“If You’re Going To Be A Thief, Be a Good One”

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Abortion might be “okay” and so would raping your neighbor’s wife, murdering the bag boy at Kroger, and eating your children for breakfast. Because, as a nation, we’re leaning toward re-thinking the entire order of things.  And I’d be okay with that, if our nation showed some more consistency—if we were “all in” with our standards.  We’re kind of like the child who was told not to run around the pool, so we do an awkward little halfway run, tip-toeing on the water’s edge.

Frankly, I’ve become aggravated, almost disgusted, by these perfidious methods of rebellion. Americans wants to break the moral and civil laws set before them, but only a handful of them—reserving punishment for the ones they still want applied to their neighbors.

I remember when I was young, with my hand caught in the cookie jar, my father would discipline me, tell me what I did wrong, and send me back to play. But before I left with a red hand mark on my backside, my father would tell me, “If you’re going to be a thief, be a good one.”

I was always unsure what to do with this information, until I saw how the world dealt with rebellion. Similar to the child and the pool, we break the rules, but aren’t willing to jump in the deep end.

With the 40th anniversary of Roe. vs. Wade, we have become a brave new world of people who pull unborn children from the womb, stab scissors into their neck, and dissect their bodies like Jeffrey Dahmer’s protégé. 55 million times over. Few things make me more angry at our country.

Why stop there? Allow chaos of this kind to roam the streets and not exclusively in an abortion clinic. Let the rapists, murderers, and thieves do their dirty deeds. As my father said, “Be a good thief.” If you wish to reject the moral order, at least be consistent. Otherwise, you don’t even deserve respect for being a capable scoundrel.

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Jacob Rauch is a writer, musician, and homeschool student from State College, PA. His father, Eric Rauch, is Vice President of Product Development for Liberty Alliance. Jacob lives in Dallas, GA.
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