Why Obamacare is BAD – In Layman’s Terms

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Obamacare is a subject that is tip toed around, mainly because people don’t know what the heck it is and why its good or bad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked conservatives to explain the problems of Obamacare to me, saying, “I just don’t understand it” and they’ve responded with “THAT is the problem. No one knows what it is.”

The tricky thing about right now is that liberals and conservatives are saying completely opposite things about the mandate. While conservatives are saying that Obamacare will cost Americans more, liberals are saying it will cost Americans less. So, how do we know who to believe?

Senator John Barrasso, who also happens to be a doctor himself, laid it out very plainly in an interview on Fox News with Jenna Lee. The problems he raised were…

Obamacare will –

    Raise the cost of care
    Raise the cost of taxes
    Raise the cost of insurance premiums
    Worsen the quality and availability of your own care

Obama has gone to bashing Republicans in the house again – sarcastically chuckling at us for fighting what he considers a non-important issue when we’ve got “bigger fish to fry,” as he conveyed.

But, the bottom line is this – no matter whose stats you want to believe, come January 1, 2014, every American will be required to buy government-approved health insurance that we may not need or be able to afford.

Do you know what freaks ME out? Anything “government-approved” that is required by all citizens. Sounds a lot like Germany – that requires every German to put their child in a “government-approved” school – a school promoting homosexuality and other indoctrination that many people of other religions would be opposed to.

This is all about POWER. The power belongs in the hands of the people – not the government. Obamacare is BAD because it takes YOUR say out of how you do your healthcare and puts the decision in the hands of politicians.

No thank you.

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  • Alex C.

    ….promote homosexuality??
    Indoctrination? Do you not see the irony in your statement?

  • anon

    Maybe next time leave the homosexuality out of it. Because that will shut liberals down when we’re trying to explain this to them. Other than that, lovely article. Keep posting.

  • Jonky

    He didn’t use “homosexual” in an offensive way. Just as an example that some people may not agree with being a homosexual, but then being forced to comply with it regardless.

  • mike step

    i agree with these points about obamacare. but leave homosexuality out of it. that was immature and irrelevant to HEALTHCARE