High School Text Book Literally Re-writes History

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History was my least favorite subject in school. I thought it was boring. I can’t understand or justify my stupidity, in hindsight, but I just remember being overwhelmed by dates and battles and failing to see the incredible way that history tends to repeat itself.

This week, a group of Floridian parents are flipping out at the contents of their teenagers’ Prentice Hall World History text books. The accusations they are raising are not some silly, baseless hysterical claims. They are completely legit and completely horrifying.

Before I tell you what is happening, I want to clarify that the reason this story horrifies me is not because of the bias that the book shows, but because of the way it has rewritten history and left out parts of the past.

If you look inside this book, being taught in high schools all over the country, you’ll notice several alarming things, as pointed out by Mr. Todd Starns on this news program.

    – There are 36 pages dedicated to the religion of Islam, while there are NO chapters dedicated to Christianity or Judaism.
    – In reference to Mohammed and his armies taking over Medina States, the book says, “…people happily accepted Islam as their way of life.”
    -The book indicates that Jesus “proclaimed” Himself to be the Messiah, yet stated as fact that Mohammed was a prophet.
    -In the book, Christian battles are called “Massacres” while Muslim battles are called “takeovers.”

Last I checked, Americans were free to choose their faith, but our country was undeniably founded on Judeo-Christian values. Whether you subscribe to Christianity or not, you can’t deny that its a rich part of our history. Look at our money! Having a 36-page chapter dedicated to Islam and only mentioning our nations core, founding values in an inaccurate, skewed way is a disgrace.

This particular book being investigated has been taught to high school students for three years already. It’s very scary to think that you can send your kids off to school, obliviously, while they are being taught absolute lies.

What are your thoughts on this?

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  • Al

    Excellent article….
    Parents in America are sleeping…..Our kids are being adoctrinated by this un-American Administration
    If we do not wake-up soon, our next generation will never have the freedom that we “still” have now.
    Little by little, our values & principles are being attacked…Our Christian faith is a target to those who
    hate our churches.

  • truthintexas

    It’s absolutely repulsive knowing this is taking place. I have several friends who are history majors or teachers, and they hate that they cannot teach true history without fear of being fired for not following the curriculum. The Civil War is no longer state rights over federal rights, but strictly a war based on racism and freeing of the slaves. Trying to manipulate history is the government’s way of controlling the minds of the citizens. It is not immediately visible, but seen over several decades of deception. My kids will know the truth, because I will personally take the time to compare fact with fallacies. Parents take charge of your kids educations. Review the books they bring home, and question the things that are blatant lies. Demand that your school does not teach lies.

  • patriotusa2

    What are my thoughts? Why is this being allowed to be printed in the first place when everyone knows the book is full of lies. After all, this isn’t some biography that people have a choice to read or not read. This is a book that is considered “history,” and what many children will read or have been instructed to read. So again, I ask why are those in power and able to do something about this – doing nothing!!

    • freedomringsforall

      I am not so much replying to you as to help add context for others that may not connect the dots as well as you do.

      Obama wants more and more central planning regulated by more and more central
      federal bureaucracies.

      The Utopia of Socialism where everyone is equal, not having anything to do with equal opportunity.

      Totally 180 degrees against Dr. King’s dream.

      That is what Obama is up to and kissing the arsses of his NWO international elite crony puppet masters.

      Our country and this world are spinning into insanity on purpose.

      The Internationalist have their plan, the Islamists have their plan, and the commie/socialists have their plan.

      For the moment they all align with intent so they are all using each other to create absolute worldwide chaos and each leader propped up by these groups is out for what they want and obama is good at that game.

      The purpose for chaos and death is to justify clamp down, arms confiscation, and in general steps toward dictatorial powers for these groups.

      These groups just like the axis powers in World War 2 will work together on a worldwide basis to make these realities come to fruition.

      Just as the axis powers in world war two believed that they could rule the world in sync after dominating it they each all also secretly believed that they could overcome the other in the end and become the one true leader of the entire world, so do these new axis powers believe the same.

      I believe the internationalists believe as Hitler did that with an overwhelming political power, economic power, and military power of a united Europe and the Americas in their pocket and with deep inroads (politically and economically) into the African continent and the mid asia, and asia proper continents that they will eventually come out on top as the unified world leaders and thus enforce the one world governance that they have been developing onto the world.

      We are one step away from a total worldwide dictatorship.

      The 2nd amendment.

      If we do not ensure that our 2nd amendment rights and freedoms are rock solid
      then no rights will be and if we lose the U.S. the world will be lost.

      And that my friends is what all of them are counting on.

      • patriotusa2

        I agree with your comments. There is definitely an “end game” here being played out by many, just as you said. Without the United States standing for freedom and personal liberty, the world will be lost in more ways than just one. I’m accustomed to seeing everything through a biblical perspective, although others may not. According to the way I understand scripture, it will eventually come down similar to the way you stated, with an Asian emergence of power trying to take over the rest of the world. In particular the western world. I foresee these people as being Muslims, those who are left with all the oil and the money as every other country will have dwindling resources for reasons that are now becoming evident. The main objective of this end game will be to destroy Israel and the United States and to take control of what they perceive to be, a resurrection of the Islamic Empire, which will eventually lead to World War III.

        • freedomringsforall

          and I believe the word infers that about the best we can do is to be studied and watch as the signs unfold we will understand in more detail what is happening.
          I hope that you continue to spread the truth.
          I hope that God continues to bless you and yours.

          • patriotusa2

            I appreciate your kind words and blessings. Thank you my friend, and may God also be with you and yours.

          • edc

            Free men are not equal and equal men are not free.

        • Paul

          I agree with all your statements, except oil. What people
          have to understand is the Earth is an OIL PRODUCING DYNAMO. By its nature of revolving on its axis and plate techtonics oil is created. It perculates to the surface through the ocean floor and other places we drill. The wells that were capped 50 yrs ago because ” we sucked all the
          Oil out “now have more oil then when the wells were in production.

          • patriotusa2

            I agree, but so far we have not been allowed to take advantage of it because of the restrictions of the EPA along with this administration. The shale we have alone, not to mention the coal could have been used to keep us independent, but because of all the power of these environmentalists groups, we’ll be forever out of luck especially since they are determined to kill even the possibility of using our own resources.

          • DE Navarro

            If we were allowed to use our technology to tap our resources fully, the US would be the number one oil producing nation in the world. We are sitting on the largest oil reserves known to mankind and we do nothing about it but stick a few mosquito holes into it for miniscule production.

          • GRusling

            On private land, all over these United States, shale oil is being produced as fast as possible. Only on “FEDERAL” land is it restricted. We will become energy independent in a few years if the “FED” doesn’t tax oil & gas completely out of business…

        • William Bondie

          In a WW III the USA will come out on the bottom, because we abide by “rules of engagement”. We possess the power to annihilate the rest of the world (picture the Middle East as a very quiet neighborhood paved in nuclear-processed glass) but the Chicken-in-Chief chooses to apologize for non-existent past wrongs.

        • DBuzzardlips

          And Obama and his are the beginning of the end of the USA we know and love … one step closer to Christ, I’m okay with that since it is God’s design from Revelations … remember to keep things in perspective, stay calm and think before you act … time is getting short so let’s do all we can while we can …

          • patriotusa2

            Good advise from a sensible, obviously well-balanced person. Thank you. Posting on these sights can be hazard to your health considering some of the posters we have to deal with. Your comment was a welcome change. God bless you and yours.

        • wollfb

          The goal is what I was calling the 90/10 principal in my political articles 30 years ago. Kill 90 percent of the world’s population and enslave the surviving 10 percent to become the serfs in the new dark ages, controlled by a small group of powerful elites The globalists are only catering to Islam to accelerate the chaos and provoke a world wide holocaust..

          • patriotusa2

            The way things are going, nothing would surprise me.

      • TexasJester

        An interesting article, pointing out (what I think) is the reasoning behind the ridding of Christianity in America – it takes a side AGAINST Darwinism.


        We can’t be endowed with rights by our Creator, if we don’t have a Creator.. And if they destroy the Creator, then we must rly on the Government as our lord and savior (lower case intentional – government cannot be on ANY par with God!).

        • mjem

          don’t you think that it also hides away natural law and the right to be a individual in an increasingly oppressive totalitarian society? this is what the communists in the government want. Re-write the history and bury it so “group mindthink” prevails. The bible binds and respects the individual. Marx and Lenin hated it too. And now we have the catalyst to break it apart. The ignorant soldiers of the NWO to fight the war against natural law. For the benefit of the statist……

          • freedomringsforall

            I would add a hearty amen to both of you
            TexasJester and mjem
            And as we all know he is clever as a serpent so there are many twists and angles to these concepts.
            An additional facet of it is kind of what you both are saying too but with just a little different tint to it.
            If they successfully pronounce God as dead to the world (or doesn’t or never did exist) then they are entitled (in their minds) to set themselves up as gods of all they purvey.
            And you know who that makes the slaves.

        • Kapt Blasto

          That’s one of the reasons why I can’t support any PRO-LIFE law proposed…

          …..because it would have GOVERNMENT be arbitrator over when life begins and ends…through using the UNBORN Baby as a FALSE GOD…In other words,….

          No Law enacted NOW is going to protect UNBORNS to be BORN, so they can have sun-shiney lives…..NO! Quite the opposite….it will force UNBORNS (both male and female) to grow up to be CHATTEL, a labor pool that can be used and abused and disposed of…..

          and the ones that have means to go somewhere ELSE to have procedures performed, will do so…

          leaving US HERE STUCK to wonder whether “that girl” or “that girl” or “that girl” is “thinking about *it*” and then go after her, because maybe with that baby bump, she’s SLOWER to move than her other girl friends who can RUN FASTER….further decimating ourselves, thinking we’re Godly in doing so, all the while they’re laughing all the way to the bank with our money they snookered from us, from entering into their controlled arguments, doing so unwittingly….

          Here’s a thought…what happens if “the powers that be” are playing BOTH SIDES of the political spectrum….so that no matter what WE THINK is “Godly” against them….THEY control the debates and therefore the way the dramas unfold, and get used to control US?

          What happens if the current Abortion debate, or even the Gun Control debate, or even the “Government screwing us in General” debate, is just more FLIM-FLAM games, designed to keep US from seeing the REAL THINGS taking place?

          • gomurr

            By the time Monsanto gets done feeding us their hormone disrupting, sterility inducing GMOs, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wrap up their “vaccinate the world” campaign for population control, abortion will become a moot point.
            All anyone has to remember is everything they have taught you, or led you believe, is a lie. Believe nothing……do your own research. Our “buddy” William Casey, former Director of the CIA, said it best (and quite clearly);
            “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

          • Kapt Blasto

            Like, the “abhorrent” idea of turning in your bonds as DOWNPAYMENT on a kind of loan arrangement that holds bondholders in GRACE from having to pay anything, because the turkeys in Washington are too lazy to think up of a way to LEND something to a bondholder that might cancel out the Debt, but it would STILL make that Bondholder more money TAX-FREE through the Banking system, than off a taxpayers back?

            That kind of idea or belief?

            Well, if Disinformation is the way to go….then maybe there IS NO America and there never was….and it was all a big hoax, and we’re really Norman or Saxon subjects anyway….and the Dark Ages never stopped!

            I don’t know, gomurr…I don’t know….

      • Paul

        You connected the dots as well as anyone Ive read, couldn’t have
        Done better myself. The task ahead is to wake the sleeping sheep
        And drum your comments into their heads.

        • freedomringsforall

          I’ma try’in
          You keep on keep’in on it too please.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        While what you say is true, these problems with our kids’ textbooks has been going on for decades! These books are the essence of knowledge that our schools depend on to steer our kids futures! Why haven’t the people who approve these texts been removed from their posts of responsibility? What the hell is going on? This is a BIG deal!!

        • freedomringsforall

          You are correct that issue is a very big deal!

          I have not researched extensively that particular issue but I will bet you dollars to donuts that if you do you will find that the power structure that impacts what is going into the text books for our kids has been influenced by the international elitists and their tentacles reach down into that decision making.
          Because once you recognize how they think and how they operate you can recognize their fingerprints on something quite easily, especially when you start doing a little digging.

          • gomurr

            Absolutely everything being foisted on us today, and most definitely school curriculum, have one ultimate goal only…..the implementation of UN Agenda 21. Control of our beliefs and actions through indoctrination is absolutely necessary (along with disarming the public) for them to make this work. It’s guise is “global warming”, green energy”, and most of all, “sustainable development. Don’t fall for it…..it’s an excuse to seize private property and herd us into “planned communities” located in an area designated for population where we will live, work, and play, all under the watchful eye of DHS, or some other newly formed bureaucracy, of course. We, the people, have the power to create the world we want, and to repair damage to the planet without the approval or oversight of the UN, DHS, or any other agency which seeks power and control. Their idea of “a world that works for all” united under a OWG, or NWO, has little in common with my vision of an equitable world. Their plan is really only a world “that works for them”. Be on guard and be vigilant…..Agenda 21 is creeping into towns and communities all over America on a local level through your local development, your city counsels, and local government. They’re pushing hard in some areas……push back harder. Most of all, arm yourself with knowledge and keep current. The time of “being too busy to get involved” is over. Be informed, or be enslaved (or eliminated).Your choice.

          • freedomringsforall

            Yes you are absolutely correct and the issue is much bigger than Agenda 21.

            My original comment up the line was—

            I am not so much replying to you as to help add context for others that may not connect the dots as well as you do.

            Obama wants more and more central planning regulated by more and more central federal bureaucracies.

            The Utopia of Socialism where everyone is equal, not having anything to do with equal opportunity.

            Totally 180 degrees against Dr. King’s dream.

            That is what Obama is up to and kissing the arsses of his NWO international elite crony puppet masters.

            Our country and this world are spinning into insanity on purpose.

            The Internationalist have their plan, the Islamists have their plan, and the commie/socialists have their plan.

            For the moment they all align with intent so they are all using each other to create absolute worldwide chaos and each leader propped up by these groups is out for what they want and obama is good at that game.

            The purpose for chaos and death is to justify clamp down, arms confiscation, and in general steps toward dictatorial powers for these groups.

            These groups just like the axis powers in World War 2 will work together on a worldwide basis to make these realities come to fruition.

            Just as the axis powers in world war two believed that they could rule the world in sync after dominating it they each all also secretly believed that they could overcome the other in the end and become the one true leader of the entire world, so do these new axis powers believe the same.

            I believe the internationalists believe as Hitler did that with an overwhelming political power, economic power, and military power of a united Europe and the Americas in their pocket and with deep inroads (politically and economically) into the African continent and the mid asia, and asia proper continents that they will eventually come out on top as the unified world leaders and thus enforce the one world governance that they have been developing onto the world.

