Sick and Tired of Republicans?

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I asked Young Patriots, on Facebook the following question: Is there anything that you don’t like about your own political party? What is it?

There were a couple Democrats who responded, and a handful of disgruntled, socially liberal Republicans who said that Republicans should support gay marriage, but the majority, by FAR, echoed the same sentiment.

It seems that Young Patriots mostly agree that the dark side of the Republican Party is that it’s just plain wishy washy and doesn’t stand for anything anymore. Check out these Facebook responses from Young Patriots.

Alex Lyons: Republicans nowadays do not stand up for what the used to…That includes the bill of rights and general civil rights! They are cowards!

Melissa Morotini: I have had it with “establishment Repblicans” pretending they align with conservative values and then voting to appease Dems and “working with” them “accross the ailse.” All of that is code for progressives win, America loses.

Alex Bechler: Not conservative enough

Hunter Wright: Rinos

Fernando Blue Collar Silva: Man Republicans don’t stand for anything. I’m a Republican for life because i believe in the party platform but the politicians are scum, warmonger, before the Tea Party hardly any of them stuck to principles… God I could go on forever… Unfortunately.

Steve Smith: I just get tired of government period. We have a small few Republicans that stand for the right thing like Ted Cruiz, Rand Paul, Marcio Rubio. Those are true American Politicians. We need more people like them. Politicians like John McCain and Lindsey Gram are rhinos. They kind of lost there values.

Doyle Wang: I am sick of politicians doing what is good for their party. Why not do what’s good for the country like cut spending and balancing the budget like what Ted Cruz and other constitutional conservatives are trying to do in Congress?

So, its seems the Young Patriots have spoken. Almost all of the conservatives that I associate with don’t associate themselves with the Republican Party anymore because it has become so unrecognizable.

When you tie yourself to a party, you want to know that it will uphold its values. But, the way it is now, the “conservative” party isn’t even conservative anymore! You can see it seeping in by reading over the comments I didn’t include, by people wrongly assuming that conservatives want to regulate what happens in people’s bedrooms. Real conservatives know that the gay marriage issue isn’t about sexuality. It’s about the loss of religious freedom.

So, since most of us are in agreement and can identify the problem. Let’s all do our part to inform our friends and relatives and let’s get involved in politics, ourself and bring conservatism back to the Republican Party. We are the Young Patriots – the future of freedom.

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  • lildebrarae

    The Republican Party will not survive by becoming Liberal. If the Republicans ever want to win another election; they need to stay true to their conservative roots. If they don’t …then the conservatives will ‘push them’ to the side and go with a different party.

  • TreeOfLiberty

    So many liars in the GOP. So many evil people in government. Listen to Jefferson before it is too late.
    Time is running out….