Amish Girl and Freedom Dying of Cancer

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  • ManOfTheLog

    This is progress. Parents are no longer the final authority in child-rearing. Nowadays, the state conditionally allows “parents” to make some decisions for the child until/unless the state disagrees with a decision made by a “parent”. At that point, the state rightly exercises its authority as the primary custodian of all of the state’s children, removes the injured child from the “parents” and establishes a more favorable environment for the child. The state has deemed this to be in the child’s best interest.

    • Retired Marine MSgt

      “the state rightly exercises its authority as the primary custodian of all of the state’s children” ???
      WTH, what third world communist dictatorship do you live in? The state is NOT a custodian of any child, unless legal process (democratic) has determined that the parent, or parents, are unfit. Just because the parents don’t agree with the state’s position doesn’t make them unfit.

      • valleygreaser

        Does no one understand sarcasm anymore?

        • valleygreaser

          You know. I think the problem is that the world has gone so crazy that you can’t parody it any more. If you try to show how nuts the left is by pretending to believe their junk people will just take you seriously.
          PS- Thanks for the years of service. My 8 years USAF is quite modest in comparison.

        • Retired Marine MSgt

          IF his statement was sarcastic, I will apologize. If not, my statement stands.

    • Idahodoll

      That may be the most idiotic theory I’ve heard in a while. Show me your source for “the state rightly exercises its authority as the primary custodian of all the state’s children”. Hogwash!

      • valleygreaser

        He was parodying the way the left sees things.

        • Retired Marine MSgt

          Maybe, maybe not.

          • valleygreaser

            If you click on his name you can see other posts by him. He is a solid conservative who likes to poke fun at the left’s insanity.

        • Jeff Wade

          I sure hope to heck he was. Scary thing is, lots of folks actually believe just that!

    • tionico

      got news for you, “man”…. the state is composed of individuals. The state do not OWN or CONTROL anyone. EACH of us have a right to life, to liberty, and the persuit of happiness…. and the state must remain subject to the people who comprise it. This is NOT a collectivist, third world outfit here….. the state need to back down, go away, and let the PARENST to whom God gave that child decide what is best for them.

      I find it very disgusting when I consider the state, coming in and mandating this child be controlled by the state, on the one hand, then supporting the murder of millions of unborn Americans… on OUR nickel.”WE have the power to save this one, making us the hero… but won’t lift a finger to the aid of ANY of the millions murdered in their own mother’s wombs yearly. Sick is too gentle a term for this.

    • Tammy McAbee Brookover

      I am going to assume this is sarcastic……please tell me you don’t feel that way….

    • ManOfTheLog

      Yes, I was being very sarcastic. It seems that our culture has degenerated so far that parents are no longer a part of the equation. Truly sick.

  • oseomom

    I agree that the parents should have the responsibility, not the hospital. My son was diagnosed with a very aggressive and rare cancer nearly 4 years ago, and has had it come back once since. The oncologists do all they can, but there are many decisions to make that fall on the shoulders of the parents. A parent knows their child best. The hospital should NOT take that right away from the parent!

  • cr0ak

    Mainstream doctors don’t want to (won’t) admit that there are alternatives to the deadly chemo drugs that they pump into cancer patients. I’m proof that alternative treatment does work.

    I was diagnosed with Stage 3B DLBC lymphoma back in the fall of 2005, Went through the standard RCHOP treatment. Cancer went into remission, until spring 2007 when it had metastasized in my lungs. I was told by two different oncologists that I had to have high-dose chemo/stem cell transplant. I knew in my gut that I’d never survive the high-dose chemo. So I looked for alternative treatment. I found it at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston. Insurance wouldn’t pay for it – and it was expensive. But I’m alive today and cancer-free going on 5 years. And on top of that, I didn’t suffer the horrendous side-effects of those terrible, terrible drugs!

    Even a 10-year-old can choose what’s best for her. And I’ll bet you anything that that particular 10-year-old is a lot more savvy than most of the spoiled little kids we normally see. (i.e. she hasn’t spent her time playing Nintendo, playing games on an ipad, etc) She’ll be in my prayers.