            We are one step away from a total worldwide dictatorship.

            The 2nd amendment.

            If we do not ensure that our 2nd amendment rights and freedoms are rock solid then no rights will be and if we lose the U.S. the world will be lost.

            And that my friends is what all of them are counting on.

      • http://www.myvollara.com/texas Ancoman

        Well put! I take it that you stayed awake during History class!

        • freedomringsforall

          Actually it is a sad story that I almost failed both history and government and economics in high school and college.
          Yep pretty much low b’s and c’s.
          I am sure that part of my problem is I thought we were supposed to be getting an education not just memorizing a bunch of text book stuff that often did not make much sense.
          I kept asking questions of logic and reason and I didn’t realize that that was what was pissing the teachers and then the professors off about me.
          In that regard I was a slow learner.
          I apparently did not get it for a long time that I was brought up by very logical, reasonable, and plain sensible parents, grandparents, and other relatives.
          Took me a long time to get that by the time I was going through school it had turned into shut up and regurgitate the text book and when the teacher or prof was asking for questions that it was pretty much a rhetorical question.
          But then through hard work and diligence and some luck I scored a spot on a Congressman’s Committee staff on Government oversight and that is where my real education began.
          I do not think I would have seen what I saw and learned 1/2 the things I learned there if I hadn’t already studied much on the international level personally before I got there.
          What I mean by much is scouring a wide shot gun approach of things, Religion, Philosophy, economics, the history of money, governments, militarism, and even the unconventional such as Quigley and the like.

          I even eventually got to work with and rub elbows a little bit with a few in some of those organizations that have funny acronyms.
          CFR, Trilateral Commission, NSC, CIA, DOS, DIA
          A very few and very little yet eye opening.

          So, unfortunately I slept through most of my classes on history, and government, etc. but boy did I wake a short while later in life.

      • Conviction

        Amen! So sad to realize that most people have no clue what this country and by extension the world is moving toward… there is a reason that this is all shaping up to look like a world-wide government and let me tell you…it isnt for the benefit of your families…. Whether you believe in God or not take a look at what is really going on instead of just waiting for it to “all go away” cause it isnt going to….were in this for the long haul folks….better suit up and get ready cause the storms a comin……

        God Bless All! And may we all realize the reality were in

        • freedomringsforall

          Yes I am a Christian and have a strong faith in God and his Son and Holly Spirit.
          Yes I understand your reference to the storm is coming.
          Just as I do not believe that God wanted us to just stand aside and let the Nazis enslave the world; I now do not believe that God wants us to stand aside and let anyone enslave the world.
          Yes the storm is coming.
          God bless you and yours and keep up the good work of spreading the word.

      • Karen Petrone

        Freedom… “Totally 180 degrees against Dr. King’s dream.”

        You should go read Dr. Kings writings. He was a Socialist. “In 1997, Professor Larry Hofford of St. Mary’s University lamented: “Naming a national holiday after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. has proven to be a mistake.” Professor Hofford, a self-described “progressive,” complained that King’s image “has been so watered down that the picture of him is that of a ‘mainstream reformer’ who led a movement to end legal segregation. The result is that no person in a position of authority in the United States could possibly experience any discomfort with this image.”
        The Martin Luther King Jr. who was sold to white America was designed by the media and Left so as not to turn off the majority from his message and the oppurtunitty to use this man as a great symbol of black sufferage and civils rights struggle. If you do not believe it then just go read his works. He was not what he was put up to be. It is not the first time nor will it be the last time the Left-wing and progressive Media has created an icon to use to push thier agenda. http://www.solidarity-us.org/node/1030 , http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/01/16/martin-luther-king-jr-a-communist-why-he-s-been-whitewashed.html , and as I said. You can go read his own writing which he plagerized from a fellow black man. He was not what they have taught us he was.

        And they White-wash Islam in the same way. Both in the Media and in the schools.

    • LittleRoot_48

      FL parents had better wake up and check out what their children are being taught.

      • patriotusa2

        Hi LittleRoot, it’s been a long time since I’ve ran into you. Yes, I agree. Everyone at this point had better wake up.

      • SickAndTired

        I don’t leave that up to anyone else any more than I leave my daughter’s virginity up to her date – who pulls up in a custom van.

      • Worship Dancer

        trust me it’s NOT JUST FL parents – USA parents need to wake up and check out what their children are taught.

        • halthecomish

          Our kids have been brainwashed for the last 20 to 30 years at least.That is the reason the democrats are in power and why when we are at war against islamic terror a muslim obama got elected.

      • teacher10258

        Florida is probably not the only state with this problem, I tried to find some statistics about Prentice Halls market share of public schools that use their textbook and didn’t come up with much. Pearson that supplies the books from Prentice Hall has a disclaimer on their site. They disavow the Islamist-Anti Christian slant that the books have and laid the fault back on the Brevard County Fl school system, Their claim is that the book was spec’d out by the school system and meets the criteria specified by them. As a former U.S. History major in Secondary Education (2005) I will categorically state that high school U.S. History text books have very little substance to them and I have bemoaned their use for over 35 years. Our students are taught multi-culturalism and don’t really delve into the truth behind the outcomes in history. What we need to bring back, and I fear it’s already too late, is a good solid basic Civics class like we had in almost every grade from 7-12 until the 70s. We have so many under-educated citizens that turning the head of the beast they have created will be damn near impossible.

        • Preobrazensky

          Teacher, you are spot on! When I was attending junior high school in California back in the 50s, we had Civics as a required subject. It taught the basic facts about the workings of the federal, state, county, municipal and city/town governments. It also taught us the responsibilities of citizenship just as the scouting programs taught the values of duty, honor and country. It is absolutely astounding how far this country has degenerated since then. “Sic Transit Gloria Patri.”

          • teacher10258

            Yes, and I too am amazed and dismayed about it.

    • SickAndTired

      The same reason on one in the Gestapo put a stop to Hitler: Because they’re in on it. The real question is, why are WE doing nothing?
      Answer: Because don’t yet have the guts to throw up. Throwing up is a metaphor for civil war. It’s nasty and unpleasant, but the only way to rid our “body” of the infection from which it suffers. The longer we put it off, the worst it will be.

    • Hoodoo H

      The schools, classes and years this book was distributed and used must be reported to all, so that the unknowing parents can cleanse their children’s minds of these utter lies and blasphemy.
      May the Lord’s will be brought upon those responsible for the corruption this book has caused.

      • patriotusa2

        I hear you – and I agree. I wish somebody would do something about this. If a “mind is a terrible thing to waste,” then someone with authority should be doing something fast.

      • Guest

        I’m just curious, what would it look like for you to “boycott Islam”? Will you not be attending mosque this week or buying halal meats from your local Arab traders? Or will you just be satisfied if everyone stops mentioning that it exists and then stop pretending that it ever really affected you in the first place?

        • Hoodoo H

          To hell w boycotting, ban that sht.
          Mohammed was a Pedophile and goats fear of being violated.
          Innocent Christians are being slaughtered and mutilated by the so-called ‘RELIGEON OF PEACE’…
          more like the RELIGEON OF PIECES.


    • BigJohn39


      • Guest

        Do you wonder if maybe this is an overreaction? I mean, do you really think it’s a communist conspiracy which printed the word “proclaimed” and “was” in a textbook that kids probably aren’t really reading anyway? There’s really not much consistency in what you’re saying either as real Communists would have little use for Mohammed or Jesus either one. I’m just guessing that these authors and publishers aren’t ‘enemies of democracy’
        as you’re painting them.

    • kalamawashington

      Sometime,unfortunately, we live in a free country. “Why is this being allowed to be printed in the first place” happens because of it. The question should be “Who were the idiots on the school boards who chose this book to be the text in the first place?”
      I hope that, beyond getting these books out of the school, any member of the School Board who voted to use these books will be out of a job at the earliest possible moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • patriotusa2

        Think of all the money we could save, and the children that wouldn’t be force fed lies in their history books if these people were not permitted to falsify history. It should not be allowed.

    • Robert Hill

      Why you ask? Because the “people in power” are the ones who did it in the first place! We must understand that there are many people in power, in high places, who want to advance the cause of Islam. The average children and parents have no “power” unless they choose to exercise it. through local school boards, town meetings, etc. The local elected school board is responsible for approving or disapproving textbooks used in the district, so that is where the battle should be fought. Most school board members do not read most of the textbooks they approve, so things like this need to be pointed out to them. If they do not respond, that should be a great issue for someone running against them in the next election.

      • patriotusa2

        I know the reason why they are doing it, but I was questioning why those who could do something about it besides complain, were doing nothing. I know that this country is being run by inept, incompetent, fools, and the other half consists of ultra liberals whose political agenda is a NWO. Any school board member that doesn’t take the time to read what’s being written in textbooks, doesn’t deserve to be on the board, period. Encouraging this kind of behavior by pointing out things that they should have known in the first place, is just asking for trouble.

    • Dwight Roberts

      My thought is history should be taught in the home before they ever reach school and continued to be taught throughout school. When this nonsense of a “text” is used, the poor educator will have to do their best to sort things out. At that point, we the parents have the control. If this were done, the students would be way up on the school SYSTEM.

  • patriotforrevo


    This guy’s video on you tube has been so popular that Obama called him personally. He said he was very disturbed with the video and invited him to the White House. Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit. That’s very interesting.

    Watch it now before it’s pulled from you tube. This may be the best six minutes invested in your future. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=jeYscnFpEyA

    • lilolady

      Thanks,patriotforrevo, Great idea sending tea bags to all of our so called
      representatives, let’s make that your local city officials, county, state and the US Congress. The price of a few stamps and a box of tea bags will go further than all your blast faxes and emails combined! Become a real Patriot and let them know how many of us are out here with something harmless and yet very visible. Mike Lee from Utah said on Limbaugh this morning that our “representatives” in Washington breathe the same air every day and don’t have a clue what is going on outside of their tiny little realm. ( I totally paraphrased Senator Lee’s comments!) By the way,touching a tea bag will not harm any dedicated coffee drinkers or tea totaling mormons! This is not a new idea but hasn’t been used for a long time.

      • patriotforrevo

        Like the video says, meet in your Home, garage, bar….. get together with like minded people and be a thorn in their sides. Patriots DON’T RUN EITHER!

        • lilolady

          Have been toying with the idea. Can’t find any kind of Tea Party within 30 miles of my home. I’m going to call it the Glendale Avenue Tea Party.

          • VT Patriot

            Just don’t apply for a 503C4 exemption…

          • lilolady

            Your humor is not lost on me!! Laughing here! I can’t decide
            the time or place to meet, let alone fill out bogus paperwork.
            I know there is a FEMA Camp out there with my name on it, too.

          • patriotforrevo

            Ted Cruz told Glen Beck, “There is something really bad coming” and was hanging his head as if really troubled. I believe him! We can’t find bullets anywhere!

          • lilolady

            My son sent this to me late last night. Do a search and read ALL you find there. “Report 107-454, look it up”. Would love to hear what you and VT Patriot think of it. The name, Villar and his second name of Villarigosa is the just ousted Mayor of Los Angeles, CA. You may find other names that are familiar to you. Allow time to access all of the information.

    • teacher10258

      Haven’t seen this particular video, but it was great! I’d love to see it on television!! Has anybody heard from or seen this guy since he went to the White House? I’m sending this link to all my friends and posting it to Face Book. And, I will be sending my teabag to my non-representatives and a few others too, like Boehner.

      • patriotforrevo



  • David

    Jehovah God have mercy.

  • Swed

    Mohammed is a child molester, married a 9 year old girl. Mohammed was 600 years after Christ.
    Approximately 571AD. This book is fraud and those editing this garbage should be prosecuted.
    Islam is a disease, they were chased out of France 760AD and later Spain in the 1700’s.
    We need to expel the Islamists before they destroy America. unfortunately the progressive’s / democrats will help them only to be rewarded with loss of their heads. The traitors are always killed for good reason.

    • dstemont

      Actually, the false prophet child molester married a 6-year old girl then had sexual intercourse with her at age 9.

      • SickAndTired

        Ah… so THAT’S it. Much better, right?

      • 61Deacon64

        An dof course we can prove that…HOW!!??

        • Wrangler Rob

          By reading the Ha-diths and
          Ko-ran. None of Mo-ham-mad’s psychoses are difficult to document.

    • daves

      But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you,
      do good to them that hate you, and pray for those who despitefully use
      you, and persecute you;

      • Dead_Right

        Yes but also to take captive every thought to Christ. Islam as a belief system is pure evil. Jesus was a respecter and lover of men and women but never gave a micron on truth claims. When Jesus claimed to be the truth, he meant He is the unique identifier of God’s true nature and the path that leads to Him. Islam is just another bundled pile of sticks to be burned. It is miraculous to see any of us turn from our own form of denying God, former muslims included, and perhaps lauded more, as the threats for leaving isdamn are far more severe than say turning from being a greedy bastard to loving Christ.

  • GunFixer

    Today I believe that even the history taught to me in Public School was severely skewed and bias. Over the years, I have discovered that we were taught half truths and veiled lies. Is there a true and reputable source of History? I doubt it, we are given only what the Government considers the truth.

    • freedixie

      You are 100% correct.

    • lilolady

      What years were you being taught? You must try to find the truly old history books. From a time when history was known by everyone. No one would even attempt to change one word for fear of what would happen to them. Then, Debbs, and Dewey and the other Marxists took hold of the education system and the rest is the result of that. Been going on for nearly 100 years. The left is relentless. They keep their eye on the prize, our youth. When once was our future is now our downfall.

      • LittleRoot_48

        I was given a book by a cousin in SC, (“A History of the United States”) by John Holliday LaTane, Professor. It says “copyright 1918, 1921, 1924 and 1926.

        • lilolady

          I hope you have read it! Must have been a respected history since it was reprinted so often. Take good care of it, it must be very fragile by now. You are indeed fortunate to have such a generous cousin! What did your cousin tell you about the book?

          • lilolady

            PS Little Root, Would be fun to do a search on the Author, John Holliday La Tane and a search on the book ‘s title,too!
            I asked before if you had read it, what did you think of it?

          • LittleRoot_48

            That’s a good idea. I will do that. He was Professor of American History at Johns Hopkins University. The book was used by someone named Elizabeth Delks at Hilda High.

          • LittleRoot_48

            Actually it is in pretty good shape. I have read some, but not all of it. I am curious what the slant on the Civil War will be. I am an 8th generation native Floridian with several ancestors who fought for the Confederacy. Anyway, we found the book in an abandoned building on my cousin’s property while another cousin and I were visiting them from AL. I was looking at it and she told me if I wanted it to keep it, so I did. I haven’t gotten far in it because I keep stopping to read murder mysteries. Ha Ha. So far I like it.

