A Creative Solution to the Gun Debate

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We got an email this week from a 2nd amendment-loving citizen who started a White House petition. The people behind this petition came up with the idea to stop criminals with guns by creating legislation that would sentence felons, convicted with guns, to automatic life in prison. The petition’s creator said, “Take guns from criminals instead of lawful citizens.”

Sounds a little crazy, right? When I first read that, I thought. Ok, ok, I see your point, but no one will go for that. After the idea floated around in my brain a little bit, I wondered just why this idea sounded so crazy. Surely, it isn’t crazier than gun control advocates who look at gun violence and honestly think that the wise solution is to take guns away from the people who don’t even ever have a plan to use them unless attacked.

This prison for felons idea is NOT crazy. It’s logical. I wonder how many people will have the reaction that I did when I first read about it and shy away from signing it, thinking, “That’s just crazy. It would never pass.”

I think it sounds crazy just because we’ve never heard it before. It’s extreme. But, think about it – a felon has got a gun that he intends to kill people with…duh! HE is the one who should be disarmed and punished – not the 25-year-old woman living alone in an apartment in a shady neighborhood.

As a current parent and an ex-elementary school teacher, I can completely understand the reasoning behind this idea that the petition is based on. When I taught 4th grade, one of my main challenges was keeping twenty 9-year-olds behaving for 8 hours a day.

How would it make sense, as a teacher, for me to discipline the class by punishing the good kids when the defiant kids acted out? It wouldn’t! If Bobby pushed Sammy, why would I punish Julie – a third uninvolved party? The sensible thing to do would be to punish Bobby – the boy who pushed!

I just really can’t understand around how people are pro-gun control – and I say that respectfully. This is not to be read with a flailing arms and a wagging finger. I really just don’t see the logic. If you are pro-gun control, please share in the comments and explain why you are. I am always open to hearing what people believe and why.

I hate violence. And I know that those who are all for gun control seem to be against guns in general. But, the problem is that no matter how hard anti-gun people try to get guns out of the hands of people, lawbreakers will continue to break the law, and citizens will become less able to protect their families and more able to be controlled by the government. Even the most wonderful trustworthy President can’t be trusted with unlimited power. Anyone is suceptible to a power trip. That’s why our founding documents were put into place – so that this country would remain in the control of “we the people.” That’s why the 2nd amendment is so important and foundational.

I’m open minded as I’m relatively new to the political realm. I listen to both sides. Even though I consider myself an unshakable liberty-minded conservative, I purposely watch conservative and liberal spin shows. I’m interested in the other side of the argument. And, honestly, for most issues, I “get it.” I get why liberals are pro-abortion and gay marriage. The reason I’m not for those things is because of my Christian faith. I get why people are pro-welfare and national spending. They view it as a form of charity. I disagree with the liberal views, but I understand them.

I just don’t get the gun thing. Almost all of the most prominent anti-gun pundits and politicians have ARMED body guards! The average person can’t afford an armed body guard, so it gives you peace of mind knowing that IF someone broke into your house to hurt your family, you would be able to defend yourself.

This petition may sound “out there” since it’s not a common solution being thrown around, but even if all the petition does is get people thinking – its worth it. In order to even be displayed as a public petition on the White House website, it needs at least 150 signatures.

Before signing a White House petition, you’ll be directed to create an account and sign in.

Create an account:

Sign In:

Once you’ve done that, you can follow this link (http://wh.gov/tWE3) to sign the petition and make your voice heard in the gun control debate.

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  • revlarry

    This might work, right up to the point where the anti-gun people can push through a law defining gun possession or ownership as a felony. You never know what the courts would decide. Perhaps a better solution would be to make the possession of a gun during a crime a mandatory “add-on” to the prison sentences of those convicted.

    • waypasthadenough2

      At that point we had better be killing them. See my other comment.

    • tinkerunique

      There used to be a mandantory (NO PAROLE ) sentence for a felony INVOLVING a firearm, but the CRIMINAL justice system seldom uses it because it’s easier to plea bargain for a lesser sentence. The current gun laws need to be enforced instead of just making MORE laws to sit there and “look pretty”.

  • Hank

    Here’s the problem with that law… How many gin laws are there?? So if someone happens to see my concealed weapon and I get arrested, I’m in for life. Even though I wasn’t really brandishing it.
    For that to work, MOST current gun laws will need to be invalidated. THEN I might go for it.

