Keep Your Friends Close and Al-Jazeera… Farther

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  • William Henry Bowen

    Carley, the best description of this situation I can come up with is that having Al-Jazeera on cable systems in the U.S. today is the equivelent of giving the Nazi Germany Ministry of Propaganda their own radio network in 1942 (which of course was NOT done). Personally I consider ANY and ALL Americans that work for that outfit to be traitors on par with Tokyo Rose and Axis Sally.

  • Andre

    The FEAR of Islam is the true threat to our liberty.

    • disqus_Sb0Tz4ZxB0

      Justifiable fear.

  • Mary Hajducek

    With Dish Network unless you have the international package, you will not see it as I just found out from them because I did not want it to appear on my television.

  • Sam

    I plan on canceling my DISH Network. I will NOT support terrorists in any way.

  • teacher10258

    Carly, I saw the first of their ads yesterday on Direct and I was……uh, stunned to say the least. I understand that the First Amendment guarantees them the right to say what they want in this country to an extent. My question is aren’t the amendments written to protect American citizens? I have a problem with a country or (religion) exporting their rhetoric into our homes. Like you said they have blatantly supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quida. It is tantamount to the Japanese having access to broadcasting during the Second World War. (Shaking head) What’s next offering suicide bomber training to immigrants in our country? 🙁

    • Oldmonkey

      I preferred it when they were only on fta satellite where the uneducated were less likely to find them.

  • Pavelina

    I looked at it briefly when it first came on the DISH network, and I was not impressed.
    It looked like an amateur production, didn’t report anything I didn’t know already and was not in HDTV. I don’t watch anything not in HD.

  • Donald DeCamp

    There is a story about a man picking up a snake up on a cold mountain spot on the promise the snake would not bite him. the snake prompatly bit him as soon as was down where it was warm. when the man protested that the snake had promised, He was told “you knew what I was when you picked me up” Ring a bell???

  • Gloria

    The GOOD thing about Dish is that they DO carry “The Blaze” (Unlike Comcast, Bright house etc.) so you can block the rotten stuff and watch “The Blaze” instead!

  • Carl Huddleston

    The concept of free speech cannot include speech that calls for the destruction of the society that promotes free speech. That would be a self-destructing society. The colonies did not intend to self-destruct nor did the framers of the Constitution.

  • WilliamSpires

    I’d call it the BHO/MB channel !!

  • Sam

    We are switching to roku. I am not supporting terrorists by paying for their network. DISH has al jazeera now so bye bye.

  • flybynight12

    Comcast, Dish TV, Direct TV, Verizon and Time Warner all carry the Al Jazeera Network. AT&T is the ONLY cable TV provider refusing to carry Al Jazeera. Because of that decision, Al Jazeera is now suing AT&T.
    The Pivot Network was also added to most cable TV providers around the same time as Al Jazeera. Pivot says it targets the Millennial Generation (people 15-34 years) and their aim is to “promote and accelerate social change.”
    One of their programs is “LITTLE MOSQUE ON THE PRAIRIE”, a situation comedy about the comical, fun loving, peaceful and thoroughly Westernized Muslims living in the fictitious town of “Mercy”, Canada. Patrons in this fictitious paradise gather together at Fatima’s Café to sip coffee and Cokes, eat burgers and work together in brotherhood and harmony on such family friendly events like “ISLAMPALOOZA”, a town wide celebration of all things Islamic.
    Other programing includes a gender bending talk show that focuses on LGBT issues, a reality show about a Crip and a Blood trying to parent/mentor children who also happen to belong to rival gangs, documentaries highlighting (promoting) socialism and multiculturalism, and a host of other shows that promise to indoctrinate and re-educate young minds.
    Al Jazeera America and Pivot = propaganda at its best!
    It was hard but I cancelled my Comcast subscription and will be looking at AT&T and making that my new cable TV provider.
    I just can not contribute money to those who sow the seeds and finance the destruction of my nation.