  • skibberrean


    • teacher10258

      Again he is not the guilty party, this time, he is the benefactor of decades of dumbed down education and no child left behind. The whole thing has been to gradually dumb down the population to the point that as president, whoever it was, they could literally get away with murder tell the public that it was within his rights as president and nobody would know the difference. And nobody would even know where to look for the truth! “THEY” are getting away with it and once us baby-boomers die, or they kill us all off with comprehensive healthcare, they generations coming along behind us since the 70s and 80s don’t have any knowledge in the Constitution or Civics of the country.

  • jimmimac


  • pennsyltuckian

    Maybe if Christians and Jews blew up mosques they would respect us like they are afraid of the ‘peaceful’ muslims who slaughter Christians and Jews. Never see that reported by the leftist press do you.

    I personally have added bacon to the hollowpoints in my self defense supply. No 72 virgins for them if they attack me.

  • shannon853

    while it is changing history, it is with full knowledge of the teachers and they are supporting brainwashing of our children! public schools have become what a Russian leader said would happen. a take over of america by teaching the youth what they want them to learn and believe. SOCIALISM!!

  • http://steppingonshadows.com/ Stepping On Shadows

    Anything run by the Federal or State governments should be considered propaganda and dangerous. Do not trust the government.

    • Jason Mann


  • Joseph111

    yup, government funded (public) education at its finest …
    parents – you have a choice – vote with your wallet and take your kids OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOL
    as a parent, I know personally how difficult this decision can be – I made the mistake of leaving my son in public school and the result was disastorous
    now I am paying private tuition for my grand-children – I will not make that same mistake twice!
    better yet, HOMESCHOOL if you can, and if you can’t, try and support HOMESCHOOLING!

  • Moose-Shell

    Very soon, homeschooling will be outlawed. Parents will be legally and totally disengaged from their child’s education. Parents will be irrelevant, only the government will matter. Islam will be pushed as the exclusive “way of peace”, whereas Christianity will be portrayed as the sole sponsors of slavery, Indian massacres, greed, all sorts of malice, etc. Christians, it will be said, are capitalists, and capitalism produces inequality, hate, discrimination, and war. Islamosocialism is good because it lifts women, promotes equality, eliminates the income gap, educates and edifies all it comes in contact with. Remember, George Washington proclaimed the failure of Christianity and became a deist. Look out, folks – it’s coming fast.

    • Pineapple

      Home schooling is already outlawed in Germany. One family who fled to the U.S. to escape punishment for home schooling in Germany, is being deported back to Germany.

      • lilolady

        The will lose their children when they are deported. The kids will be put into foster homes. I say keep running. if ever there was political asylum granted I would say this is one case where it should be granted to them. You understand,of course, that the same point of view is headed here, hence the deportation.

  • LittleMoose

    My thought are that we should get the Federal government out of Education where they don’t have a Constitutional right to be. Education has been a States Right up to the time that the states and boards of education thought more about federal money then they did about educating our children. STOP FEDERAL FUNDING OF SCHOOLS!

    • LittleRoot_48

      We have James Carter, Peanut Man, to thank for this. Thanks to him, it will not be long before our children’s education will not be worth peanuts.

      • Daniel from TN

        It’s already worth nothing. According to the US Dept. of Education, over 60% of high school seniors now graduate totally illiterate, so illiterate they cannot point to their own name on their diploma. Some experts believe that is a conservative number: They believe the actual number is around 75%.
        Another 10 to 15% of graduates are functionally illiterate. This means they can read a few words and sometimes read a short, simple sentence, but cannot read well enough to function in the world; thus, the term functionally illiterate.
        These numbers are not the result of oversight or students slipping through the cracks. These numbers can only occur BY DESIGN. History tells us why. History teaches that a population that is illiterate is much easier to control than a population that can read. FYI – That information is available from a REAL history book.

        • savetheusa2

          The dictator regimes (communists) got rid of all the educated and highly skilled workers like in the Cambodia killing fields.

      • teacher10258

        As much as I’d like to blame Obama for this failure too, you are correct. Jimmy peanut brains, now the second worst president ever, is at fault and every president since him has done nothing to stop it or even slow it down, Control, it’s all about the control. Stupid people with no education make stupid choices and do stupid things because they believe whatever benefits them is the right choice. As Forrest Gump put it, “Stupid is as stupid does.” God Forrest was a genius.

    • teacher10258

      ba BAM!! hit the nail on the head Moose. They have no rights at all except for the almighty dollars that the states greedily suck from their coffers! Why does your school system call and ask why your child is not in school? Do they care that your child might be playing hookey? Hell NO, they just won’t get paid for having your little crumb-muncher in his seat that day!

  • jkitko

    This disinformation campaign has been going on since Woodrow Wilson’s clan taking over the Ivy league universities. Now its escalated to outright lies. We must put the brakes on case law and return to constitutional law.

  • Veteranasm

    May these communist bastards burn in hell , with mohammed !!!

  • Stagester

    Parents need to take their children out of public schools. We need to abolish the Dept. of Education and pass school choice where you live. Take the schools back.

    • Ray_Downen

      If we take the schools back, we don’t also want to take our children out of those schools. But the public schools of this nation have become so obviously bad that the time HAS come when godly parents would prefer to not have their children indoctrinated in those schools. This in spite of my personal knowledge of some Christian administrators and teachers in SOME schools. Textbooks in most schools are not good.

  • disqus_2AF1QOhOSp

    When you have a bunch of socialists teaching in our schools, this is what you get. My grandfather taught at the only high school in my hometown for 40 years, retired in 1965. The kids called him “comrade” because of his political views – and he taught US History and World History. The dem party adopted the socialist platform in the early 1940’s, so they’ve had plenty of time to make their plans to turn this country into a socialist nation through education. They’ve just become more blatant since o got into office.

    • lilolady

      Did you mean to imply that your Grand Dad was leftist leaning? After 40 years of teaching why weren’t the people in town all over his case? Or did you mean that the kids he taught found him to be a harsh task master? Often the best teachers are not appreciated until several years have passed!

      • Ray_Downen

        disqus said it was because of his political views. That’s more than implying. It’s stating.

        • lilolady

          I was trying to be nice …… it was not lost on me.

  • hookemowls

    It’s called “indoctrination” for all you low information voters on this site.

  • freedixie

    While this is justifiably upsetting parents, it is of no surprise. Our history is just not now, or recently, rewritten, but has been rewritten for 150 years. A very small percentage of Americans know our true history.

  • Shadow_58

    The parents in Florida should march into the damn schools, take all the history books like this, pile them in the middle of the school yard and burn that false trash. Then they should terminate all the so called educated scum that allowed the trash to be brought into the schools.
    Last time I checked. Public schools are owned by the tax payers.

    • Ray_Downen

      Nowadays, tax payers are not welcome in most public schools except when they’re there to applaud the “home team” at sports contests. And even then, they pay for the privilege. As for having a voice in selecting text books, it doesn’t happen. And where once, permission for particular outings was expected, nowadays often no permission slip is required. In some districts, parents are encouraged to know what is being taught to their children. In others, no encouragement at all for parental involvement. It’s the school administrators that control the content of textbooks. Teachers are told what texts they must teach from. Parents are ignored.

      • Shadow_58

        Therein lies the problem Ray. Parents, who are tax payer and the ones that pay the teachers salary, the principals salary and all the board members salaries should demand the destruction of this socialist material. They should demand the termination of the individual or individuals that authorized the materials. If not, no more tax money for the schools, home school the children and tell the establishment to go get bent. Its time the people once again take control of their tax paid establishments.

  • Maxs Lady

    Nearly 60 years ago I attended high school in a small town in Illinois. There was a town law that no black person could remain in town overnight and our school had a black janitor that had to live out of town. I questioned why Illinois being the “Land of Lincoln” who was supposed to have freed the slave would allow such a law. It took me two years of research in various libraries to learn the war was not about slavery but rather about government verses states rights. This certainly is not a new thing but just has gradually gotten worse.

    • lilolady

      The same was true in Glendale California. We had a huge contingent of
      American Nazi Party living here.

    • Pineapple

      For the truth about the so called “Civil War”, read “The South was Right” by Kennedy and Kennedy. You will learn that Lincoln was a racist, and that the war was about the “Tariff of Abominations”, not slavery. Lincoln tried to get the freed slaves to form colonies in South America. You will also learn that black land owners also owned black slaves.

      • LittleRoot_48

        That is a great book. I’ve had it on my bookshelf for many years.

    • Ray_Downen

      It was nearer 70 years ago I also attended high school in a small town in Illinois. We had a similar law. That’s not the reason the town is now dwindling away rather than prospering, but it’s a good reason why it should do so. We had no negroes working in our town. Lincoln certainly signed and promoted the Emancipation Proclamation toward the end of the war. But “the South” didn’t give up thinking non-blacks were superior to blacks for many years after the first Civil War. It begins to appear that a second Civil War may be the only way to preserve liberty for patriots now living in Obamaland.

    • Ariviste

      I have heard the thing about no black person allowed to stay in the town overnight about several towns in several states. I wonder how much is truth and how much is myth.

      • Ray_Downen

        I grew up several years in Hutsonville, Illinois, a small town on the Wabash river. I feel sure the whites who told me of the law were not making it up. I never saw it in print. I observed that no negroes ever chose to move to or even pass through that town if it could be avoided. Some of our citizens hated negroes and made no secret of it. That was nearly 70 years ago, of course.

        • Ariviste

          I heard it about a town where I used to live in Indiana, and where I used to live in Alabama. I also heard it about a town in Mississippi, and one in South Carolina. It could have been true, or not. I heard it when I was a child from my grandfather. He said there was a sign at the city limits sign. I never saw it. It might be interesting to research. I just never did.

  • Jason Mann

    “just look at our money” ??? what is that suppose to mean??? I agree this is a complete rewrite of history, especially since the so called Golden age of Islam was the most horrifying and brutal “take over” of almost any human civilization in history. But, to say America was founded on Judeo Christianity is also a complete rewrite of history. Sure, some of our forefathers were Judeo Christians, but try and explain all the eastern mystic symbols on our money as well. The fact is our Country was founded on Secular and Material principles, Free Market. A Free Market or marketplace of ideas is distinctly Greek and the later German influence of Rome in origin and 100% secular.

    • lilolady

      Well that is pretty wonderful to know. Generally speaking this Nation was founded on the Old and New Testament (hence Judeo/Christian).
      All Colleges and schools were founded on and taught from the Bible.
      Morals, mathematics, ethics, logic,Pennmanship ( which trains eye,hand, mind, sense of spacing, and flow of words) something lacking today, now that the only thing our kids share is their uncanny speed at using their thumbs. Not going to write the next great American Novel that way, now are we? Let alone read and understand the Great American Novel of yesteryear. So proud of themselves until real communication becomes essential and they have no idea how to express themselves. The new illiteracy has been born.

      • Jason Mann

        I was homeschooled by Christian parents and took Bible study as part of my curriculum. One thing my Father ( who, by the way, majored in both history and social studies) taught me well was history. Your claim that this Country was founded on Judeo Christian principles is false. You are confusing social habits with the principles of libertarian governance.

        • lilolady

          I will not argue with you, since it was your Father who gave you your instruction. He was educated in the 70’s or 80’s I presume. Have you read The Federalist Papers for yourself? De Toqueville? Bastiat? Never give up reading the exact words and thoughts of the people who lived through those times. The very oldest books are the the very best. Treasure them beyond all else now that we have kindle, many can be burned and lost forever.

          • Pineapple

            I collect books of economics, history, science,etc, because these subjects are being re-written by progressives to support their agenda. It is sad that current and future generations will be indoctrinated by the progressive parasites who have gained control of the minds of current and future generations.

          • Jason Mann

            Yes, I have not only read, but studied those and much more of our history and influence. My father was educated in the 50s and 60s, I in the 70s and 80s. In reference to the principles we were founded on…it is better we understand more precisely the things Jefferson, Madison and Mason despised in order to understand their political intentions. Almost no one gets this right as they are to busy trying to take glory for their own perverted associations.

          • Ray_Downen

            Who is this Jason thinks are “too busy trying to take glory” in connection with our founding fathers? “Perverted associations” means what? Our pioneers fought and won our liberty and thoughtfully arranged for a land of freedom for all (except the slaves few if any then possessed). Our founding documents are godly and aimed at encouraging patriotism and shared liberty. The ones who formed this nation we respect were not known to have any “perverted associations.” The same cannot be said of all current politicians.

          • Jason Mann

            The virtue that Jefferson and Madison refered to was the cause of liberty. Religion has no place in governance save to rule over the hearts and minds of men. If you do not believe Christians claim a moral superiority then you have not read the many comments posted here. By doing so they have proclaimed themselves the moral authority on governance, and in our FFs opinion and my own, no different than Islam or radical Atheism. If Unalienable Rights then all men are created equal and each pursuit of happiness unique and unindexed. If not, then our FFs were liars.and judeo christian principles the only path to any mans material happiness. So now we have made our choice, there is only Islam, Communism or Christian happiness??? Is Religion good for men on a personal and social level? Yes! Should it be proclaimed the principle on which our Government stands? Hell no! No Religion or Ideology has the right to regulate mens lives, PERIOD.

          • Ray_Downen

            I can’t guess how Hell is connected to this discussion. But I do know that the Way of Christ can be followed regardless of government. As a citizen I know that the liberty and unselfish giving which characterizes Christianity is a good model for any nation to follow. Jason is right that liberty is the goal for our government. The best citizens of a free nation should be those who also serve Jesus. No laws should exist which make it a crime to think for ourselves or to speak up with our opinions. Church attendance should surely not be a matter of law. Supporting a church should not be a matter of law. Courtesy should be expected from every citizen. Crime should be punished swiftly.

          • Ray_Downen

            Lilolady is to be commended for good sense and excellent advice!

          • lilolady

            I thank you,Sir! When I gave the advise I thought I was speaking to a much younger person. I am thinking he must be in his 30’s now and his Father nearing my age. There is a post that might have influenced Jason’s Father. Look for
            “DoYourResearch” re: examiner.com.

        • Ray_Downen

          I observe that the papers from our origin prove beyond a doubt that it was principles held by Christians and Jews which sparked the revolution and the nation then formed. Because differing sects of Christians and Jews did not have majority control, it was carefully arranged that no ONE sect could control the nation. Our forefathers were wise. We do well to learn from them. If the history taught in our schools is wrong, those who believe what they were taught will not prove to be good citizens of a land of LIBERTY.