  • ewljr

    Totally wrong idea that has been tried before and failed miserably because it jails honest citizens who merely possess a gun for self defense. Look at all the victims of rape, robbery, burglary, muggings, etc who were jailed for defending themselves. In many states, like New York, Police are unionized and don’t want management to be able to defend themselves from striking union muggers and refuse to provide them any police protection. Gun control re-defines citizenship to slavery to the mob…

  • http://www.facebook.com/jim.longley1 Jim Longley

    We tried this in New York (where I don’t live anymore, God bless Texas!) a few decades ago. Mandatory minimum sentences for crimes involving guns, consecutive sentences for separate gun charges, and add on sentences. Guess what, the prosecutors loved it, because they used those sentences as plea bargain chips and bargained them away right and left.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heatherngillis Heather James

    We live in a situation where the average American _unknowingly_ commits 3 felonies per day, just in the course of their daily life. This being the case, such a law would certainly be a nightmare in practice. Sentencing enhancements for firearm possession in the course of a crime already exist, but they aren’t actually used. The biggest way to drop the violent crime rate would be to go back to what we used to do. We used to keep the criminals in prison and the really crazy people in institutions, if they were a danger to themselves or others. Anyone who can’t be trusted to use a gun properly should not be loose in public.

  • J. Thomas

    Longer mandatory sentences yes, life imprisonment no. All of a sudden you would have dead witnesses.

    • tone

      Obsurd – Now many are attempting to get into prison for their lifetime of luxury with no worries about anything. Thank YO LIBS and who pays ? SHEEPLE AS ALWAYS


  • RJ

    I am heavily pro 2A, but this idea just has too many flaws. After an individual serves their sentence (particularly non-violent offenders), I’m not sure why they should not be able to protect themselves just like any other citizen (and there’s no reason to believe that a three strike marijuana offender has any intention of killing someone with a firearm). Even if you disagree with that principal surely you must agree that POSSESSION of a tool guaranteed by 2A should not be punishable by life imprisonment.

  • Patrick Canning

    I’m opposed to gun control and think many of the existing laws should be repealed. However, I do not agree with this draconian proposal. Like many suggestions, this looks good on its surface. One problem, already mentioned, is the cost of housing these criminals. Yes, there are suggestions here for making the prisoners pay for their incarceration in various ways. Reality says that’ll never work across the board. But the bigger problem is the potential for abuse and unintended consequences that always follow strict laws like this. In order for something like this to work we’d have to trust the government and legal system – law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges – to implement it rationally. Unfortunately, they’re not that trustworthy. Once words like “mandatory” get written into law we lose control for “rational” and “reasonable” and there are plenty of gun control zealot prosecutors out there. What if, for example, an otherwise non-violent person, a lawful concealed carry licensee, gets into a fight and is convicted of felony assault and the fight took place while they were armed but the gun was not brandished in the fight? What about the 12-year Army veteran in New York who is currently facing 5 felony charges for possession of 5 30-round magazines he intended to sell even though he didn’t have a firearm on him? We might excuse these people from this extreme measure. Gun control advocating lawyers, judges and politicians will not. What about the person who shoots someone in self defense but the evidence is weak and public outrage high? The George Zimmerman case hasn’t gone to trial yet. Will we ever know the actual truth, not just the legal outcome, of what happened there?

  • marineh2ominer

    Sorry , I sign a lot of petitions and even put my name to them , but I am NOT going create an account with anything connected to the White House , I am an honest man with a high degree of integrity and I absolutely refuse to give ANY information about myself to the White House and this criminal administration .

  • ralphwylie

    Does anyone really believe the the Whitehouse.gov, i.e. Obama and his administration gives a rat’s ass what the people want? If they do then they are delusional. The Whitehouse and King Obama use the names of those on these so-called petitioners to rename them into an “Enemies List.”
    If you want to really make a suggestion with a law proposal it is better to find a Senator or Representative to draft and sponsor a bill for consideration in Congress. You might want that Senator or Representative to a Republican too.

  • Jarhead6541

    How about 10 years automatic prison [at hard labor, to pay for their own confinement] for using a gun in commission of a crime, on top of original sentence.