteam

    This is so sick. I had to hold my breath to finish reading the article. I really don’t think the WH will push this on Conservatives, or if they do, the lamestream media will leave out the part about infants already born who don’t have a right to survive. Posting on FB as soon as I finish this.

    • Oldtex

      You say the White House, Meaning Obama. Let me give you the meaning of a statement that he has made. He would want to see his own grand child ripped and torn apart inside the womb of his daughter. Not his exact words, but it is the meaning.

      • helen sabin

        He said he didn’t want his daughters PUNISHED by having a baby that is unwanted. HE should teach his girls NOT to get pregnant unless and until they can support any children born!!

    • netmogul

      what do you mean, “I really don’t think the WH will push this on conservatives?”. Who do you think Voted for this when he was in the Senate? Obama, that’s who. He voted for partial birth abortion; I.e., kill the child as it comes out of its mother’s womb and, if it survives the murder attempt, leave it to die. THAT is what is sulking the interior of our White House.

  • http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/ Francis W. Porretto

    The “after-birth abortion” concept is not new. Peter Singer has been promoting it and even more horrifying ideas from his perch at Princeton for several years. But it’s time to expose the nuclear core of this planet-killer: the concealed assertion that retroactive abortion, assisted suicide, the involuntary euthanasia of those with “no quality of life,” and other atrocities are founded upon:

    The State should be the sole arbiter of who has a right to life.

    You can cut through anyone’s death-culture rhetoric by asking “Who, in your opinion, should decide who has a right to life?” If the answer is “doctors” or any other evasion, reply “You really mean the government, don’t you? After all, doctors are licensed by the government.”

    Then stand back and watch the spittle fly from a hygienic distance.

    • helen sabin

      An individual should have the “right” to decide if they want to die when terminally ill. Why make them suffer? If ending a life based on a person’s decision helps them end the pain they feel, such as in cancer, then why not? Otherwise the STATE is taking away your right to make decisions on the most important matter around!!

      • http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/ Francis W. Porretto

        I’m afraid you haven’t thought the matter through, Miss.

        The problem is not the “right to die,” a rather contentious matter in and of itself. Assisted suicide has proved to be susceptible to incredible abuse. the reports from European jurisdictions about it are chilling.

        Assisted suicide is a venue for the coercion of some by others who, for whatever reason, would like them gone. This is especially important as regards those who are suffering badly, whose balance of mind is likely to be disturbed. It’s also a venue for the sale of a “service” of terrible finality — the sort that the person “served” cannot complain about.

        Even the sufferer who thinks he cannot endure another minute will find the strength to keep on if he is given hope — and oftentimes there is more hope available than he’s been informed. Death is, if you’ll allow me, a terminal condition. There’s no reversing it, whereas pain is always treatable, at least in theory.

        If you wish to exercise your “right to die,” Go ahead. Do it properly, and no one will hale you into court about it afterward. But this business of Smith killing Jones on some possibly irrational or transient consent from Jones, which might just have been coerced out of him by malicious or grasping relatives, or by an “assistant” who just likes to kill, is too abuse-prone to permit — and may God send that the United States never sees fit to permit it!

        • helen sabin

          Everything in society is subject to abuse Francis – look at Obama and what he is doing to the Constitution for example. Look at how he and Michelle WASTE tax payer dollars on their various vacations and then lecture Americans to give up their cable bills and cell phones so they can afford Obamacare. If that isn’t the height of hypocrisy I don’t know what is other than Gabby Giffords husband testifying in Colorado AGAINST allowing citizens to have an AR and then the next day getting caught buying one! LOL!!

          Yes some may try to get daddy to die off so they can have his money, but the point is that there are people of character and compassion who could assist those who want to die. Kevorkian was such a man.

          IT sounds like you have had experience in coercion and all I have to say is I am sorry you had such an experience. Too bad.