  • Rick

    Who wrote this textbook find out what bias they have is it neutral, left, or right wing, find out who sponsor the book to become a textbook and fire the idiots that allowed this garbage into the school district when they knew it was totally garbage, this is NOT an Islam nation, never has been! Who is coming up with this garbage and where are the people that is supposed to be involved with the education of there children, check the schools, the teachers the professor out, if they are crackpots have it put in writing in the school catalog as and alternative view on things but do NOT base it as factual when it is not. Now people do you understand how an idiot became president of the USA and is NOT a natural born citizen, because people take the word of an individual they do not know as fact and don’t bother to check it out for themselves if it is true or not. Just like are media. Whatever happen to Walter Cronkite and the others that report the news as it is without Bias.

    • lilolady

      Walter Cronkite is solely responsible for our loss in Vietnam. He and all the “journalists” hated the war and did everything to undermine the war effort and to stir up hatred against all of our Drafted Servicemen among the College students, draft dodgers who ran to Canada to avoid serving, the communist rabble rousers like Jane Fonda her husband Tom Hayden who gave aid and comfort to the enemy, in North VietNam, Also, the drugged out hippies, yippies and peace freaks were dropping and dropping LSD. When Cronkite (may he burn forever) declared over the nightly new that the war was lost, our Crack Congress, tired of burning campus’, destructive demonstrations, and cries from parents and colleges that their kids education was being interrupted could not wait to defund the war. Causing millions of deaths in South Viet Nam as they were over run when we left. Ever hear of the killing fields? Years later a General in North VietNam told reporters that they could never understand why the US Forces were withdrawn when he was ready to surrender to them within three days.
      Thanks to Cronkite and those wonderful “journalists” who understood for the first time, the enormous POWER they yielded, our returning servicemen were spat upon, thrown feces in their faces, and hounded to death, not honored as warriors returning to their homes, as they deserved. Years earlier the troops came home by ships that took many days giving those returning servicemen time to catch their breath. At the time of Cronkite, they were home within hours due to the troop transport planes. They were completely blindsided by the reaction of our “citizens”. Their doped up, Free Love, strung out, Marxist leaning Countrymen. The precursor of todays Senators and Congressmen who bought into it all because it was so much fun to be a dope smoking radical.

    • Ariviste

      Walter Conkrite was a severe liberal. We just didn’t know or understand the bias in news. We expected to be told the truth and usually were. Now truth is an exception and we have become experts at detecting lies.

  • Donald DeCamp

    We are being destroyed from wthin and unless more of us wake up and do something about it, it will soon be too late.
    So many of our young people are being propagandized instead of educated and the rest don’t get ecucated at all

  • TheTexasCooke

    United States Constitution

    Amendment 1. Freedom OF religion, Press, Expression

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    This seems like the perfect issue…and the one the founders foresaw….and addressed. Now take those in rebellion against our Constitution out of office!

  • jenniewalsh

    It is way past time for parents to take their children OUT of public “education” (communist indoctrination and morality corruption centers). There is fine and FREE online education at KhanAcademy.com.

  • jenniewalsh

    DEFUND public education and ABOLISH the Department of Education. Save some money and save our children’s minds and futures.

  • Kaitty

    This book must be removed from all schools now!

  • flasho

    If there was ever a reason to declare actions like these a “deliberate conspiracy”, this is it!!!

  • Carlos

    Text books are written to sell, to the people that buy them. Liberal educators. The truth is not even a consideration. Write a book the liberals like, and they’ll buy it our tax dollars. then spoon their bull$hit to our kids. Anybody that willingly sends their kids to public school, is fool.

  • DoYourResearch
  • f8tule

    Wake up America.. God said this would happen. I guess he was correct as always and that just a few fight while the masses do nothing.. Folks, it will be like the Chornicles of Riddick soon… you either accept Islam or die… INFIDELS.. .

    God has your back and there is still time.. Where are you going, Heaven or Hell?? it is your choice after all..

    I still say Welcome to the USSA United Socialist States of America… for the “silent majority” remains silent

  • gmalarki

    No matter how bizarre things get in the Soviet Socialist Peoples Republic of BushObamaland, they seem to get even more bizarre by the day.

    The Islamization of the teaching of history is interesting in that it was probably done by atheists and secularists who have a fanatical hatred for Christianity even though everything they dislike about Christianity is 10 times worse in Islam. Try to imagine Jane Fonda or Gloria Steinem agreeing to wear a burka the rest of their lives.

    I am a Roman Catholic who is more convinced every day that “our separated brethren” need to do like members of my church and give up on the public schools and start their own schools. The ultimate purpose of public education is to teach state worship and leader worship in violation of the First Commandment. And, to dumb down education so the students lack the tools to think for themselves by NOT teaching them logic, grammar, and rhetoric..

    • shoemama

      Don’t link Bush and Obama. They are polar opposites. You may not like Bush, but he loves America. I was never afraid for our nation under either Democrat or Republican. Now I am! Obama and his handlers are a “class” by themselves!

  • Ranchman

    Read Joel Richardson’s book “The Islamic Anti-Christ” for some eye opening information on the end times. He uses Biblical prophecy along with his extensive knowledge of the muslim “religion” and his many ties to the muslim world to weave a portrait of truth; that Mohammed was no divinely inspired prophet, that allah is no god, and that Armageddon and all last day’s battles will be fought between islam and the rest of the world. Islam is of its father, the devil. But, as Christians, we should (and must be) prepared to meet the enemies of God head on, especially if it’s on our own city streets and in our own neighborhoods. America will not be easily defeated, if at all. We just need to start reminding ourselves of that fact.

    • Ray_Downen

      Patriots of the U.S.A. may need to rebel against Obamaland in order to preserve the way of life citizens of the U.S.A. have long enjoyed. Some have high hopes of the election in 2014, perhaps just dreaming of what might happen. Obama is raising a large war chest in order to “buy” votes in 2014 from citizens who don’t have any better judgment than half of us did in 2012. If it should be that “we” win in 2014, they may be hope for the nation with majorities in both the Senate and House to pass bills aimed at restoring the nation to health despite the Obama White House. If we do not win in 2014, what hope is there for the U.S.A.? I feel it will be necessary for patriots to secede from Obamaland at whatever it costs us.

      • shoemama

        The problem is that Patriots and Obamanuts are all mixed together in this nation. Where would we draw the line?

        • Ray_Downen

          The “line” will be drawn by individuals who either move to the new nation or who move out of it in order to take sides with Obama and Islam. Until the choice is offered us, we do well to not broadcast our feelings.

          • shoemama

            I meant where is the physical area going to be? Texas, Georgia and Florida? I don’t really want to move away from my state even if most of it is blue. Although
            I suppose that NO place will feel like home if life gets that bad.
            I’m still praying that God allows us to take back this whole nation!

          • Ray_Downen

            Of course none of us want to move. We do however want our state to reject Obama and his attacks on us Christians. If things become so bad in Obamaland that a new nation is essential for survival, then it will become apparent where the new nation will be located. Meanwhile any plans must be “secret” if secession is to happen. I was born in Texas. I want Texas to remain free instead of in bondage to Obama. I live in Missouri. I want Missouri to remain free. Who knows what will have to happen in order for the ideals of the founders of the U.S.A. to continue in our lifetime? One thing for sure is that Obama and his party must be ousted.

  • Joseph

    As a former history teacher, I can tell you I rejected scores of books because if their obvious slant against true history. The two reasons for this is quite simply California and Texas. Those two states buy approved books for all the state districts so publishers (of which threaten now very few) will rewrite them if either those states won’t buy them. The history that was taught just 20 yrs ago no longer exists. Between liberalism and revisionist history writers what has been fact for over 100 years now is no where to be found. Our way of life,important historical documents and even our reasons and outcomes from the various wars throughout history have been compromised and rewritten to be inclusive of information that is totally false. Even the interpretations of our Constitution and Declaration of independence have been stabilize and made PC so much as that the true meanings are lost on students. Our founding fathers are labeled as realms and terrorists. Being placed in the same category with Stalin and Hitler. Even the congressional record of the debates leading to the adoption of our constitution has been summarized out of reality. No longer are the federal papers being used to show the debates about whY our country is the way it is being used. Teachers now have NO life experience. They went from school to college to teaching without even the minimum grasp of what they are teaching. I was raised to question everything and I did. Unfortunately todays teachers don’t question anything. They use whatever book they have and co time the endless cycle of stupidity that they themselves were lead to believe. Want to change it? Its easy. Take politics and political correctness out of the education system. Demand that district refuse to get the federal government dictate what they believe should be taught. Parents! Take responsibility for your children education and realize that it begins with you. Make your child question falsehoods. Show them that the teacher is NOT the fountain if all that us true and correct. Demand that teachers teach facts not take a published book as gospel.
    I once Sat in on a classroom when I first started going to college to become a teacher. This was in a high school. To my amazement, the teacher was teaching a lesson on how the use if airplanes allowed the union to defeat the confederacy during the civil war! I was shocked!!! Unfortunately this teacher went on to become a superintendent of another school district and he was never held accountable because his principal was his uncle. Good teachers leave teaching because they realizes education isn’t about students anymore its about money and moving up into higher positions and making more money. Students don’t matter and neither does the truth and historical fact. All of that just gets in the way of that the teacher making the principle and superintendent look good. If the teacher cares more about student learning and moving accurate information they end up bouncing from school to school from district to district because they are perceived as not being a “TEAM” player.

    • Ariviste

      There is a lot of truth in what you say Good teachers stay in the classroom and teach because they don’t have the politics to move up. Many of the poorer teachers move on to the county and state level because they couldn’t cut it in the classroom. Teacher of the Year is a popularity contest, not a statement of a good teacher. Teachers nominate themselves and their friends. I never knew one who was a superior teacher.

    • shoemama

      And now they “teach to the test” so that if something ISN’T on the test , they don’t even try to teach it.

  • AbleAmerican1

    http://www.stopcommoncorenow.com..This “book” is JUST the “TIP OF THE COMMON CORE” agenda to re-educate our K-12 kids into becoming “cybernots’ for the ‘collective’ that Obama has indicated is the BEST FUTURE for them to be PROGRESSIVE contributors to the goal of the destruction of our country..”Data Mining” the ‘PROGRAMMING’ our kids will & ARE being subjected to accumulating in the newly constructed ‘hub’ center just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah..along with the NSA ‘survellence’ (sp) from our own personal ‘monitoring’ they’re GATHERING in direct opposition to our 4th. Amendment..It’s ALL a means to ‘grease’ the runway to America’s demise..

    • lilolady

      Thank You for this source! This is a “Must See”, “Need to know”! We have so much to combat! The mind control is going rampant and real thinking people may even fall for some of it because the programming is being conducted by Pavlovian Psychiatric Behaviorists. We are in for quite a ride ……..

  • domtoni

    Who writes and approves this stuff? That is what is scary.

    • lilolady

      See AbleAmerican right below. Take heed!

  • http://newworldisland.blogspot.com/ Arnoldr

    This junk is feeding the home school movement which has accelerated over the past decade. When it gets to a certain point, if the government allows the trend to continue, then they’ll be real competition, real personal choice. Private schools are flourishing too, but the average American can’t afford that so homeschooling is the solution until the liberal education establishment is put out to pasture.

    • Ray_Downen

      What a pity that tax dollars are paying for what is now being taught in all public schools in this nation. The history is propaganda rather than facts. The “science” is based on attacks on God and His creation. The worst teachers are paid the most. Good teachers of truth are not wanted in our public schools. Drastic changes are needed. Can anything be done less than the drastic step of forming a new nation to uphold the principles which were held by this nation until Obama? Have we surrendered to the Muslim who now controls our armed forces? Has this in truth become Obamaland? He thinks so. — Ray Downen. missionoutreach.org.

    • Ariviste

      Home schooling requires parents who are themselves educated, and usually one parent has to stay at home. When home schooling is done well, it is a very good thing. When it is not, it is a disaster. I spent many afternoons after school trying to catch children up to grade level when they had gotten little education being home schooled. In many cases if the child did not want to have school, and had a tantrum about it, they didn’t have to do school work. Home schooling is not always a bed of roses. If done properly it is a lot of work.

      • lilolady

        There are groups of Home schoolers in California who help one another with the subjects they are not up on. Then there are field trips where group instruction is a part of the program. These seem to take the snark out of some of the children,and the peer pressure helps the teacher a lot,too. And gives the stay at home teacher some much needed relief and a kid the chance to see that bad behavior is not necessarily a part of being home schooled. It is definitely not a bed of roses. And time off for the kids is a must.
        In a good home the learning never stops, baking bread teaches science, and smells and tastes so good with plenty of butter on it.
        Didn’t even know that they just had a lesson ……

        • Ariviste

          These Home Schoolers have hit upon some great ideas. The group trips also give the kids some time with their peers which many of them miss when they are home schooled. Everyone has his strengths and weaknesses and they are using their strengths to the maximum for the benefit of their children. Good for them.

      • http://newworldisland.blogspot.com/ Arnoldr

        Well of course the parents must be dedicated and responsible, just as teachers must be dedicated and responsible, and that is one of the main problems throughout America today. We’d rather stand back and watch the kids grow up as we concentrated on who’s the favorite idol while the kids did whatever..

  • lauraj

    I do not understand why it took someone 3 years to discover what their children were being taught. Parents have an absolute responsibility to oversee everything that their kids are taught by anyone. Abdicating this role is what is allowing the government the foothold that they currently enjoy.
    Until the parents hold their school boards (the ones who authorize which book to use) accountable, it will only get worse.

    • Ariviste

      When I was teaching there was always a period of time, usually 2 or more weeks, when parents could come into our school and review the text books the county was proposing for adoption. They could spend as long as they wanted looking through all the books. Teachers did the same. No a lot of parents came to review the books. All the teachers were required to review them. I’m not sure if that is still done. If not, it should be.

  • marineh2ominer

    People should be IMPRISONED for this crime , just to insure it STOPS . We are and always have been a CHRISTIAN nation , generous enough to allow ALL religions to share our country . The muslims on the other hand have ALWAYS been murderous butchers who have NEVER been peacefully accepted by any country , and in fact , the new world was discovered as Europe , Spain Italy and even England were looking for new ways to finance the ongoing battle against Islam . And a couple hundred years later even America fought them giving the United States Marines hymn verse recalling the shores of Tripoli .

  • Henry

    Is this crap being pushed by the liberal, freedom hating teachers unions, so their adored one can be their master?

    • lilolady

      This is an extension of what the teachers themselves were taught. First things first. Dumb them down to enable them to teach later generations even more dumbed down to enable the complete take over coming soon.
      All the present children and adults require re-education upon graduation from High School and College, no fault of their own.

