Ahh Shucks…. Hillary 2016 Hits Roadblock Due to her Age

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Hillary Clinton’s apparently inevitable victory in the Democratic presidential primaries could hit a roadblock due to her age, former White House candidate Howard Dean says.

“She’s of my generation, not of the new upcoming generation out of the Barack Obama generation,” said the former Vermont governor who was, for a time, front-runner for his party’s nomination in 2004.

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  • eddyjames

    Older than dirt that’s under white house rugs.

  • Retired Jarhead MSgt

    I have dirt in my backyard that’s younger, and better looking, than ☭omrade

  • Tig

    Old age has its benefits. 🙂 for the rest of us… Yes, indeed she is last year’s news. And she does have that Libya problem too. …