          • http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/ Francis W. Porretto

            Just because abuses occur in other venues does not mean they are tolerable in this one, Helen. We’re not talking about the waste of money; we’re talking about death: a choice that admits of no going back. With the collusion of bloodthirsty relatives and amoral doctors, once “assisted suicide” is legalized it will always be possible to cover up a murder with post-mortem claims and falsified evidence that “he wanted it done.” That being the case, the notion of “assisted suicide” is utterly intolerable.

            Besides, you’re actually invoking Jack Kevorkian? He has been established beyond all dispute as having murdered at least one of his “clients:” a woman without the use of her arms who pleaded with him to remove his killing mask from her face. Kevorkian ignored her and carried on until she was dead. There is reason to believe that Kevorkian killed because he enjoyed it, not from some notion of “compassion.”

            As I said above: Kill yourself if you feel you must. But let’s not make room for the worst imaginable sort of crimes under a veil of “compassion.”

          • helen sabin

            How do YOU know the woman said this? Was she alive when she testified?

            And we have to agree to disagree – assisted suicide or even better giving someone a pill to take when the are ready to go is the MORAL thing to do. Not allowing them to ease their pain and suffering is the IMMORAL thing to do. It should be an individuals wish – not your thinking. Sorry! You are wrong in this case. You can have your opinion but I feel sorry for anyone who asks you to assist them – you might be one of those who LOVE to see people suffer.

          • http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/ Francis W. Porretto

            How do YOU know the woman said this?

            it was witnesssed and testified to in open court, during Kevorkian’s trial. Indeed, Kevorkian himself recorded it, in notes that the prosecution subpoenaed and introduced into evidence. How do you think he wound up behind bars?

            Your histrionic certitude has nothing to do with morality, Miss. No one is denying anyone the right to kill himself. Concerning self-administered suicide by pill, that’s an area where the law should not go — and cannot, since the acquisition of sufficient drugs to kill oneself is perfectly straightforward for anyone of adult years. As for your imputations of my callousness and other aspersions on my character, they merely mark you as one who cannot deal with a counter-argument and will not abide reasoned disagreement.

            Have a nice life.

          • helen sabin

            I do have a nice life thanks but as I said before we have to agree to disagree. And Francis – YOU are the one who is histrionic in your attitude – I cite facts while yo operate out of feeling. I feel sorry for anyone who comes to you and asks you to be their executor or to respect their last wishes.

          • http://bastionofliberty.blogspot.com/ Francis W. Porretto

            Oh, please. You’ve just provided proof that you don’t — or won’t — even review your own statements. You’re a terrible representative for your point of view. I don’t share it, but it deserves a proponent who can actually think.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            So Ms. Sabin, you get to decide what is “moral” and what is not? Are you willing to allow someone else to have the same ability? I wonder what your idea of God is since He obviously allows some to suffer. Read the Book of Job lately?

      • WinterBear

        For animals, pain serves no purpose, and so, out of mercy we put them to sleep when ‘bad days are more than good days.’ But for people, it’s different. People have an eternal soul and spirit that are going to live someplace, either heaven or hell. Many times God will use pain to bring people to their knees. Then they turn to Him and their eternal souls are saved. There is no second chance after death.
        I hope Jesus comes back soon to put an end to the horrible abuses of this world!

        • helen sabin

          Baloney – you are again emotional and faith based and while that is fine, you do NOT know there are souls and spirits! You cannot prove there are souls and spirits and the idea of God giving pain to people is ridiculous!! HE/SHE is supposed to be compassionate – not vengeful. This is a weak argument Winter Bear.

          • Royce E. Van Blaricome

            Ah, now I see where you are coming from. Obviously you do not believe in God or the Bible and therefore what you are saying is perfectly understandable. It all makes sense now. You are doing what every other Unbeliever does and set themselves up as their own god. That’s where it always goes back to. Either one accepts that they are a creation made in the image of God or they create an image of god in their own image – ergo themselves.