      • shoemama

        When I was in college in the 60s, I used to shake my head at what my roommates in Education were learning. Everything was dumbed down. (It was the degree you could get even if you couldn’t hack any other program.) My University poured out thousands of teachers.( too many….we were baby boomers and the next generations were much smaller. Something that should have been obvious but…..oh well.)
        I DON”T believe that teachers are dumber….just less well educated. They were being taught that the type of education that had worked for a couple hundred years, was now being replaced by a more touchy, feel-ly, suggestion, type of teaching. Absolute right and wrong was OUT. Discipline was OUT. Persuasion was IN. (this was the time of movies like LOVE STORY and THE GRADUATE…..need I say more?)
        My future husband and I took a Psychology course and disagreed with almost everything we were taught. This was a public University. I had grown up with a private Christian Education and my fiance had gone to Parochial Schools. We had by far, better educations than most of our cohorts.
        That was almost 2 generations ago. Look where we are now: a 60s redundancy!
        PS: don’t scream at me, teachers, the tough part of your work was in the classrooms. Especially after the kids found out they could get away with so much. Remember their parents were indoctrinated into this mooshy type of undiscipline, too!

        • lilolady

          Yes, we used to laugh at those who were attending the “Teachers Colleges”. To be taught to teach not to impart knowledge you learned after four to six years of two majors and one or two minors as a Master or Batchelor!

  • William

    Islam is a great lie, from the very first. It is less of a religion as a revolutionary manifesto. Mohammad wrote into his “Koran” the antithesis of everything he learned about Christianity. The Christian God is three Persons, so Allah is one. There is no Son, so there is no resurrection. Christianity teaches dignity to every human, Islam only confers dignity to believing men, everyone else are either women, slaves or unbelievers, thus have no hope of heaven. Islam is garbage from start to finish.

    Christians, take your kids out of public school! They are indoctrination centers now and they will destroy their spirits and mal-educate them as well.

  • Larry Larson

    You don’t want to know my thoughts on this, it would severely violate the posting policy, I’ll just say it is more indoctrination from the liberals and this administration. It is a two faced dispicable lie and cannot be allowed to continued for one more day. If my children were still attending public school, I would disenroll them immediately and enroll them into private christian school so they can learn the truths we as parents have taught them about the history of our nation and our great God and creator.

  • TeaParty Patriot (TTP)

    Liberal regressives have been rewriting history ever since they learned to read. I was raised during the depression and my father worked on newspapers. When he saw what the history books that I was supposed to be studying he literally laughed at the distortions the liberals had made to the facts of the depression in their attempts to justify FDRs big government spending. If you want to see some of the distortions for yourself go back to look at the actual newspaper articles of the day and compare them to what current books regard as “facts” Even better go back to news article of WWI and compare it to the interpretation of current textbooks.

  • DonRS

    On the face of it, this is simply outrageous.
    Prentice Hall, the publisher, deserves criticism. However, the real criticism should go to the authors AND those in the Florida (and any other) school system that adopted the book.

  • SickAndTired

    Would you leave your child with any other complete stranger? No. Then why leave them at a public school for more hours of their lives than they spend with you? If you knew your kid were going to be killed by a complete stranger in a public school, would it be worth it then to make a few sacrifices and home school? How about if they were only going to be raped? How about if they were only going to be spiritually and psychologically turned against you, their minds turned into something that you previously would have fought and died if necessary to reject? Once your child’s school career is over, their minds will have been shaped and formed. At that point, it’s too late to say “Had I known the school would turn her into a communist, I’d have home schooled.” My family – we struggle, we suffer, we scramble for our mortgage and groceries, we sacrifice, we HOME SCHOOL!

    • lilolady

      The struggle is what makes you all stronger, thus preparing you for whatever this world can throw at you. Remember your children may be some of the many we will need to undo all that has been done to this Nation. It will take years and the clear thinking minds that have been home schooled. Most kids are well behaved, polite and kind; a tribute to you, the parents, and the people they will be dealing with will require a great deal of firm patience and guidance, since they will have no understanding of dealing with problem solving. Good luck and God Bless.

  • Ariviste

    Parents should be checking their children’s text books to see what they are being taught. Fifteen to twenty years ago children were being taught things in history that were inaccurate or even untruthful. I used to tell the kids I taught: “This is what your book says about this. Now I will tell you how it really happened.” I never had a problem with parents backing me on this. This was on events that I had lived through and knew what happened. As time progressed, inaccuracies changed to total distortions and if I were teaching now I would probably get into trouble teaching something that was not in the text books. I am retired now and glad of it.

  • Ilene

    Publishers paid big bucks to pro-Muslim people to rewrite history books. BAN THOSE BOOKS!

  • John

    I wouldn’t dare write what I really feel. Liable to be arrested by the government at some level or other. Sad state of affairs in the USA, these days. Being 73, I don’t have to worry except for the death panels. But they will have to take me away, and definitely, there will be a fight.

  • ansonheath

    Homeschool or die!

  • jhforsythe

    This is disgusting! Why do the fools who selected this trash still have a job?

  • rosewood11

    In 1968, my family and I moved to Flint, Michigan where I languished for the last two years of high school at what was then called Southwestern Community High School. I immediately noticed the difference in my American History text–nothing before 1878. In my senior year, I took a class called “Socio-Economic Problems” which didn’t go over well with me even then. Additionally, there was no government class offered, and I was told if I wanted it, I would have to get it outside of the Flint Public Schools. (I told my “guidance counselor” that I’d just as soon take all of my classes outside of the Flint Public Schools!!!) These schools were the product of Charles Stuart Mott, and his family has continued his work of destroying American education to this day. School systems across the country are constantly sending their representatives to Flint to see what a wonderful school system they have–or at least they were until Flint became nearly as miserable a town as Detroit. Considering that the Progressives were as far along as they were in Flint in 1968 over 40 years ago, why are we surprised that they can publish and disseminate a statement that Jesus Christ endorsed mohammed as a valid prophet–a physical impossibility since Jesus lived over 500 years before mohammed–and do so with a straight face.

  • headhunter

    what do I think? I think that books that are being taught to our children need to be vetted by parents whose children will be taught from these books. my daughter is in community college, and attempted to take a class this summer. her instructor informed her that “a fact is anything that anyone wishes to claim, and that it is the rest of the world who must prove or disprove that claim, but until it is disproven, it is a fact.” early European history claims that the world was flat, does that claim mean that the world was indeed flat? the claims of this history book are not facts, but are instead claims made by (instructors) yuk yuk chuckle chuckle. if these instructors were indeed the teachers they claim to be, they would be teaching our young people how to go out and find the truth for themselves. read books, lots of them, and not just the ones that you agree with

  • Texas Woman

    Patriots are drama queens at best. Blatant liars at the worst. I want to see the book myself rather take the word of some hysterical tool with an agenda.

    • shoemama

      Checking it out for yourself is what you should be doing. I don’t think anyone here disagrees with you. (um…maybe one, I do see the down allow!)

  • Randy131

    Being an old man, I like to look back nostalgically on things I was educated on, and being a Christian, that included the teachings of the Bible and it’s prophecies. As all Christians know, or should know, the Bible prophesies a ‘One World Religion’ that will herald in the AntiChrist as the head of a ‘One World Government’, that will persecute Christians and Jews, leading to their deaths, many times using the method of beheadings in doing so. Being raised in a Christian nation, as a youth I found this hard to believe, for it seemed Christianity ruled everything here in the USA, which was the most powerful nation on Earth. But as I’ve grown older, but still seek knowledge daily, I’ve found that there is only one religion on Earth that seeks this world’s domination (as does Satan), and that is Islam. As I’ve looked into, and have read parts of the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, I’ve found that it mandates to all Muslims that they convert all ‘Kaffirs’ (unbelievers or people of other religions) to Islam, or if the ‘Kaffirs’ refuse to convert, then they are ordered to kill them. Muslims claim that we all worship the same GOD, only Jews are too stubborn, and Christians too weak, to fulfill GOD’s (Allah) precepts and win salvation of everlasting life in Heaven, and only Muslims, abiding by the Islamic faith, are strong and obedient enough to succeed in pleasing Allah and winning their salvation. After having read parts of the Qur’an, I decided the GOD of Islam is not the same GOD of the Bible or Torah, and since I was taught that there is only ‘ONE TRUE GOD’, I came to the conclusion that Allah is a false god, and because of Islam’s goals, probably Satan himself. Now if you think all this is false and just a fantasy of mine, then look at Obama celebrating every and all Islamic religious holidays in the White House, but won’t celebrate our ‘Christian National Prayer Day’. You can read every day another new article about Obama’s order of persecution of Christians in our military, especially our Chaplains, whose hands Obama has ordered to be tied when it comes to proselytizing to our troops in Jesus’ name. There are articles proclaiming the litmus test of our senior ranking officers, that if they are told by the Commander-in-Chief to fire on American citizens, will they obey and order the troops under them to do so, and when they say they would decline to do so, they are ordered to retire. This article is about the teaching of Islamic supremacy here in the USA to our high school children, but if you have been able to follow news in Europe, since our media today refuses to report on it, you’d know that this supremacy of Islam has advanced much further there than here in the USA, and the Muslims have already started beheading Christians in England, and also a Bishop in Syria. If you can’t see the Biblical Prophecies starting to come to past, then you’re very unperceptive, or just plain ignorant. If all this doesn’t scare you, then you’re either very brave, or clueless as to what is actually happening in today’s society. Either way, you have now been forewarned, do with it as you please.

    • lilolady

      Very well said and every word is true. I salute you.

    • shoemama

      I agree.

  • zippitydooda

    I have some concerns, and questions to throw out here….My small New England town’s school district just passed a property tax override ( increase) to specifically fund more educational hires/programs. I can state that we were a mostly conservative town till gentrification brought in more well-to-do libs from the cities and suburbs of Boston over the last 10 years. We seem to have a high turnover rate of administrators in the schools, which , by itself, is disturbing. Now that they have extra money In the coffers, they are going crazy with administrative and supervisory hires rather than the extra teachers we need to decrease teacher to student ratios, which are mostly 25-30 in a classroom now. One hire leaves me with lingering questions. The New Superintendent now has an Ass’t Super of Teaching and Learning. The woman has much prior experience in Larger (depressed/lower income cities) working with the common core system. I remember reading on conservative sites about how some of these “common core” curriculums are employing revisionist U.S. History, while glorifying all that is Islam, as was stated in this piece. Can anyone who might have had prior experiences with scenarios like this please offer some suggestions on how to gather info from the powers that be in my town, without attracting attention that we are mining for info and suspicious? I have a fear that they are going for a full court press in our district to try to further indoctrinate our kids, as a way to win over the hearts and minds of the patents to vote in more tax increases, inflate the rolls of the unions, and add to bigger local and state government.. Is this all s-l-o-w-l-y- building a foothold to fulfill the grand agenda? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • shoemama

      I’ll pray for you!

  • Oneyeopn

    Wrong Wrong Wrong……the crusades are coming back……only our government has already been taken over and is now helping to turn us all muslim!!

    • Ray_Downen

      Some hope for helpful changes after the 2014 election. But that’s not guaranteed. Obama has won every election so far, by fair means or foul. If he wins again in 2014, it seems possible that patriots will be forced to secede from Obamaland. We had high hopes in 2012 and yet lost. As we prepare for 2014 elections, we’d better also plan for what happens if we fail again.

  • Stop the Madness!

    This is all part of God’s plan to establish the end times events. We may disagree with it, but there is little we can do about it, as it must occur in order for the tribulation events to take place. God is setting the scene for the trib. and we Christians should be seeking to point as many as we can to Christ before the rapture.

    • Ray_Downen

      The commission given to the apostles and obviously passed on by them to all disciples of Jesus was for us to carry with us everywhere we go the message about Jesus and His offer of salvation, and then to baptize into Christ those who believed the true facts presented by us. The commission hasn’t changed. People can still turn to Jesus as Lord and save themselves from eternal destruction. Wise people will obey the gospel. There are enemies of Jesus in the world. They will seek to destroy both Jews and Christians and all non-believers in their god. We will nonetheless obey what Jesus calls us to do. And we will love even our enemies,

      • shoemama

        We might not have realized it before, but we as parents have to make SURE we teach our CHILDREN that what others (even teachers) say, or books relate, the TRUTH might be different than what they’ve heard at school.
        We can’t all Home School, or have private Christian Education, but we CAN BE VIGILANT!
        I was fortunate to have had a wonderful Christian Education System of schools to go to. My children also, learned through the same private, parent controlled, church affiliated system. I really pray for them now, that they can continue their mission!

        • Ray_Downen

          How blessed are those who are able to send their children to a Christian school. And how right this mama is in pointing out that we need to encourage everyone of any age to weigh what they read or hear and not to automatically believe it.

  • kktex12

    This perversion of history is a textbook for the core program of socalled education.

  • Francie26

    This makes me so mad I want to spit tears!! Three years of students learning lies. How do you make up for something like that? How do you change what they know now? And students always think, if it’s in the book, it’s true. They never question the actual written word. Who made the choice to change our American history? Those people should be strung up. They are messing with the minds and hearts of American children. I am a retired English professor, and I would never have taught these lies. Never!!

  • Ann

    This is the new Common Core education program that is the top down education. Its starting here in California and we are horrified of the program. Plus they the state will be collecting 400 data points of the students including their health and medical records, parents political affiliation, voting status income range and more. Look it up Common Core.

    • lilolady

      Someone here has posted a website that explains Common Core.
      Search for it here. The site is well marked in red below. I am so glad they included it so more can see what is in store for us. It is all a part of The UN Agenda 21, NWO. In other words, bring the US down to the level of a third world county seize property, farm and water lands, relocate all into small apartments near to shopping and public transportation remove all autos and roadways (pollution will be the excuse, control over us is the reality).

  • James Kraemer

    I don’t understand what the problem is. Jesus did “proclaim” himself to be the Messiah. Muhammad was a prophet (ie, “one who is claimed [correctly or incorrectly] to have had contact with a divine being”). You can’t write, Muhammad was a prophet, but Jesus WAS the Messiah. One is an objective fact; the other is a belief (and we shouldn’t be writing our textbooks based on religious convictions). Also, how was our nation “undeniably founded on Judeo-Christian values[?]” Some of the “founding fathers” were Christians, and others weren’t. Christianity is not written into the Constitution. I would also like to see the exact language of the 36 pages “dedicated” to Islam. Is the entire chapter a breakdown of the tenets of Islam, including a history of its development? If that’s the case, then it is very suspicious, and I think it is wrong. But I suspect that Prentice Hall would not print 36 pages of a history book that is solely devoted to one religion, and entirely neglect all others. Obviously that’s just a hunch I have, but as Carl Sagan once said: extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

    • lilolady

      You can read it for yourself if you just Google it. There is no need to remain skeptical in this day and age of kindle. You can print out any book you like, or just certain pages if that suits your fancy. Get back to us and let us know what you found, won’t you?

