16-Year-Old’s Stabbing Rampage – What to Make of It

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  • OMG

    How did he obtain such danger weapons? Do the knives look scarey? Have they tracked down the serial numbers, of the two knives, to know who purchased them?

    • ADRoberts

      For sure, they will NEVER report on the meds he was being given for ADHD.

  • lilbear68

    this is horrible we need to pass a law making it illegal to stab people with knives

  • Karll

    One thing we can count on is that the left stream media won’t be harping about this is story 24/7 because no gun was used so it doesn’t fit in with their gun grabbing agenda.

  • ADRoberts

    Apparently this kid had ALL the school lunches he could stand. It was just too much to take any more.
    Seriously, did anyone, ANYONE say why he rampaged?