Common Core is a BIG Deal – Admittedly Editing the Constitution

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Maybe you don’t care about Common Core.  Maybe you don’t even care that you don’t care about Common Core.  Why should you?  Maybe you don’t have kids yet.  Maybe you’re celebrating your 10 year reunion this year (or mourning it, since you’re old now).  Why would you want to think about text books?  Not relevant, you might think.

Oh, but it is.  Even if you’re done with school and convinced you’ll never have kids, the problem with Common Core, at its root, is that it is government regulated.  The government is deciding what is in the textbooks.  And the INSANE part of this is, they are literally re-writing history.  And if you want some proof, all you have to do is LOOK INSIDE THESE BOOKS!




Grabbed this photo from a great article on Bullets First. Did you see that? The second amendment says that people have rights to “certain” weapons, “providing that they register them and they have not been in prison.”

NO!  The second amendment gives the people rights to weapons PERIOD.  The whole point of it isn’t to protect hunters and their sport!  It’s to protect people from government overreach!

When confronted about this, Bob Hill, the superintendent for the Illinois middle school where this book is being used, defended it saying, “What happens with the right to bear arms in the context of 2014, is the right to bear arms in reality, not as written in the constitution, but in reality is it in anyway abridged and the answer is ‘yes, in some places by the need to register guns or gun owners’ and so on.”

So, he admits it.  He admits to promoting and teaching an “abridged” version of the constitution to “fit 2014.”  For more examples and photos of this INSANE indoctrination, I encourage you to check out this article from Bullets First, in which the author so rightly says, “Since when is liberty EVER outdated?”

This isn’t about an irrelevant curriculum decision – it’s about FREEDOM.  It’s about your future kids not actually knowing what liberty means because they were taught from pre-school that whatever the liberal government says is what’s right.  This is how a country loses its freedom.  And, Millennials, we HAVE to care.  Because if we don’t, it’s OUR generation of kids that are going to grow up brainwashed, unknowingly pushing forward the liberal agenda of a country ruled by the government rather than the people.


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  • Jenn H

    Common Core isn’t curriculum. They are standards. Each state or local education system makes choices about curriculum and textbooks. This was a biased choice made by one system, so agree or disagree with Common Core, don’t blame the standards and the whole country for one system’s poor decision.

    • It’s almost over

      “One systems poor decision….”

      Back in the 50’s didn’t evolutionist start out this way? Just one poor decision was made by one school and/or county/state. They just wanted one chapter dedicated to evolution. Now it’s all that’s taught.

      This is how it starts!!! Do you understand??? Give them a step and they’ll take another and another until they control the text books.

      Remember back in the day when the biblical standards were taught in public schools? Not anymore because people like you thought it was just a couple of school districts and now look at Amerika!

      History keeps repeating itself…again, agian, and again!


    • southern tom

      …EXCEPT that the “curriculum” is already prepared, the books printed, and the States don’t get “the money” if they don’t follow the curriculum as designed…

    • Rosemary Martin

      Printed on top of many school papers, home work papers are the words “Common Core Curriculum” so what you are saying Jenn is not true.

    • John OMalia

      You are flat out wrong. It has an established curriculum, standardized materials and lesson plans. Where do you think the photo in the post came from? We’ve all seen the math homework the kids bring home. This was not created by the teachers on the schools copier. And yes, google the CC and you can view the curriculum for yourself.

  • buba

    Teachers chose common isn’t standards, Common core is curriclum. Teachers chose there lessons from the common core curriclum. Try goggling it and see for your self.

    • southern tom

      …SHE’S just a shill for the Left…