#CancelColbert – Stephen Colbert Being Accused of Racism

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It seems like only minorities can speak into headlines involving racism of any kind.  And if you check the ‘Caucasian’ box on your medical forms, forget about it!  I’m going to speak into this though.  And I’ll say I’m allowed because I’m a Jew.  There are still Jews living today who were tortured and persecuted during the Holocaust.  So, there you go – there’s my credibility.

Now, the story today is about funny man, Stephen Colbert, and the tweet that has created the trending hashtag #CancelColbert.

The tweet has since been deleted, but here’s a screen shot –


So, here’s what I’ll say – as I’d say about any racially controversial joke made by a comic- …freedom of speech…

I’m a mixture of a couple races, but when I hear a Jew joke or any other joke that has anything to do with my genetics (Russian, Scottish, etc), if it’s funny, I laugh.

Colbert’s joke wasn’t even truly making fun of Asian people.  It was making fun of minorities being offended by jokes made at their expense.

Maybe it’s the way I grew up, but in my family, when something serious and offensive happens, after appropriate somber time, it becomes a joke.  You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself – and when it comes to generalizations about your particular genetic makeup, my opinion is, you’ve got to be lighthearted about it.

I think this tweet is being blown way out of proportion.  When Michael Richards had his breakdown, spewing racist hate at a heckler in his audience, THAT, to me was way out of line.  He deserved every bit of blowback there – because he was being angry, hateful, and totally racist!

But, a comedian tweeting a joke about racist jokes?  I mean…

I just don’t think it’s a thing.  If he had tweeted something that would throw my people under the bus, I’d laugh about it.  Some people are more sensitive than others – and hey, there are things that I am definitely more sensitive about than other people.  But, this is just a comedian making a light-hearted joke.  Had today’s headline been about Stephen Colbert standing on a stage and shouting racial obscenities about an Asian person in his studio audience, I’d be the first one to spread the #CancelColbert hashtag around the twitterverse.

But this?  No.  Give the guy a break.


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  • justshootmenow

    My uncle Frank was brought to the US as an infant, his mother was Russian and father Polish. He must have known every Polish joke ever thought up. He was a lovely man, sort of round, pale with a perpetual sunburn, eyes like blue bells and was everybody’s friend. Everyone loved him because there wasn’t a mean bone in his body though he wasn’t silly and he never gave offense. He could tell them and laugh the hardest at the ones that he could point to himself.

    I think it takes a special kind of person, one without malicious intent, to be able to tell those type of jokes. I’m not sure Mr. Colbert is one like that.