      • James Kraemer

        I tried to find the actual text of the book, but it is only available to purchase at $85+ and it is not on Kindle. I can’t say for sure, then, that the 36 pages are not devoted to Islam to the exclusion of all other religions. I would like to point out, though, that Todd Starns, and to a lesser extent, the author of this article (Carly Hill), are the ones making the “extraordinary claim.” I am simply asking for more evidence from the ones making the claim. I tried to obtain evidence myself, but I am not willing to spend $85 on this book. Furthermore, there is only one real ‘claim’ being made here: that there are 36 pages “dedicated” to Islam, the religion. The rest of the issues are actually uncontroversial statements of fact: first, that there are no ‘chapters’ in the book on Christianity or Judaism (or, presumably, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.). [That would only be a problem if there actually were an entire chapter devoted to Islam as a religion (but “Muslim Civilizations” does not sound like a chapter devoted to the teachings or tenets of a religion)]. Second, that a certain group of people “happily accepted Islam as their way of life.” [I would like more context to see the controversiality of that statement (which people? at what point did they accept Islam?)]. Third, that the authors (Elisabeth Ellis and Anthony Esler) describe Jesus as “proclaim[ing]” himself to be the Messiah, yet matter-of-factly state that Muhammad “was” a prophet. [I argued against the controversiality of this in my first comment]. Fourth, that the authors describe some Christian battles (battles fought entirely by Christians?) as “massacres,” while describing Muslim battles (?) as “takeovers.” [These quotes are necessarily taken out of context. I don’t expect the entire text of the book to be reprinted, or even the subsection of the chapter, but I think it’s better to be provided with a larger description of the ‘battles’ (perhaps, the nature of these ‘battles,’ as well as the actual or implied definition of ‘takeover’ as used in the book)]. One my biggest questions is: what about the descriptions used in the book was “inaccurate?” Although this is hardly evidence of anything to the contrary, Susan Aspey, a “spokeswoman for Pearson, the publisher,” has stated that Pearson conducted a review of the book (after hearing these claims) and concluded that “there is balanced attention given to the beliefs of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.” Obviously, I can’t point to that statement as undeniable proof of anything here because it’s coming from the same people who published the book. I can only use circumstantial evidence to support my skepticism. For example, the authors of the book don’t seem too Islamo-centric in their areas of expertise: http://www.pearsonschool.com/index.cfm?locator=PS1xP9&PMDBSUBCATEGORYID=&PMDBSITEID=2781&PMDBSUBSOLUTIONID=&PMDBSOLUTIONID=6724&PMDBSUBJECTAREAID=&PMDBCATEGORYID=815&PMDbProgramID=109741&elementType=asset&elementID=Authors. That’s about it. I apologize for not bringing any hard textual evidence to the table, but maybe someone in possession of the book (Todd Starns?) can elaborate more on the claim.

  • awkingsley

    We now have a Communist country. Muslims, the Jihadist terrorists receive anything they want from our government, and tax payers are being required to pay for what the Muslims want, including ObamaCare. http://victoriajackson.com/9481/muslims-get-preferential-treatment

  • Susan

    John Dewey was a socialist (father of modern education) and he destroyed American Education. His best buddies were Fabian Socialists (the homosexual John Maynard Keynes who single-handedly destroyed England and their higher education with a little help from Harvard and his orgy friends.)

    Google Sugar Keynes at Harvard. Sick, degenerate, elites who went after little boys!

    Even Socrates knew that if you destroy Virtue in children—-you will be unable to have a “Free” Republic.

    Dr. Counts/Dr. Ruggs wrote many textbooks in the 30’s—they were hard core Marxists.

    Marxists get control of education of the children FIRST when they infiltrate—and they started mass infiltration in the 30’s in the USA–earlier in Europe —-marching through every institution. They have had total control of the minds of the last generation if in public schools and watching TV —all perceptions (and the facade of “Conservatives” like John McCain) are part of the “Hegelian Dialectic”—which is needed to force a fundamental transformation………they are literally erasing God and Christianity from our culture—and forcing in pagan/Satanic/muslim/homosexual Ethics—–to completely flip Good and Evil—–which will destroy Reason and Logic and Morality in children….Up is Down. Promotion of homosexuality removes Truth and Natural Law Theory—the basis of our Constitution—there is no “Right” to something so vile and unnatural and “learned” as anal sex. All homosexual cultures like the Samurai, Spartans, today’s Afghanistan—prefer the boys for sex….it is the immature fixation which occurs from child abuse.

    We need to return to “Rights” from God and get GOVERNMENT OUT of education (like JS Mill stated was necessary). We have indoctrination—not “education”. By throwing out the Classics and all Traditions—they destroy the understanding of History in children. Children can not understand anything without total comprehension of History. They will be dupes to whoever is in power cause they won’t be able to “think” critically. It is why John Dewey dumbed down the curricula—-to make useful idiots who can be killed off when they are no longer worth anything to the government.

  • Lexington

    Publisher should be blacklisted from further contracts consideration …
    Parents and taxpayers must INSIST on this – Sanctions must have TEETH – not merely wagging tongues…

  • DE Navarro

    First of all, I inspect every one of my children’s text books every year – so had my children gone to this school, they would not have gotten away with it even one year with me.

    Second, I take personal responsibility to sit down and teach my children the truth about the liberal spin in education how they glorify socialism, communism and are anti-Christianity and to beware.

    Third, I provide many very good and patriotic books that have long been relied on for their accurate presentation of history, they are in our home library and we read these books together.

    Fourth, when I find obvious thematic spins and distortions in their social studies and history books (which is where you will find most of the early liberal spin) I sit down and teach them to recognize the spin, why it is a spin, what the truth is, and how they distorted it. My kids are very smart in these matters now.

    Fifth, I tell the kids to answer the test questions according to what the teachers and test makers want according to the text books. I have taught them that the tests are designed to examine their understanding of the text book and material presented, not a statement regarding what they know, understand and believe. So they know that they are not lying or compromising by giving the answers the tests expect according to the material presented to them. It is not a test on what is true or not, it is a test on comprehension of the material presented.

    I do endeavor to confront educators and school boards when I can, but this is NOT where we will win the battle — we win the battle by teaching our kids the truth and equipping them to prevail in society.

    [Note to you blowhards who think the fifth point is a compromise — get off your self-righteous horses and recognize reality — read it slowly again and think it through — my kids, if tested on what they believe or asked to give their opinions will state the truth and stand on it with integrity — they fully understand that giving the academic test answers expected in class is only an indication of their ability to regurgitate the information as presented in the text book – wrong or right. So get off it.]

  • McDonald

    This is what happens when the liberals loose elections so they infiltrate our institutions and begin rewriting history so that our children grow up fully indoctrinated with liberal bullshit. Amnesty and education will eventually lead to a fundamental change of values in America by changing the face of the electorate. Unless we stop it now.

  • raccman

    And no one really seems to care ! Recall the book and return them to the publisher for starters. Then find out who approved the book for use in schools and WHY. WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!

  • raccman

    Florida ? competing with Caleefornya for the Stupid Award !

    • lilolady

      California has been hit by the stoopid stick in more ways than one! We have proudly claimed that prize as a badge of honor. Sarcasm intended.
      Texas has the reputation of having the largest Text Book Publishing Co. in the country. What goes there?

  • pport

    There is a group that is still publishing good and accurate history books. They have a large library of original source books and write the textbooks from the original books. They are in Chesapeake, Virginia and are called the Foundation for American Christian Education. (F.A.C.E.). Many people buy their books to learn correct history themselves or to their children. Many homeschool families use them for history.

  • mperkins2

    This should prove to everyone the deception that these Muslims practice. They have wormed their way into our government all the way up to the presidency. They are in places of power that no person who believes this kind of garbage should be. They are writing our nations laws on security and telling our government what we can say or do about Muslims. This rewriting of our history goes right along with the process of taking over a country. The removing of God and His Son Jesus Christ from our history and replacing it with this false religion, which is actually an outline for governing, is putting all Americans under the wrath of the true God for worshiping a false god. These people are the most dangerous immigrants to ever darken the doors of our country. They all need to be immediately removed from any office they hold and tried as spies and put to death. These people should be the first to go in an effort to clean up this country and then work on getting the rest of the illegals out of here so we can repair the damage the have done here. Until the Muslim in Chief is removed from office this problem will only continue to get worse. All anyone has to do is look at all of the other countries where they have moved into in large numbers and they can see what is coming for America. God Bless America, and help us defeat our enemies, who are also His enemies.

  • OldNorthState

    Once, long ago, when I was complaining about some “ill” in my own life (and apparently kept complaining about it), my Dad – a “man’s man” and compassionate real-life hero who passed on last year, to my extreme grief, simply but profoundly said,
    “When it get’s bad enough, maybe you’ll do something about it.”
    As a country and culture, isn’t this about where we find ourselves, today?

  • thruthefire

    Every time I read about one of these flagrant abuses of Christians and/or others, I contact the persons responsible. Just reading about it and posting on these sites isn’t enough. We have to make contact with the ones who are accountable for these acts.

  • drikk

    When Barbary was capturing and ransoming American citizens, or else selling them into slavery, and a substantial portion of the federal treasury was going to either pay ransom or else to pay “tribute” (aka bribery to the pirates to not attack and plunder ships flying our flag), Jefferson oversaw a huge national effort to have issues of the Koran published and widely read, that Americans would better know and appropriately fear the enemies of our country.
    Not selected exerpts.
    The whole book.
    Jefferson had confidence in the American citizen being able to recognize the threat therin to freedom and liberty.
    Laughable that revisionist history is now painting a picture that the Koran amoung Jefferson’s personal effects after he died was there because he”valued” the book. It was there because he saw it as a danger to Amercica and so kept it.

  • CitizenPatriot

    This is a part of the Anti-American scheme that our President and his Administration has been forcing us to his Transformation of America.
    Who ever accepted and approved these types of misinformation and denying our history of the Greatest Nation ever on Earth. We Must Take Our Country back, NOW!
    I heard this morning Seattle has determined that we shouldn’t refer to Americans as Citizens because it might offend someone. They want us to be Subjects instead of Citizens. I am sick and tired of all the garbage tossed out there. I was told as a little boy that “Words would never hurt me”. More of us need to remember that common sense is necessary for these boobs.

  • spidermike

    Michelle Obama tipped us off in 2008 but few were listening.

    “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.” ~ Michelle Obama, May 2008

    Rewriting history is part of any authoritarian program. Lenin, Hitler, Mao and Ho Chi Minh have all done it. The progressive liberals currently led by Barack Hussein Obama are willfully ignorant as to what the end point will be. They think they will end up with the power, but they are just useful idiots that will be the first put against the wall.

  • Robert12Disqus

    my opinion is that it’s a part of concerted quiet jihad in our country, but shhhh don’t tell anyone so they don’t notice until it’s too late and then they go, “what happened?” there is so much happening like this that it’s amazing and part of the reason is our current leadership in the federal government is lacking in leadership and is corrupt to the bone. so our country is perceived as weak and now is the time to strike while they may. so those who would pervert everything our country stood for are emboldened to attack. until people shut off the t.v. (literally) and start looking around and thinking for real instead of being fed sound bites by manipulative and propagandist media, it will never change what is happening to the country. it’s amazing how much time people will have for parent-teacher meetings (PTA) when they turn off the tube and start focusing on what is going on in their local schools. oh and remember those islam muslims are just a peaceful lot so don’t disparage anything they do such as throwing acid on people, hacking heads off, hangings, death for converting to christianity, jihadist excuses for simply being criminals, honor killings, wife beatings sanctioned by allah and what not. they’re all just peaceful – the textbook rewrite says so right?

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      My opinion is that you should lose your current public schooling and relearn how to capitalize.

  • Mykidsmom

    What is the name of the Prentice Hall World History text book? If the liberals can convince the young that everything bad is good and rewrite history then they have won. Taking God/Jesus out of the equation–who has contributed so much to our society and replacing him and Christianity w/ a so called prophet and false religion who has done little to our society or others besides killing the infidel and taking over w/ violence should be a crime.
    America is in a battle from w/in.

  • Elaine Willard

    Sounds like a good book burning is in order to me! You have to take a stand somewhere!

    • Gabe

      How very Nazi of you…the Fascists would be proud.

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        Of course, International Socialist’s have always been at war with National Socialist’s and Fascist’s – how “International” of you.

      • The Blue Collar Man

        Gabe, do you actually know anything about the subject? They teach crap in schools, rewritten history, glorify (I) islam, and perverted sex. Research the subject yourself.

  • Steven Christensen

    Easy to understand.

    Look at our president. Not at what he claims, but what his administration actually does.
    Now is this no the ideal time to rewrite history books?

  • http://pilgrimhosting.com/ Scott Thomson

    Does this kind of thing bother you Parent and Grandparent?
    If not, there probably isn’t anything I could do or say to relieve
    your insanity.
    If it does bother you, maybe there is something you can do to
    speak out against the enemies of your family and your nation.
    The time has passed to warn “the wolf is at the
    door” and different tactics are necessary to protect your loved ones once it’s
    inside the room with you.
    That might be worth remembering and acting on…

  • Joanna

    I’ve got one word for you…. homeschool. Do it.

    • box-bb-car

      We do

  • Jack

    For several decades, Prentice Hall textbooks for history and science have invented ‘new’ facts. Why any school system would even evaluate, much less use, their books anymore is hard to understand.

  • Gabe

    Perhaps you could cite a few sections? Some pages, ISBN number, passages from the text, verbatim? Your “analysis” tends to be based in great amount on personal opinion about the text and less about actually DEMONSTRATING bias.

  • Irate Californian

    One way we can divert this action is: as responsible parents and individuals, would be to start promoting and checking out alternative means to educate our children. As a retired teacher, I support on-line schools of your choice. I have seen kids turn around their fear of learning when parents have taken them out of the classroom and took it upon themselves to educate their child. Socialization issues are not a problem since there are more opportunities open to kids who don’t have a bell schedule to follow. Group field trips are more regular than with state schools. Learning issues are addressed more quickly and with a more determined partner in the child’s educational experience. As a classroom teacher, I found educating young minds fun and challenging. As a parent I would have loved to watch my own children have that ah ha moment, taken them to theatre, science field trips in the neighbor hood. Believe it or not, you are free parents to take your kids with you on those short needed vacations during the school year. Just bring your computer with you. Something to consider when you want to remain free of offensive intrusions in our raiseing of children.

