Gun Control: Key Word – Control

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My BFF called me after lunch yesterday.

“Hello?” she said, frantically.

“Hey, I’m walking out the door,” I said.

“Okay – real quick….you know, I don’t support Obama. You know I’m conservative. But, I just watched his speech about the gun control thing…and…I agree with him.”

Of course, this didn’t surprise me. Listening to most of what he said, with unbiased ears, I agree too. He stood before America yesterday and said that he supports the 2nd amendment. He stood before us and said that he would not take our guns away. He said he wanted to reinstate a ban on assault weapons. Casually listening to his proposal, I don’t disagree with what he was actually saying either. As long as I’ve got my hand gun and can protect my family, what does it matter to me if he bans guns that I’m not interested in? What does it matter to me if he decides that people should get background checks before they buy guns? That sounds great, actually.

My friend continued, “Why are conservatives so upset by what he’s doing? I’m a conservative and I think he’s doing the right thing.”

Michael Farris had a good explanation, which he posted on his Facebook page on Tuesday, saying,

“Tomorrow we are going to see how much the leaders and the people of this country really think about the Constitution. President Obama is going to impose certain gun control measures by executive order.

While I believe firmly–even adamantly in both the First and Second Amendment–the most important provision in the Constitution is Article I Sec. 1 which provides that all legislative power is given to Congress. The President cannot make laws.

The President cannot make good laws. And we should not clamor for good laws by presidents we like. The Presidents should not make bad laws. But, we should not limit our criticism to the merits of the laws he imposes.

We must cry and cry loudly–that the President has no power to make law. This is an act of tyranny. There is no other description.

People who believe in the Constitution should have two standards for judging any law: 1. Is this a proper law as a matter of sound policy? and 2. Is this law made in accordance with the rules of the Constitution. In short, we must have laws that do the right thing in the right way.

Let our loudest cries not be made concerning the bad policy when President Obama makes his announcement. Let us raise our voices and let us take action to protest any imposition of law by the solitary act of one man.

Even George III had no such power.”

See, it’s not about the law being made. Background checks required for gun purchase…I’d vote for that. That’s not the point. The point is that THE PRESIDENT CAN’T PASS LAWS.

The President works for the people. Our country was founded on democracy – on the belief that freedom comes when the people of a nation are in control of their own lives. I found it interesting that Obama didn’t talk much about the “executive orders” he signed on stage. He talked about Congress having to approve things for real change to happen. He even said that some pundits and politicians would take what he was doing and say it was tyranny.

It’s as if he was trying to divert us – trying to preemptively shoot down any warnings that we might get from our parents and neighbors who are holding up faded pictures of Hitler, surrounded by four children as he fought for gun control right next to a picture of our President, surrounded by four children, as he fought for gun control…yesterday. Obama used the word “tyranny” during his speech – quieting the suspicions of Americans who only casually glance down at the paper.

We are living in scary times. Our own leaders are making us out to be fools – simply because we are pointing to facts in our history books…pointing to pictures from only a generation ago, telling our people, “Watch out! They’re taking over!” We sound like a bunch of crazies, don’t we?

We’re not.

I read through Obama’s 23 Executive proposals/orders and I am on board with most of them. But, that’s not the issue. Obama acting, apart from Congress, to get what he wants is unconstitutional. It is tyranny – even if he stands there and looks us in the eye and says its not. Even if he brings four beautiful kids up on stage who are excited to be a part of such an important moment. Even if the camera keeps panning to the faces of the devastated parents who lost their children in the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Obama is transforming from a President to a King, right before our eyes, and starting his kingship by giving us good laws – laws that make us feel happy and safe and warm and fuzzy. I feel like I’m being buttered up.

Don’t fall into the haze. Keep reading. Keep watching. Keep talking. This has got to stop.

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