        • Florence Millard

          Hoping Jesus comes quickly………the world is going crazy

      • embattled

        I would assert that a person who wishes to commit suicide may do so him- or herself. I am not in any way in support of such an act to “end suffering,” since, as a Catholic, I believe that all suffering has merit in God’s eyes, is within His will and serves His purpose. However, again, a person who wishes to commit suicide has the ability to do so. That would be a single, personal decision. That person should not involve anyone else, who may or may not be comfortable with it, or who may or may not live to regret it. Further, the state has no right to enter into such an act, either. Do you really want the government having the power of life and death, regardless of the situation? Are you trustful of the IRS? Or DCFS (or its equivalent?) Is there a particular government agency already in existence that is so exemplary that we should commission ANOTHER and give it the authority over end of life issues? Questionable government competency aside, every degree of separation away from the person himself making the decision regarding his own death, is that much more of an opportunity for subjectivity, bias and ulterior motives to come into play. And, daring to bring religion into play, it also is the occasion of grave sin to bring about another’s death, whatever the circumstances.

      • Royce E. Van Blaricome

        The answer to your question “Why make them suffer?” depends on your World View. I speak purely from a Christian World View. And that is because dead men and slaves have no rights. A Christian has crucified their Flesh, picked up their Cross (suffering), and become a slave to a new Master. A Christian has no rights. Only the desire and will to obey God and follow Christ. It is God where all we are is placed. That includes when and how we die. Christ is Lord. If Christ chooses to not remove your suffering, then so be it. He is Lord and is under no obligation to meet anyone’s desires or wishes. To take one’s own life is simply an act of playing God.

    • Florence Millard

      But it should be only God who decides who has the right to life! He gave life and He can take it away, NOT the state!

  • Landshark

    If we fail to protect the weak and innocent of infancy, we shall no longer be human. I am all for aborting the lives of any and all who would embrace this philosophy and practice of infanticide. And yes, ANY AND ALL!

  • http://www.myshopcellphonestore.com/ Ruth

    Since 1973, we have taken the lives of 56,000,000 unborn children. Now, even worse yet, we are killing them after they are born. How can any mother allow her child born or unborn to be killed. What has this society come to anyway. It,s shocking to say the least.

    • Florence Millard

      And those of us who wanted large families, were unable to……………how ironic.

      • http://www.myshopcellphonestore.com/ Ruth

        These liberals are selfish.

  • Jerry Broussard

    This is a shameful editorial on our Society. As a nation WE have fallen so far that two doctors would have the gumption to write such a thing, or suggest it become law. Their logic is of itself a condemnation on American Society and our excessive sinful nature, and lawless thinking.
    I pray God send revival as soon as possible for ONLY a revival will save our nation.

  • Oldtex

    Why didn’t the author call it what it is, “infanticide”? In Red China they had a population control program. The law was that a bucket of water was to be by the birth bed and a certain number of girl babies were to be drowned following birth.

    • JGCitygin

      AND in The Bible: the Egyptians murdered the Israelite babies, and Herod murdered them again to try and snuff out Jesus.

  • Pam Dunn

    Trying to read that piece of garbage they wrote to “justify” killing a NORMAL HEALTHY NEW BORN INFANT shows what sick “minds” BOTH of those people have. It read like it was written by some one that is totally delusional and LACKS even normal brain function. Based on that, Someone should [perform a late abortion on them both.

  • xingqin

    It is sad that there are people who feel this way and it is too bad that they were not aborted. This is murder and both the mother and person performing the procedure should be charged with first degree murder.

  • HongryHawg

    All I can say is that bioethicist is a terrible misnomer in that it includes the word “ethic”. How is it possible to include “ethic” when the robot making this determination is so clearly without any?

  • flyhinter

    The two people – bioethicists(!) – who wrote that paper have the ethics and morals of Satan. As if their paper is not terrifying enough, the surety that there are others who actually agree with them is making me speechless. God, help us!

  • Pat

    Let’s sensitize ourselves again to the plight of the unborn and their mothers. Abortionists are mass axe-murderers who rape women with medical instruments.