  • box-bb-car

    Any school system which uses this book should have suit brought against it for an infringement of the first amendment. Since balanced treatment of religions is not given, it constitutes a governmental bias and could be viewed as establishment of religion. If it had been Christianity given the treatment described, you can be sure that the ACLU would be in court before a student received the book list, much less the book.
    Quite frankly, when it comes to religion, I would prefer that the school say nothing. If they have problems teaching kids reading, writing and math, why should I entrust them with teaching something that will be more powerful and directing in their lives?

  • NAFTA Refugee

    This goes way beyond your school principal. Your district superintendant is on the hook for this and should be flat out fired. The books needs to be removed and burned as they are an example of religious intolerance and bigotry.

    • mudguy

      This book should have never gotten into the the classroom. The Superintendent and school board should all be fired. Where the people that reviewed the book? It never should have got passed them.

  • Sharkteeth

    If you are a responsible parent you will go to the teacher and tell them to include Judeo/Christian or omit the religion part all together.

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    Hmm, reminiscent of what form of government within the last century? Hmm? How could that be? Of course! If you rewrite history, you can’t repeat it! That’s it! “Everything ‘old’ is new again.”

  • Doris C

    My thought are 3 yrs already? How much farther in the next 4 yrs? We should not be letting this crapola in our schools. You know its even in the lower grades.Why are we not fighting this tooth and nail.?

  • Kaiser

    I read this in my child’s history book. Did not like it but, the way it was written in a way that it was not the Religion of Islam but the laws of Islam. What’s the difference? I have no idea. But that show they justified it. Just thought you should know. I think it’s wrong, no matter how its presented.

  • Jim

    One word, Obama. This is his new version of his take over of the educational system. Remember, “We are no longer just a Christian nation”. Keep teaching this, slowly infusing your agenda and hyperbole until the dissidents are too old or die off = new society of mindless soft brain washed progressives .

  • dan

    Round these books up and burn them (after the successful completion of trials). And round up the Authors, Producers, Distributors, School Administrators and anybody else responsible for this, arrest them and charge them with everything they can, throw them into prison and let them rot. Other than that I see no big deal here, Move along people, move along.

  • Mary D

    Sadly this seems to be the the newest aberration. For the last couple of years we have read reports that in California for instance, the children, even those who are Christian or Jewish, are being subjected to sensitivity classes during their history/social studies’ lessons. The girls are made to wear burquas & both sexes must practice Islamic rituals and prayer several times daily and are even taken to Mosques to get a better understanding of Islam. Where Christianity is taught as the abusive practice of conquerors or the Jewish people are greedy apartheid practicioners who have taken away Arab lands. Our nation is they are told, a nation of conquerors and/or bigots who take advantage of weaker nations & peoples who treat our own citizens as fools to be manipulated. It is time to kick out ‘Core’ & the NEA if they continue to abuse their position and returning to teaching our children the three R’s and prepare them for success in life rather than political correctness which is ruining our nation.

    We need to wake up America and get involved in your schools, your community and your nation before it is too late. When we allow this kind of thing to continue we are selling out the blood bought freedoms our forefathers fought & died for.

  • Lori Carlson

    Two words. HOME SCHOOL.

  • Eagle_1_1

    people America started going downhill when in 1962 (I think) they took God out of schools

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    There has to be some serious talk about changing the way textbooks are “approved” for distribution before some very common sense editing is approved. This kind of thing has been going on for years in this country and nothing is done about… just a lot of talk. When will our legislators get the idea that our kids are being poisoned from with the very public school system we’ve charged with their education? This kind of thing is beyond outrageous… it borders on treasonous! Who are the contemptible bastages that continue to eat away at our country’s history, and get away with it?

  • hatfez

    “…people happily accepted Islam as their way of life.” Or else their heads are cut off…

    Read more: http://youngpatriots.com/2013/07/high-school-text-book-literally-re-writes-history/#ixzz2auGnGuas

  • VicBailey

    Bama and his Socialist have been very busy! The longer he stays in office the worse shape America will be in!

  • jaxholley

    go to your PTA, take it up with your state reps. Take it to your tea party. get some action going, hold a rally at some of the schools, make sure the media are there. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease

  • georgev

    We free thinkers and lovers of liberty and truth see when lies are being perpetrated on us and our children.
    My thoughts are to get involved in the issue. Stop waiting for someone in power to go into action.
    You become the action. What we all know is truth will not defend itself. We must be the defenders of our beliefs and defenders of our country and it’s Constitution.
    All evil needs to win, and do not be misled the Muslim reigion is evil, is for good people to do nothing.
    Stand in protest to these books and be involved until you get some action. You will not believe how much power you have when you stand in resistance to this evil.
    No one is going to save our country if we do not save it ourselves.

  • agbjr

    Posted elsewhere but also relevant here …

    Prentice-Hall is an imprint of Pearson, the world’s largest publishing conglomerate. Pearson is a British company headquartered in London’s Strand; their textbook division, Pearson Education, supplies 75% of the books now used in America’s public schools and colleges. Currently, Pearson USA is slashing personnel in their US offices and outsourcing entire departments to IBM in India. For years Pearson has also pushed political correctness within their organization; they have employee “ethnic heritage” committees and Muslim prayer rooms at many of their offices in the USA. At Pearson if you are a proud Constitution-abiding Christian United States Citizen you are NOT welcome.

    Demand your local public school board remove ALL Pearson-related texts from their classrooms.

    • Ray_Downen

      Very good advice!

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Can we have a good old “BOOK BURNING?” That should get the point across!

  • heartfelt

    It saddens me deeply to see these things unfolding in our country. It does make me determined to hold fast to my faith and beliefs. I will continue to teach them to my children and grandchildren, and I will continue to pray for our “leaders” in Washington. God is in control, regardless of who says what. When we as a people continue to remove God from our heritage and our daily living, we’re opening the door for evil to walk through. In these dark times, He is still the light.

  • BillboyBaggins

    “…people happily accepted Islam as their way of life.” Yeah, right. Islam is Satanism, pure and simple.

  • bdcorvette

    The textbook publisher has bent over for Islam, probably because some of the authors have those funny names like Ibrahim and Mustapha. The state has a board that approves textbooks for use in the public schools. They have bent over also. Florida is becoming heavily Islamic (they like the weather too,) and they would bend over for themselves but fot it being impossible to “connect.” Florida Americans had better get over the fallacy of tolerance and retake their classrooms if they wish to continue to live unthreatened in the Land of Milk and Honey (and OJ.)

  • David Roberts

    This is the pure definition of Brainwashing. These books should be removed from our schools immediately & those responsible should be thrown into jail. That is, if there’s a law against such crap.

  • fireboatman

    Nihil Abstat et Imprimatur are the overseers of the Holy Scriptures. This is to assure of its accuracy in truth and deed. This oversight should be monitored for all literature presented in a school of learning. I am quite surprised that a publishing house of what I thought was of good character would pass such trash as history. I am truly disappointed and will be careful not to buy any more texts from this publisher. I love history, I wonder what Newt Gingrich thinks about this.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    It is “INDOCTRINATION” not “EDUCATION” The only way out is by what they teach, REVOLUTION!

  • wfwilson6

    The only way this can be corrected is to hit Prentice-Hall, and others like them, in the pocket-book, HARD. When they get tired of rebuilding their corporate offices, office and sales locations, and printing facilities, maybe they will get the message.


    My question is – How can local school boards Ok this kind of crap? Do they not review the material prior to having the Left wing teachers Unions and Administrative staff ok the purchase… Again, LOCAL control and LOCAL monitoring of these programs sand information is the way we are going to correct the direction of this Country… People need to get active and interested in what’s going on in LOACAL Schools, City/Town Councils, County Boards, – etc. etc..

  • shfortruth

    Stay vigilant and fight the lies and indoctrination that is being printed in text books and taught to our children! Common Core is the “springboard” to indoctrination.

  • Paul N Ransom

    Do we not have anybody pre-reading these books before there given to our children?? I’m not an overly religious person but this artical is spot on!! Have we reached a point that we pay no attention to what is being done to our Country???? People need to WAKE UP or were going to lose everything!!!!! SEMPER FI

  • Jim Rushton

    THIS is one of the reasons why we homeschool our five children.

    • Jim Rushton

      Unfortunately, it also puts my children knowing the truth in the minority.

  • bobeis

    I’d like to know who specifically wrote those sections of the book or the book in total. It is always good to know who exactly the enemies of the USA are. This is sickening and angers me. It is up to parents who want their children to learn the truth not propaganda to resist this at all levels. Replace your school district boards if they won’t pull this garbage. Like freedom, sometmes the truth is not free either! Sad!

  • tim_lebsack

    Remove government from the education industry.

  • Richard Diaz, Sr.

    Once again it only proves there are evil forces hard at work. I blame our education system for allowing this vile propaganda to infiltrate into our children’s school text books. When these so-called educators allow these lies to be printed, it only means they are totally stupid and brain-dead or they are Muslim sympathizers like our misguided Pres. If parents don’t rise up in loud protest like the Muslims love to do when they feel they have been belittled or insulted, then these outrageous acts against truth will go on and never stop, it will only get worse. America had better wake up quick.

  • Mary Brown

    Time to burn a few textbooks and find a used bookstore that carries real history.

  • SweetMarmot

    Time to home school. Best thing about home schooling is that you get to start the day with prayer, and nobody can say anything about it.

  • Teacher who verfies

    What is the title of the book? Simply “World History”? I ask because I’d like to check this out myself and not rely on a website. But the article doesn’t state a title clearly.

  • LuvinJesus2

    Thanks for posting this, so few are willing to do so, most preferring not to rock the boat as it floats lazily down the river of ignorance-is-bliss. I raised my children to know the Lord and to love His Word, but the schools taught that I am a ‘fundamentalist’ (as if that is a crime). As a single parent with their father choosing another woman, I did the best I could, but the schools taught my children that being ‘prolife’ meant I am a drain on society. Instead of teaching children that sex is sacred between a man and his wife, the schools taught that anyone who has morals is a ‘prude’ and dysfunctional. I taught my children that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image, but the schools taught my children that they are a product of chance and the result of billions of years of evolution from pond-scum. In general, although I have two university degrees (one being a bachelor of education), my thoughts and input have been degraded and ignored, while ‘educators’ write books like this. Wonder why the society is going down hill? Darwinism, sangerism and islam.

  • Pazuzu

    If you’re going let the Saudis foot the bill for the books…what can you expect?

  • Ernest_T

    Of course the ones allowed to live where happy to convert or at least said they were. If had not they would have been put to the sword. Strange how all of this slaughter happened and they did not have gun control. Evil will find a way to control or kill with or without gun control. I just want a fighting chance with a gun.

  • jack griffith

    If education is not placed in local hands once again, and the federal govt totally removed from education, our culture is beyond repair. The fed govt has no legitimate place in education in this country. The department of education is arguably the most damaging legislation the congress has ever passed and signed into law by possibly the worst president the country has ever seen, Jimmy Carter. Unionized teachers, and politically correct teaching programs combine to ensure that the education systems in the country will “dumb” down didactic programs that produce completely uneducated, and disinterested students.

    • Ray_Downen

      A federal government controlled and led by a Muslim is sure to work against the best interests of patriots. Every day that passes with Obama in the White House the U.S.A. is worse off than the day before.

  • Marilyn Taylor

    This is going way to far…..it must be stopped…! It seems that ever since the President was elected he feels he can do anything he likes. And so we the people have allowed him to get away with it…even if you didn’t vote for him, your children are paying for this ….next thing you know is the children born and raised here will be surrendering unto a false prophet.
    America as I once knew it is no longer a free country. We are being brainwashed to believe that everything is great. When it is not! We need to stand up , demand from those we put into office to do the job we pay for them for.( getting way to much money and benefits that we can not get by the way) calling your representatives and depending that they do their jobs or they will not have a job come election.

  • eem72

    Just take a look at all the little threads and connections between O.bammy, the N.E.A., the Dept. of Education…And they control the text books and who the vendor for them is…It’s blatant communism, propaganda, indoctrination, and brain-washing…BLATANT, if you follow it all…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Leinbach/100000162756480 Michael Leinbach

    My thoughts are that the Atheists fought to have everything about Christianity removed from Public Schools and even argued that people who Pray in Schools should get into trouble!!



    It is as I said it would be years ago when debating atheists. I used to tell them(and they would deny it, seems I was right) that they only hate Christianity and were doing the work of Satan without even realizing it! I even told them that once they had Christianity illegal in this Country Islam would try to take its place and they would not speak up! OF COURSE they said they hate all religions but the reality of that was that I knew them saying they HATE all religions was proof to me that they were bitter about something. I suggested all the time that they were EX CHRISTIANS( really that means they never were a Christian) who were bitter about something someone couldn’t answer for them or something they prayed for that was outside of Gods will for them and they didn’t like that God didn’t answer it. Or something. Either way they hated Christianity and God because they didn’t get their way and now were taking it out on Christianity!

    Well, I don’t know how I SAW this happening but I can tell you I am reminded of the Scripture, “”‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.”

    Acts 2:17

  • Guest

    Satan lives and America dies.

  • JMM

    Satan is living and he is destroying America.

  • Derek

    This chapter (10) on Islam is available for download online at http://www.phschool.com/atschool/worldhistory/pdfs/HSWH_SU_NTSG_nad_1007.pdf

    Also available is a comparable chapters on Medieval Europe and practices under Christianity at http://mrwilliamsworld.wikispaces.com/file/view/Chapter+7+Study+Guides.pdf

    I am rather appalled at the comparison of these chapters. While the focus of the chapter on Islam glosses over the horrendous treatment of non-Muslims and women under Islam, and whitewashes centuries of bloody conflict and the forced conscription of Muslims into wars, the chapters on Christian interactions with Europe paint a constant vile picture of bigotry, ignorance, and violence. Martin Luther did not peacefully object to Catholic practices. No. He was “outraged”. Get it – “RAGE”. Meanwhile the chapter on Islam merely says that people voluntarily chose Islam. Right.
    And they manage to get in a good word for Thomas Moore’s mis-guided “Utopia”.

  • Michael Doyle

    Maybe it is time to file a class action law suit against the publisher. Some smart attorneys should be able to figure out how to show what they are printing is a violation of the Constitution and shut the company down bankrupting the company, all of the executives and anyone else connected to the company. They know their lies are being used to indoctrinate the students against Christianity and the capitalistic system in the United States. This is another example of the Globalists like George Soros working to bring down the country. Isn’t that treason from within? It is in my book. I am a Cold War Veteran, and I have about had enough of the stupidity going on in this country. I signed an oath to defend the Constitution in 1958, and it is still in force. Everyone who has ever been in the military has signed the same oath. There is plenty of support out there. It is time to put a stop to all of this.

