Where There’s a Will, There’s a Weapon

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Pew! Pew! Pew! Bddddddddddddddddddd! Pow! Pow! Pow!

That’s the best I can do at trying to spell the sounds my little brother used to make while playing Cowboys and Indians. Apparently little boys can no longer play cowboy or say Indian. A six year old in Maryland was suspended recently for pretending his fingers were a gun. His world of make believe is only too real in today’s society. His innocence and innate desire to protect have been sabotaged. When will our government learn that the problem has never been the fake finger pistol?

Males in general have some unseen hardwire that produces in them the need to defend, guard, shield and, yes, even die for those they love. They can’t help it. From the earliest ages a boy prefers demolition and destruction to dolls. Why? Because he is forming the foundation of a man who serves and protects. A boy’s very testosterone demands that he fight! His DNA screams, “You can take our lives, but you can never take OUR FREEDOM!”

That’s exactly what that little boy’s school tried to take from him, his freedom to be a little boy. Until our society deals with the heart instead of the hand gun, we will continue to have tragedies like we have just seen demonstrated in Connecticut. Instead of pointing the finger at finger pistols, let’s point it at bullying, clicks, hate, ego maniacs and empty promises. Kids are dying inside no matter how hard we try to save them. Most of the time, their wounds don’t come from guns. They come from broken marriages, battered memories and wounded people who wound.

When dealing with the fully despairing and depraved heart, you will find that if you take away his gun, he will make a bomb. If you take away his bomb, he will buy a knife. If you take away his knife, he will find an arrow. You cannot fix our bleeding country by removing its finger pistols. When we have a revolution of people who defend and protect the hearts of others, the hand guns will cease to be an issue. You won’t have to take them because there will be no need to use them.

Let’s let the little boys be who they were made to be and start protecting our kids from the inside out. A loss of values and virtue makes for a very messy America. What do we need to shoot for? Healthy hearts and minds. To that end I say, ‘Ready, aim, fire!’”

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Syndey Alan is a 28-year-old professional writer for Family Ministry at a mega-church. She's married to her "hot, surfer husband" and loves her two cats, Leo and April, just a little bit more than she loves chocolate.
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