Pope Francis Rewrites the Bible

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These days, Christians make waves by simply exercising their religion. Christianity is viewed by our do-as-you-please society as exclusive. Intolerant. Judgmental. Pious. Those accusations are nothing new for Christ-followers. Jesus Himself said, “You will be hated by all, for My name’s sake.” So, its completely unsurprising when I hear of the religious “intolerance” that Christians are being shown by the government for…being “intolerant.”

What took my breath away, this week, was the news of Pope Francis rewriting the Bible. This week, he said that all do-gooders are Redeemed – even unbelievers. Atheists. He went on to say that the disciples were “a little intolerant” in their belief that “those who do not have the truth cannot do good.”

Reading that statement chilled me to my bones. First off, when the Pope calls the disciples out, he is essentially calling Jesus a liar. The Disciples didn’t invent the religion of Christianity. Christian means “little Christ.” Rather, its a relationship with Christ. We live our lives to be like Him and to please Him.

Secondly, the pope’s statement was misleading when he said that the disciples believed that “those who do not have the truth cannot do good.” Christianity has nothing to do with humankind doing good. We are all sinners, and every “good” thing in us is only there because we were made in God’s image. So, for the pope to make it sound like Christianity is based on our good works goes against the Gospel completely.

I know that Catholics put a greater focus on works than Protestants do, but it frightens me to think of the judgement that will come to those who twist the words of scripture, to make it go down easier. The Pope’s newfound philosophy is a perfect representation of the anti-religious religion we see permeating our culture.

Tolerance is one of those cool buzz words that everyone wants to say…like “epic” and kale chips and “shenanigans.” Being tolerant is the epitome of being socially acceptable, in most countries today.

Those of us who take the Bible seriously need to be on our knees in prayer – not just for our country, but for our world. There are so many who are lost, and so many who are disguised as Christians who are leading people astray. It’s up to us to pray for a revival and to spread the REAL Good News of the Gospel – not this watered-down, lie-infused, anti-truth message that we see everywhere.

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