Jennifer Lawrence: Restoring My Faith in Hollywood One Interview at a Time

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Growing up, I’ve always thought that Hollywood was cursed. Can you blame me? After all, just about every single popular female celebrity I’ve ever known went from being a sweet young girl to a trashy drug addict with horrible morals. Don’t believe me? Well here are some examples:

1. Lindsey Lohan: the sweet little red-head who played both twins in Parent Trap, the daughter in Freaky Friday, and the aspiring reporter in the Disney Channel original movie Get a Clue. Where did she go from there? Rehab and prison.

2. Britney Spears: the sweet country girl with high hopes and dreams who once sang sweet ballads about love. Where did she go from there? Well let’s just say that one of her recent songs mention a threesome that includes Peter, Paul, and Mary.

3. Miley Cyrus: Also known by her alternate stage name, Hannah Montana, this Disney Channel star once spoke out against drugs and sex, a great role model for the little girls and boys that watched her show. Where did she go from there? This little video from the 2013 VMAs will give you a good idea.

The list sadly goes on, going so far as to include one of my favorite actresses growing up, Amanda Bynes. So you can see why I’ve always felt that Hollywood has a way of turning good girls bad. But all that has changed, now that Jennifer Lawrence has successfully restored my hope in Hollywood.

In a recent BuzzFeed article that has been circulating, Jennifer Lawrence, the world famous actress who won an Oscar for Best Actress at the young age of 23 for her incredible performance in Silver Linings Playbook, is shown in 21 different interviews, and at each one, her actions and words were not only inspirational but human.

In one interview on a red carpet, she was asked to talk about the gown she wore. As matter-of-factly as possible, she motioned with her hands as she told the reporter that, “This is the top . . . and this is the bottom,” using such a simple comment to undermine the idea that fashion and looks are absolutely everything.

Continuing this idea, Jennifer Lawrence is very honest about her single most favorite thing in the world: food. As she puts it, the only thing on her mind when on a shoot is when it will wrap, because she wants food. At another interview, she mentioned that eating was her favorite part of the day. At an event, she quite seriously asked the reporter questioning her, “Is there food here?” Whether intentionally or not, Lawrence is putting her foot down, telling the world that it is ok to eat and enjoy food, because looks shouldn’t matter.

And here’s the clincher: at a Yahoo! Interview, a man in the audience asked Lawrence straight up what she felt about people who judge others based on appearance. She went on to answer with a number of different ideas that swarmed into her head all together, but her initial response says it all: “Well, screw them.”

Not only is Jennifer Lawrence a tremendously skillful actress, but her priorities are in the right place, something I didn’t think was possible for a Hollywood celebrity. Thanks for proving me wrong, Jennifer.

Guest Post By: Alicia Lawrence
Alicia is a content coordinator for PA’s tech company of the year and blogs in her free time at MarCom Land. Her articles have been published by Ask Miss A, Gen Pink, and Lucky Magazine. Follow Alicia on Twitter – @Alicia_Lw

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Ali Lawrence is a content specialist for a tech company and blogs about communication in her free time.
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