Movie Review: The Heat

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The Heat attracted me to the box office because of three ingredients, that I know make for a really great two hours.

Ingredients for what must be a great movie:
-Melissa McCarthy
-Sandra Bullock
-Word of mouth that viewers were “scream laughing” the whole time

That last one is actually what I told people after I saw it, but in giving that description I got several who responded “Yeah – that’s what everyone I know who saw it has said.”

Here’s the thing. There are a lot of F-bombs and G-Ds strewn into Melissa McCarthy’s vocabulary. I can usually handle a couple F-bombs. G-Ds always bother me. So, if you are very sensitive to language, the scream-laughing might not be worth it.

Choice language aside, Melissa McCarthy’s performance was everything I expected it to be. Her comic delivery was superb. I cringed through the G-Ds but did, in fact, scream-laugh several times.

Sandra Bullock was wonderful and amazing, as always. And, yes – I DID end up crying during a heart-warming part at the end.

Will be excited to watch the TBS version where everything bad is bleeped out. Given the every-other-word pattern though, whoever has the bleeping/word-replacement job will have quite the tough time…

“What the fun kind of shindigs are you golly dang flipping talking about here, witch?”

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