A Fresh Start Sans Face Tattoo

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22-year-old Belgian girl, Kimberly Vlaminck just completed a four year process of removing 56 star tattoos from her FACE. I couldn’t help but stare at the amazing transformation. Her face looked fresh, clean, brand new. I’ll bet that she feels like a new woman*.

As I thought about the process of being made new and washed clean, I thought about my Christian conversion. I thought about the women I’ve met who have had abortions and later on found Christ and in turn, found forgiveness, hope, peace, and joy. I thought about the first settlers of this country – fleeing from bondage and religious persecutions and starting fresh – on a clean slate.

No matter what you’ve been washed of and whether it was physical, spiritual, emotional, or all of the above, we all know what its like to carry the past around.

There are certain parts of the past we should carry around. We should often reflect on the marks and scars of persecution and tyranny that is written in history. We should look at our failures and remember the consequences we suffered – as a means to glean wisdom from them. But, we should wallow in our own past dirtiness to the point where we end up a big blob of self-loathing. It’s absolutely crippling.

Whether your’e a Christian on a mission, or a pro-life activist, or a concerned American – we need to say goodbye to our past star-tattoos and look ahead.

As a Christian myself, I know that the biggest tool Satan uses in my life is the lie of guilt. I believe that Jesus Christ’s blood has covered all my sin – past, present, and future and that I should live in the victory and freeness of that forgiveness. But, time and again, I have had seasons where I look at my dirty, tattooed heart and think, “Why should I even try? I’m the worst.”

Let me encourage you today to put your past in a little box labeled, “Things to learn from” and fuggetaboutit. Christians – bring a repentant heart to the Almighty God, who is, Himself, Love and Grace. Pro-lifers with a history of pro-choice decisions – move forward and do what you can to save the babies that are being killed TODAY. Use your own experience and heartache to convince other young mothers not to make the same mistake. Concerned Americans – do look at the history of tyranny, but don’t let it stir up hopelessness in you. It can be discouraging to see what’s going in Washington, but if we give up the fight, we’re giving up our rights.

Take a look at the face of beautiful 22-year-old, Kimberly. She has a fresh start. And, I’ll bet she feels like a new person, ready to accomplish new things and lead a different lifestyle. Let’s look at the things that cripple us as bad tattoo that’s been removed and keep walking.

*Author’s Note: I’m not against tattoos, in general. Only bad ones.

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