  • ewatson7

    Seems to me that anyone that voted for BHO is in a precarious position now.

    • BDPSU

      The people who voted for him are too stupid to see that.

      • Mindy Robinson

        The people who voted for him are as evil as he is.

  • PhilJourdan

    It was only a matter of time. Obama voted for it.


    The “Loving Liberals” will be pushing for this soon. Hey, why should a woman’s “right” to abort her child end when the child is born?

    • Mindy Robinson

      They are already doing this.

  • llsmith50

    Agenda 21 plan to depopulate the earth. Judgement is coming from God almighty himself.

    • Mindy Robinson

      Yes it is and and anyone who can read and comprehend the written word knows the truth of this, everything we see happening today was written about , by a people who lived thousands of years before us.

  • Jim Brasher

    This is not abortion, this is outright murder and any woman who participates in this atrocious act should face the death penalty

  • 63Marine

    If these 2 jerkoffs came up with this, I wonder how many other child murders like them have the same warped mind set? I would be willing to bet a lot of this schette comes from the top. The HNIC would like nothing more to rid America of its babies. Phuk him!!!

  • disqus_Sb0Tz4ZxB0

    It’s beyond the pale that these presumptuous leftist academicians would claim to know with certainty what does and does not make one human. Life AND humanity begin at conception, it’s as simple as that, and any attempts to redefine humanity open the door to acts of evil like the Nazi extermination of the Jews and our current worldwide holocaust of abortion. These people have no shame, they’re too smart for their own good and just begging for a divinely ordered lesson in humility.

  • Christopher Shafer

    It’s ironic that by there logic the best thing to do would be to kill all of the surplus population. This is merely the eventual evolution of socialism, and I’m not just pulling that out of hat- history is on my side.

  • linnicy

    Pope Francis says that the right to life is sacred. But, we knew that. I think these idiot bioethicists who talk like this are trying to get attention..to validate their existence. Even God loves them, like the little babies who are calling out to be born in a sane world.

  • Mindy Robinson

    Carly, read your article, what you will find is that this culture of babylon has inscidiously affected your moral and mental thinking. Being in or out of the uterus does not change the fact that we are talking about a baby, a child. This is a brainwashing technique employed by the facists to insure people become immune to the reality of what is going. In or out of our wombs, the life is a baby, a child, human.

  • Joel

    This is not only to stab a newborn person but a stab at the heart of the Judeo-Christian ethic. Who will arrogate to themselves the right and power to make such decisions over who should live and who should die? Some politician? The State? Even animals protect their young until they are able to fend for themselves. Someone should remind these social engineers that they, too, were once infants, and the value they now think they contribute to society would have been aborted with them and never come to fruition under the twisted logic of their ideas. No, we are committed to protecting and nurturing those who are incapable of defending themselves. That is our gift to future society which expects us to preserve the treasure that will enrich and contribute to their lives. This is just another way to further tear down the values which have guided us for millenia and to replace them with Godless immorality. This comes at a time when Islam is invading western culture from within, and they are militant in their plans while Christianity is under attack by Leftist media. If this continues unabated, it doesn’t take a genius to predict the immediate future. And Israel is on the frontline of this assault. If Israel is destroyed then you can kiss Christianity goodbye as well. Kill the root and the stem will die. It is time for all of us to wake up and stand for the principles that we have given lip service to, and stand together to realize that our interests are one and the same.

  • tbar

    Guess their next paper will justify murder as merely post birth abortion even if their 30 years old and quadriplegic, it’s just another means of population control aimed at the poor brought to you by the rich and powerful just how it has always been. Whether by kings and country, dictators and despots, or presidents and governments it’s always attack and control those who are helpless and innocent and who is more helpless and innocent than an infant.

  • Dwayne

    I say we go ahead with this idea. First though, we have to define those worthy of killing after birth are those that have no appreciation of life. Just like the two Italians who wrote their “science” paper supporting this idea. And while we are at it, why don’t we extend that to all parents or would be parents that want to have abortions and after birth abortions. I’ll gladly adopt a few babies in order to rid this world of such horrible people.

