My Doctor Told Me to Have an Abortion

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I was married at 20 and pregnant at 24. I did it the right way. I saved myself for my husband and when we decided to have a baby, we prayed about it and got pregnant quickly. The last thing I expected the doctor to tell me at our first ultrasound appointment was, “I’ve admitted you to the hospital. You have to have an abortion.”

I’m as pro-life as they come. No exceptions. In cases of rape, why slaughter an innocent child because of someone else’s crime? In the case of deformity or mental handicap, I don’t even know what to say. A society that would kill a child because he didn’t look right or had some sort of delay is just… I have no words. A friend who I admire carried her son full term, after finding out early that he would only live a few hours. Life is not ours to give and take away.

So, my husband and I obviously said no. Then, the doctor told us that I had an ectopic pregnancy implanted in one of my fallopian tubes. It would be impossible for the baby to survive and if we didn’t take medical or surgical action, I would die too. I was a ticking time bomb.

We went home. We googled. We researched. We prayed. We asked others to pray. We read of a few notable cases of ectopic pregnancies that resulted in healthy children – but those were only in cases where the baby was implanted elsewhere in the abdomen. Tubal pregnancies cannot be successful because the pregnancy is implanted in a tube no larger than your pinky. The baby can’t grow. When it does, it ruptures and you bleed out. We spoke to pastors and Christian doctors and all agreed – the baby had no chance at survival and neither did I, if we didn’t do what the doctor said.

The chemo shots didn’t work on me. My tube ruptured and it was just like an episode of ER. My husband carried me into the hospital, screaming and passing out. They ran my gurney into the OR, had me sign my life away, and I woke up to a bag of someone else’s blood dripping into my IV.

To me, abortion is personal.

No one but a mother can understand the love you instantly feel for your child – even before you feel a kick. To harm your own child – safe in your womb – makes no sense to me. The thought of a mother with a perfectly healthy pregnancy making the “choice” to kill, puts knots in my stomach.

I recently watched Planned Parenthoods abortion information videos. I could barely stomach it. They use phrases like “Once the pregnancy is expelled…” The pregnancy they are referring to is a human being with its own DNA, eye color, hair color, and temperament. Then, they say things like “You’ll have some bleeding, and some blood clots and maybe some tissue.” The “tissue” they are referring to is the baby’s body that you just poisoned. Partial birth abortions happen later in a pregnancy. They literally birth half the baby, stick scissors into the back of its scull, suck its brain out, and then rip it from its mother. I hate to be so graphic and type such a violent act, but its happening. People don’t know. People are in denial. If we don’t type these uncomfortable words and speak these uncomfortable phrases, its going to keep happening.

Sons of Liberty Radio just posted a picture on Facebook, of slaughtered babies, outside a dumpster of an abortion clinic and someone commented “HOAX.” Even when confronted with photos, people still don’t believe that this is really happening. Most of the babies photographed looked big enough to be born and survive. This is happening right in our strip malls.

The most innocent among us are being brutally murdered and half the country, along with our President, are in support of it. Heartbreaking.

What’s even more heartbreaking is what most of our gut reactions tend to be. We come across a photo like that – accidentally – and click away from it as fast as we can. “I’d better watch a comedy or go for a jog and get that image out of my head,” we think. We are cowards.

We are like a student, walking around on campus, seeing another student get beat up. What do we do? We walk away. We’re like that…only we are a million, billion times worse. We need to stop doing nothing. If we all, collectively, do SOMETHING, we can save these children.

When I urged a friend of mine to get involved in fighting for Life, he said, “You can’t be an activist for everything, Carly.” He wasn’t trying to sound callous. He is 100% correct. It is not humanly possible to pour your time into your church, love your family, work the homeless ministry, be an orphanage volunteer, visit sick children in the hospital, sing to the elderly, bring dinner to the widows, raise awareness about how we are losing our rights in this country, fight to put prayer back in schools…all in a day’s work. You can’t devote all your time to everything – just like you can’t be a successful doctor, lawyer, astronaut, school teacher, and biochemical engineer all at once!


Addressing abortion is different than other issues. More and more babies will be killed every day. It’s a life and death situation. If you could either save a life or bring someone a snickers, which would be your top priority? For sure, bring someone a snickers sometime, but you need to be actively involved in the Pro Life fight in whatever big or little way you can find possible.

God blessed me with a perfectly healthy pregnancy just 3 months after my personal tragedy. Experiencing what I did caused me to cherish every moment with my precious child, and also to become outraged that these miracles from God are being killed on my watch and with my tax dollars.

Please stand with me and fight for the lives of these children. The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform is an awesome organization that is making a huge impact. Learn more about what they do on college campuses through Pro Life on Campus and how you can practically get involved, right here.

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  • Dude Abides

    So, you tried to abort when it was medically necessary, but the procedure failed?
    So, you’re pro choice, in this case, yes?