Letter From the Editor: Let’s Talk Filibusters

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I remember the first time I got “into” the news. I was in 10th grade, and two terrorists had just flown planes into the World Trade Center.

I remember sitting at snack break with my bagel and hearing Miss K’s voice boom over all our giggling. “There’s been a plane crash…building…parents are coming to pick some of you up…let’s pray…” It was all a blur. I didn’t know what was happening. But, by the time I got to 3rd hour American History, we were all glued to the classroom TV.

It was horrifying.

It was history.

I understood it.

I, along with the rest of the country, watched the news every chance I got. I started watching The O’Reily Factor because my history teacher, Mr. A, said that O’Reily was the best. After the initial shock of the national tragedy wore off, the pundits and politicians shifted their conversations from death and terror back to the mumbo jumbo that made my brain hurt.

I would hear Fox News as white noise in my house. My parents had it on all the time. Every so often, I’d catch a word – filibuster…legislation…judicial system…all these big words ran together and started sounding like that wonk wonk teacher voice from Charlie Brown.

I was a great student – 4.0, but Government class didn’t interest me. It seemed like a bunch of boring words I had to memorize. I made a lot of flashcards and forgot everything I learned in that class.

My point is, I didn’t care about current events because the news outlets intimidated me. Heck, they still do sometimes! If we want to engage our generation in this culture war, that is desperately in need of more fighters, then we need to level with each other.

Watching CNN without knowing anything about politics is like jumping into a “Lost” marathon somewhere in the middle of the series- where (spoiler alert) Benjamin returns to island and The Others are living in the same village as the Oceanic 6 (It’s been a while…Those are probably not the facts).

Young Patriots exists for us -for those of us who forgot what we learned in Government class and get overwhelmed by political pundits barking at each other. We give you the news in a way you can understand and talk about – even if you just decided to start paying attention 5 minutes ago. We have daily original opinion columns written by conservatives from age 16 to age 30. We have videos ranging from interviews to interpretive dances, to original songs about politicians. We tell it like it is and make being informed a whole lot more relevant and a whole lot less intimidating.

Join us in this battle for the minds and involvement of our generation. Share our page with friends, tweet us, like us on Facebook, or hey, if you like writing and have an opinion, submit an article yourself!

Help us make Young Patriots a hub for people like us – people who like pop culture and nonprescription hipster glasses…but who secretly want to like talking about filibusters too.

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