Hey Jon Stewart: Sarcasm + Comedy Does NOT = A Sound Argument

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  • theodors

    Just like bullies/mean kids. Time to grow and think.

  • BigK

    You do realize of course that Jon Stewart is a comedian and The Daily Show bills itself as fake news. You comment that all he has going for him is the cool factor and calling names then in the same breath call twenty something’s egocentric babies who only vote for someone because they want free stuff. This attitude is what cost Mitt Romney the Presidency. Saying fellow Americans are freeloaders and looking for a handout makes you seem arrogant and out of touch. Sure Jon Stewart can be sarcastic but it is satire. This is something that is lost on those who do not have a sense of humor and if you can’t see the irony of the statements from those on the right you maybe one of those people.

    • Harriet

      He is a true blue leftist. 99.9 percent of the time his entire show supports the liberal propaganda. When something so obvious as the failure of Obamacare surfaces, he feels inclined to be somewhat truthful about it but not without prefacing his remarks with our terrible the Republicans are. Thus if he is just a comedian with a fake news show as you suggest he is only playing to 47- 49 % of the populace. He knows full well that he has a cult following that believe he gives them real news!!

      • BigK

        There are thing in this life that you can change and there are things that you will never have any control over. One of the things you can

        • Guest

          There are thing in this life that you can change and there are things that you will never have any control over. Try to change those things you can. Accept those things you can not change and pray for the wisdom to know the difference. One of the things you can not change is that there will always be those who have a different views and believes than yourself. It is my view that The Daily Show is comical, ironic, sardonic, sarcastic, parody and paradoxical. To me it is just plain funny. I am not a cult follower as you might suggest my believes and my opinions are mine and mine alone.