  • nbamron

    hey, these are the same people who will tell you execution of murderous scum is a sin.

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      That’s because murderers killed innocent human beings too. They don’t want to set a precedent; maybe they would be next 🙂

  • helen sabin

    This is done all the time in China. IF a female baby is born, and the parents don’t want them, they snap their necks, drown them or sell them. And consider that if you can’t contribute to your own wellbeing, that is Obama’s philosophy!! He wants ONLY 18-50 year olds who can work for the state much like slaves do, and when they get too old or are too young – too bad – you are NOT needed. Think HItler and his philosophy and what he did. And MAO who starved 60 million of his own people – see why Obama needs to go??

    • pearl87

      Obama has contributed nothing to society his entire life. He has been a rabble rouser and a parasite on the public. By this logic, what should be the outcome for him?

  • dockilldare

    i think those so called doctors who wrote that article are not human so can we kill them?

  • pandainc

    Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

  • gomurr

    This paper was published in 2012 in The Journal of Medical Ethics, if you can believe they dare call themselves that.

    You can read more here. Prepare to lose any shred of hope for humanity you have left.


  • 5465vick

    So in their estimations we should be able to abort the mentally or physically challenged at any age. That’s because they may not be able to care for themselves. They are not viable persons. What a bunch of crap. These 2 should be aborted now because they are not viable persons. Printing crap like this makes them incapable of comprehensive thought. Thus unable to care for themselves properly!

    • JGCitygin

      Hate to bring up Terry Schaivo: makes me weep every time.

  • JGCitygin

    What is happening, is that the prophecy in Romans has come to pass: which said that GOD gave them up to all sorts of uncleanness: “a reprobate mind”, because they didn’t “like to retain GOD in their knowledge”.
    This basically means that JEHOVAH has lifted the restraint and allowed the goats to run amok. And like the picture of Dorian Gray, their image gorws more and more hideous each day in passing. This is what we’re up against. This is why our heritage is turned upside-down, raped and sodomized, why food stamps are being cut while corporations devour the people and the media is silent along with most religious leaders. Why marjuana is touted as “legal”. Why people are losing their businesses for standing up for what The Bible states is right, here in the New Promised Land, which was founded on GOD. Why the Twin Towers were blown away and hideous arrogant structures and a morbidly abysmal memorial built up by cronyism and more deliberate silence: while remains of the dead to this day still lie in the Staten Island garbage dump: not in Rome, not in Babylon, but in ‘The apple of JEHOVAH’s Eye.’ Why a bully mob incessantly cries foul everywhere GOD and HIS Son Jesus are even breathed mention of.
    So, we have all the zombies coming out of the graves they’ve put their own souls into, crying: “Kill, crush and destroy”. Like a horror flick.
    Not judging those two very sick individuals who wrote that paper. People can change.
    It’s a warning to all of us, that we’d better be really righteous and be kind to others, compassionate, empathetic. And prayerful for the ignorant who are allowing themselves to be manipulated. GOD is coming soon.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Héll was created for the devil and his angels (e.g. liberals).

  • Nick

    The authors are absolutely correct: there is no difference in pre-birth and post-birth abortion. Both are killing a human being

  • sarahfotopulos

    This is not a new idea. In ancient Rome, a father could kill a newborn, sell it or expose it (leaving it outside to die) if he didn’t want the baby for any reason. The mother had no rights.

    Once a society crosses the moral line of not recognizing human life as a sacred gift, no basis is left for determining the value of human life save utilitarianism. Most atrocities throughout history have begun this way.

  • caydog

    I remember watching an interview with Margaret Sanger

    She was asked if it was OK to kill a child at 5 years old. She said something to the effect that it would be fairer to that child to be killed if the parents didn’t want it. I wonder how many of her own kids she may have aborted. She was a monster who should have been in an insane asylum.