    • DMJo

      If you can find the name of the family, perhaps you can lend them your experience and that will help their case.

  • Anne Yenny

    The left IS a parody. That’s why parody no longer works.

  • Priscilla King

    Could hardly agree more…I collected ten stories like these for Associated Content before the national debate on Obamacare even started, most from close relatives. Not the church, not the state, *all patients* must decide our fate.

  • awkingsley

    Allopathic Physicians do not have the competence with their current diagnostic skills to diagnose patients or determine the efficacy of treatments. They are going to have to be mandated by state legislatures to learn Expert Oriental or Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis, Iridology, and Saliva Kinesiology Diagnosis. Allopathic Physicians cannot cure one single chronic disease, but we are spending billions for prevention of chronic disease on the pretense that they can prevent something they have no ability to cure. Now, does that make sense?

    An Expert Oriental or Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnostician can determine where in the body the chronic disease originates, the progression of the disease, and efficacy of treatments by taking the pulse for one minute or less. They can even determine pregnancy within 24 hours of conception with pulse diagnosis. There are cures for a number of chronic diseases in Natural and Alternative Medicine. Technological medicine is killing us.

  • patgo

    I’m not a big fan of homeopathy. I think it’s quackery. That said, I think the decision belongs to the parents ALONE. There are other natural modalities that ARE VALID. And nobody should compel any parents to surrender the care and legal responsibility for their children to anyone. Period. End of argument. Full stop. So even though homeopathy is probably not valid (and I do have some personal experience with it), it’s still THEIR DECISION. If they were being negligent, it would be a different story, but they’re not, and furthermore, I don’t even see a role in negligence cases for the government. If the government can prove that actual physical abuse has been taking place and a child is at risk of being killed, then and only then might it legitimately intervene. Assault is a crime. And the police should be handling it, not anybody else. The moment government can get pregnant, I’ll change my mind, but ONLY for the child born to government. (And in vitro fertilization and artificial wombs are a violation of the child’s rights, so don’t even go there.)

    And by the way, as far as I am concerned, chemotherapy is child abuse. It is cruel, and it doesn’t work. A few doctors should be hung by their toenails and pummeled to death with organic carrots for even suggesting it. And the same thing goes for radiation, and even some surgery. It is time that the medical Establishment stopped persecuting the patients, and doctors who want to provide REAL cures.

    As for your case, this illustrates a very important point. There are far too many “doctors” out there who are being careless, and thinking of abortion as valid medical care. It’s not. It is butchery, pure and simple, and anybody who engages in it should be stripped of his license and put on ice for a very long time, or more. ALWAYS seek a second opinion in any case where a doctor proposes such a thing, if you have time and it’s not a life-threatening emergency. I have also experienced what happens when abortion is accepted. I almost had an abortion, and it wreaked havoc with my state of mind. And if it’s not a tubal pregnancy, it’s abortion if they take the life of the child. I would be inclined to beg the doctor to let me try as well, even though most likely I would lose my life. It’s criminal they have never figured out how to transplant a child from the tube to the womb, but look at their priorities. It’s self explanatory.

  • Tammy McAbee Brookover

    I absolutely agree….and parental rights are being lost at every turn lately.

  • akoby

    The scary thing is there are probably more cases than we know where parental rights are being abused. There was the couple in California who did not want their newborn having heart surgery and went to another hospital for a second opinion. They took their child to Kaiser-Permanente. The first hospital called CPS and CPS and the police went to the parents home and removed the child!.Not willing to admit their mistake, the state finally released the child to the parents but gave CPS the right to come into the home at any hour of the day or night to “check” on the child. Now I read this article. What is sickening about this whole mess is that it appears that liberal “bullies” are pushing around lawful caring parents who dare to assert their rights to protect their children, but at the same time are nowhere to be found when real neglect and abuse is going on. If they did their jobs correctly, they would have their hands full removing children form crack-addicted parents.