  • thegeezer

    I think you ought to name the book, and mention which districts you are aware of it beign used. Hard to get worked up without FACTS

    Why would you write an excellent rant, without actionable data for your readers?

  • felix1999

    Kids suck it up and it forms their worldview. How many parents ask about their HISTORY class?

  • savemyca

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • savemyca

    We cannot sit back and do nothing. Wake up America, I am furious.

  • David Edward Smith

    Before his death in 2002, my father…a decorated WWII B-29 pilot, led a small consortium to the Smithsonian Institute to protest the Enola Gay display. The plaque that described the display and the history surrounding it stated matter of fact-ly that the United States, in a surprise and unprovoked attack, had dropped nuclear bombs on Japan and killed millions of innocent and unsuspecting Japanese civilians in the process. The REAL facts were completely left out. This small group of vets forced the Smithsonian to CORRECT their display. When all the WWII vets are dead history WILL be re-written. I wonder how much has been rewritten already? I hear that Oprah is claiming that millions of black people have been hung by white people. Is THAT a fact or is that race bating? We HAVE to INSIST on truth in reporting history. If history does indeed repeat itself
    , perhaps it’s because it’s been WRITTEN that way.

  • Gary Cangemi

    This is the result of having a national Department of Education. A handful of people with a political agenda get to decide what our kids are taught. It’s a national disgrace. The DOE should be disbanded and the money given back to the states and the taxpayers.Give the states and local school boards back the authority to set our kids curriculum, not a bunch bureaucratic ideologues in Washington.

  • justathought22

    Frist that obama must be so so proud; second not the least bit surprised since they have been pushing these lies for some time now.

  • jack griffith

    Obama is the first President who has totally ignored the law of the land, and created law through rules determined by selected bureaucrats at the EPA, HUD, and HHS. Obama does not believe in the people who wrote the constitution and is making every attempt at his disposal to destroy the balance between our the branches of government, the Administrative Branch; the Congressional Branch; and the Supreme Court of the United States. Every one of the thousands of rules passed by each of the programs since Obama became president has the imprimatur of law, just as if Congress had written the law, passed the law, and funded the law. We really need to wake up to what this America hater is doing.

  • LynO

    A book burning party is a thought…

  • Ronda

    This is what happens when the majority of a nation becomes “comfortable” and apathetic…..ruination takes over and it has, and it is almost, if not already, too late to do anything about the situation!!!

  • Abdul Ameer

    The compilers and editors of textbooks do not know anything about Islam, and they, like all liberals, are favorably, though ignorantly, disposed toward Islam and Moslems. Therefore, they farm those chapters out to Islamic “educational” organizations who present Islam to our children in this falsified, whitewashed version.

  • Anthony Alexander

    Today the REAL Islam is mostly forgotten – the Muslim pirate slavers who over many centuries enslaved millions of Africans and tens of thousands of Christian Europeans and Americans in the Islamic “Barbary” states.

    Over the course of 10 centuries, Muslim pirates cruised the African and Mediterranean coastline, pillaging villages and seizing slaves.

    The taking of slaves in pre-dawn raids on unsuspecting coastal villages had a high casualty rate. It was typical of Muslim raiders to kill off as many of the “non-Muslim” older men and women as possible so the preferred “booty” of only young women and children could be collected.

    Young non-Muslim women were targeted because of their value as concubines in Islamic markets. Islamic law provides for the sexual interests of Muslim men by allowing them to take as many as four wives at one time and to have as many concubines as their fortunes allow.

    Boys, as young as 9 or 10 years old, were often mutilated to create eunuchs who would bring higher prices in the slave markets of the Middle East. Muslim slave traders created “eunuch stations” along major African slave routes so the necessary surgery could be performed. It was estimated that only a small number of the boys subjected to the mutilation survived after the surgery.

    When American colonists rebelled against British rule in 1776, American merchant ships lost Royal Navy protection. With no American Navy for protection, American ships were attacked and their Christian crews enslaved by Muslim pirates operating under the control of the “Dey of Algiers”–an Islamist warlord ruling Algeria.

    Because American commerce in the Mediterranean was being destroyed by the pirates, the Continental Congress agreed in 1784 to negotiate treaties with the four Barbary States. Congress appointed a special commission consisting of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, to oversee the negotiations.

    Lacking the ability to protect its merchant ships in the Mediterranean, the new America government tried to appease the Muslim slavers by agreeing to pay tribute and ransoms in order to retrieve seized American ships and buy the freedom of enslaved sailors.

    Adams argued in favor of paying tribute as the cheapest way to get American commerce in the Mediterranean moving again. Jefferson was opposed. He believed there would be no end to the demands for tribute and wanted matters settled “through the medium of war.” He proposed a league of trading nations to force an end to Muslim piracy.

    In 1786, Jefferson, then the American ambassador to France, and Adams, then the American ambassador to Britain, met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the “Dey of Algiers” ambassador to Britain.

    The Americans wanted to negotiate a peace treaty based on Congress’ vote to appease.

    During the meeting Jefferson and Adams asked the Dey’s ambassador why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation with which they had no previous contacts.

    In a later meeting with the American Congress, the two future presidents reported that Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam “was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

    For the following 15 years, the American government paid the Muslims millions of dollars for the safe passage of American ships or the return of American hostages. The payments in ransom and tribute amounted to 20 percent of United States government annual revenues in 1800.

    Not long after Jefferson’s inauguration as president in 1801, he dispatched a group of frigates to defend American interests in the Mediterranean, and informed Congress.

    Declaring that America was going to spend “millions for defense but not one cent for tribute,” Jefferson pressed the issue by deploying American Marines and many of America’s best warships to the Muslim Barbary Coast.

    The USS Constitution, USS Constellation, USS Philadelphia, USS Chesapeake, USS Argus, USS Syren and USS Intrepid all saw action.

    In 1805, American Marines marched across the dessert from Egypt into Tripolitania, forcing the surrender of Tripoli and the freeing of all American slaves.

    During the Jefferson administration, the Muslim Barbary States, crumbling as a result of intense American naval bombardment and on shore raids by Marines, finally officially agreed to abandon slavery and piracy.

    Jefferson’s victory over the Muslims lives on today in the Marine Hymn, with the line, “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, we will fight our country’s battles on the land as on the sea.”

    It wasn’t until 1815 that the problem was fully settled by the total defeat of all the Muslim slave trading pirates.

    Jefferson had been right. He was a “visionary” wise enough to read and learn about the enemy from their own Muslim book of jihad.The “medium of war” was the only way to put and end to the Muslim problem.

    • GirlIQ

      great post!

    • CharlieFromMass

      Very cool history lesson. Thanks.

  • heidiannej

    it is important to note that other than in texas (and that’s an extremely new law & i’m not even certain it’s gone into effect yet) there is absolutely no requirement that text books used in public schools be ACCURATE. while I do believe bho embraces what is happening with these school curriculums (and I use that word very loosely) this movement pre-dates Obama by many, many years.

  • Candace Zingg

    Who is allowing this crap? I’m so upset. There is a ” war” in Christianity in this country. What I am so surprised at, is the ” lefts” tollorence. They claim Christians are extreme, racist and the like. Yet they refuse to see the barbaric nature of ISLAM. Islam will not tolerate gays and lesbians like the Christian community does, they will not tolerate unwed mothers, they will not tolerate equal rights for women…. This baffles my mind.

  • Fred

    Thank God I don’t have kids in school now. Otherwise the school board and me would have a real problem for allowing this garbage to be taught to my kids

  • Vibora Volando

    Gotta purge the people who advanced this text.

  • AsleepNoMore

    My niece was doing a high school assignment a couple of years back and had to write an essay on which religion – Judaism, Christianity or Islam – contributed the most to western civilization. She chose Islam and I asked why. She said they had to provide three supporting reasons and the text provided three for Islam, but only two each for Judaism and Christianity. I asked if they could use other sources and she said no.

  • GRusling

    If you allow “Common Core” in your school, this is what you get…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Marshall/100000894672318 David Marshall

    We will just have to flood the internet with the truth and make these people look like idiots

  • Eric Jackson

    I’m coming to the opinion that if your kids are in a public school you are either ignorant of what is being taught, you are at a loss for how else to educate them, or you think setting your kid up for failure is a good idea. Either way, it is past time to re-evaluate who you leave your kids with to spend 60-80% of their waking interaction time with.

    The increasingly rare good teacher that taught what is essentially the polar opposite of the curriculum and a number of good role models is the only thing I’d credit with getting a decent education. Sitting in glorified day care learning prison culture was a complete waste of 13 years of my life, and it has only gotten worse.

  • judithinHI

    Parents better wake up… and fast! There is no excuse for parental ignorance.

  • MentalIllness

    America was once considered a melting pot. When people immigrated, they joined the American culture they came for. We now have the liberal/progressive “multiculturalists” who wish to destroy American exceptionalism and make America into mini-nations of nothing. Can you see yourself going to Iran and demanding a full American and Christian lifestyle? Those pushing this agenda have no clue what they are demanding.

  • Doris C

    How about other historical facts besides Christian and muslim pages. Is there any other discrepencies and leave outs like the wars we have fought from the crusades to present day, Personalities of Presidents including this one.

  • oscar

    What is the name, author, publisher of the textbook? Why are these things never mentioned in articles. Doesn’t anyone think that might be useful information to other parents?

    • CharlieFromMass

      Prentice-Hall World History. It was in the second or third paragraph. No author given, as most textbooks are usually written by a committee.

  • eastofeden

    Ugh, as a history teacher this irritates me so much. And I’m sorry you never liked history. If I was your teacher you would have liked it. History is the greatest soap opera never written. 🙂 People are fascinating things.

  • Wolf Baginski

    What I do wonder is how much time, in school and out of school, gets devoted to Christianity. And how long is this one textbook? Islam has had a huge effect on the world and, before Columbus, may have had more followers than Christianity.

    Is it an accurate account? I am not going to try to judge that, but 36 pages on Islam, given its effects on World History, doesn’t seem excessive.

  • Raymond Andrews

    I’m a Conservative and a former Soldier but I hate slanted articles like this that don’t give a complete picture. Here are some questions I have. What type of history book was this? Was it a world history book? What there a section about the Roman Empire? That section would be where the rise of Christianity belongs because if Constantine the Great had not converted to Christianity the religion might be just a fringe religion with the rest of us being practicing pagans. On the flip side, the creation of Islam was a religion and a political structure. it lead to Islam almost taking over the known world at the time. As far as the chosen words, I see it as semantics that can be corrected in future printings if people scream loud enough.

    • CharlieFromMass

      The article does mention it’s a world history book (Prentice-Hall World History).

      I certainly can see your points about cherry-picking, but having been in classrooms recently, I do fear Ms. Hill may be closer to correct than either of us might want to admit.

      Personally, if I wrote a world history book, I would include at least 10-20 page chapters about each of the major religions of the world to promote understanding, and have them written (or at least edited) by clergy and religious scholars to weed out as much falsehood and bias as possible, and include another chapter on the minor religions. Yeah, you’d be looking at a couple of hundred pages, but there are a lot of stories to tell, and they need to be told to the students.

      Whether you’re a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist, Hindu or whatever, any kind of religious bias or intolerance in a textbook, even if only in appearance, is inexcusable and unprofessional.

      If I ever find myself teaching high school again, I will recommend against Prentice-Hall books until they can demonstrate that they can write accurate, unbiased history, not cater (even if only in appearance) to whims and social pressures.

      • Raymond Andrews

        Thanks. I couldn’t agree more.

  • probuiltenterprises

    Mohamed was a drunkin pedofile period. That is historical.

  • Charles P

    MOST of what is in History books IS ALL LIES!
    I stopped more wars than anyone else, from 1970-1991.

    These book publishers are in a “deal” with the terrorists.
    No terrorism for you/your company, IF YOUR COMPANY DOES NOT WRITE THE TRUTH ABOUT ANYTHING!
    They are DESTROYING AMERICA, and MAKING YOU ALL DUMB, so that they can more easily take over!!!!!

    That is why THEY NEVER TELL THE TRUTH, about ANY subject.

  • Dennis

    This is the work if Obama the Muslim behind the scenes Czars. And why you are arrested for going to your child’s school to protest. They call you a terrorist and have you arrested for speaking out (First Amendment right). It is your right to protest anything that you do not agree with that your child is taught as stated in the Hatch Amendment. Unless of course you are atheist or Muslim and support common core ect. Our children are taught propaganda just like it was done in NAZI Germany and other National Socialist communist Nations. Heck DNC stands for Democratic National Communist Party and the policies of that old fart Reid and policky and a Senate with the exception of Cruz and friends sniffing Obama’s butt. Let’s not leave out Obama, Bush and Clinton of what I have coined as the “Three Stooges” of the new Century who made us Americans the laughing stock of the world and turning us into the slaves of the so called United Nations. Time for talk to stop and action to take place and may the mass demonstrations begin. I am 58 and I can remember the mass demonstrations of the Vietnam war as how it forced the government to change direction as to the war. It was the first war we lost because of bureaucratic meddling and became known as a political war which was called a police action and turned into a illegal unauthorized war where our boys died for nothing by the idiot President then. Now political war is now the norm as the current illegal wars attest to and we became involved in by another idiot fool in the oval office chair. But time this fool turned his gun sights on the American people to destroy this country and mold it according to Marxism and Allah!

  • NObama2012

    I think it’s insidious indoctrination and tantamount to treason and the writers and publisher should be imprisoned for life.

  • Harvey Melton

    and what you did not mention is the part about white people not voting for Obama because he is black, that is in there too.it doesn’t matter who you are what color you are it is character that counts. Even Martin Luther King has said that this was part of his hopes that one day we will judge a black person by the content of his/her character not the color of their skin, and when that day came and went and we did go by character those hardened raciest out there try to say otherwise. how hypocritical in wanting it both ways. Of course this was more than likely omitted from textbooks too.

  • badbob85037

    My children finished their schooling 10 years ago. More than once I had flew to their school to confront their so called teachers on the total lies being fed them by their history and Social Studies text books. I made it a habit of reviewing these books and always calling them on the lies. When on the cover it list 3 UN supporting residents of San Francisco as the book’s authors that should set off some bells. My three girls know their Constitution and it’s Bill of Rights by what I taught them not these government ran schools. Here is where I barge. All three can out shoot their husbands and make sure they know who to vote for before entering the voting booth.

    I now have 5 grandsons. Two go to a private school the other 3 you can bet I will be reviewing their text books and this old fart still has a lot of fight in him when it comes to the school board.

  • The Realist

    Please wake me when the revolution begins!

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  • FancyCat

    Counting the days until this anti-American, muslim/kenyan piece of garbage and his stinking family are out of the White House.