The Honest Toddler & A Night at the Roxbury – Not as Good Dragged Out

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I only like Twitter for one thing. Funny people. When I find a tweeter that I like, I will routinely read through their tweets – one after the other to distract myself from my insomnia.

One that I got instantly hooked on was The Honest Toddler. The account is tweeting out all day – from a sassy toddlers perspective.

“Dinner. Getting a lecture about spinach from someone whose bones crack in 8 places every time they stand.”

“Good series on TV right now about a young runaway trying to find a forever family. Stay strong, Dora.”

Toddlers don’t think of it as “biting.” More like “yelling at the skin of our enemies.”

“Toddlers should start inventing songs with agendas. ♫ Put the fruit snacks in the cart, stop pretending you don’t have money ♪”


So, of course, as soon as the genius mom, Bunmi Laditan, who runs the twitter account, wrote a book, I bought it and ate it up.

To be honest, though, I was a little disappointed.

The book had its moments. I laughed out loud at every “Dear Mom” letter written in italics, but there was a lot of…I don’t know.

The book felt, to me, like the movie “A Night at the Roxbury.” The Roxbury skits on SNL were hilarious. They were short. They were simple. But, when dragged into a 90-minute movie, it was…boring.

If you like The Honest Toddler’s toddler’s tweets and have a toddler, I’d recommend the book because the “haha” moments are worth it. But, there were definitely some slow parts.

One thumb up.

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