  • Kaiser

    If I read this right, then all kids could be aborted. Now we just had a marijuana smoke in, somewhere. I watched the video and none of them worked and had no interest in working. Should we abort all of them? They’re around 20-30 years old but they can’t or won’t take car of themselves.
    Why can’t we just abort these professors.

    • pearl87

      Abort all liberals and maybe the children would have a chance!

      • Kaiser

        The other thing I’d like to establish is…only homeowners are allowed to vote. Why? Because homeowners have an investment in this economy and the betterment of this country. People who live at home or rent do not have anything to lose so freebies, to them, are a no brainier. If they have something to lose, then I’m sure they would make a different decision. Or at least I hope so.

  • bratrattery

    I’m a little concerned by the emphasis on healthy in this article. As if a baby who has down syndrome or some other condition is somehow less worthy than a “healthy” infant. I don’t think that is the intent, or at least I hope it wasn’t. But just would like to gently point out by emphasizing healthy you are seeming to support the killing of “unhealthy” or “disabled” babies.

  • embattled

    Another writer made my point, but, yes, Peter Singer – in the height of irony, a Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University – has been a proponent of this despicable line of thinking for years. He believes in “utilitarianism,” that is, that only people useful to society should be able to exist. Many of us protested his appearance here in NH many years back, while our then-Governor (now US Senator) Jeanne Shaheen excused her invitation to him by saying that these types of issues should be on the table and discussed openly. Beware of that line of thinking, too — there are some things that are simply not fit to be on the table or open to discussion. The door should be slammed shut and left that way.

  • 1MaryAnn1

    Killing babies is not new, nor are abortions. Neither is cruelty, for that matter. Allowing a baby to die, whatever the method, is cruel and inhumane. Our society cries out in anguish at the killing of animals, but suffer the murder of babies. So many people think abortions are done only on some cells…far from it! Living babies delivered who have drowned in a bucket following the introduction of salt water into the womb…living babies whose head is delivered so the doctor can jam a pair of scissors up into the back of the baby’s head…if yiou call that humane, something is wrong with you. A baby only 3 months in the womb has arms, legs, hands, feet…I’ve seen the proof: women in the emergency room who had spoontaneous abortions (miscarriages) and those babies looked like babies! The people responsible for abortions are responsible for murder.

  • theinternut

    Did you really mean to close (paragraph before 10 Commandments), with the negative “can’t” about Biblical morality producing healthy type of culture? Otherwise, I thought it was well-written and to the point.

    • pearl87

      Good catch.

  • krmadhatter

    The same people that are for killing babies, are against killing criminals!?! Where do they get that logic?

    • http://www.norad.mil/ Dr_Falken

      They want to only destroy innocent human life.

  • pearl87

    In Belgium, it’s legal to kill sick or imperfect children. In other words, ANY child can be legally murdered (old folks too)!

  • Bertha

    Whether in the womb or out of the womb. Killing a baby either way, is murder …
    plain and simple. God will judge. People also whom end their lives with suicide; even for reasons of bad health is “Self Murder”. And again, God will judge. God is the only one to end our lives. God forgives us when we repent; but how can we repent after we are dead, as in suicide …? We are surely sending ourselves to Hell.
    God’s laws superceedes any of man made laws. God loves us and he made laws that work. As in every aspect of our lives. God’s plan or pattern for our lives is what works; anything out of that plan, will fail. And lead to confusion and unhappiness.
    And according to his Word; could end with eternal separation from God in Hell; IF … we do not repent before death. God created us, but he also gave us free choice. So the choice is ours to make. But HE also gave us the Instructions in His Holy Word, the Bible. Words given by GOD; written by holy men. He even sent His son Jesus to pay for our sins with His precious blood. But we must repent and accept Jesus as God’s Son and our Savior. Without that we will be lost, in Hell. It’s our choice! …

  • Skyhawk95

    “We take ‘person’ to mean an individual who is capable of attributing to her own existence …”

    Wouldn’t that definition wipe out children and everyone on Welfare?