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It all started, as things tend to these days, on Twitter. Ron Meyer Jr., a 23-year-old conservative activist, started using a catchy hashtag — #FireBoehner — as he railed against Speaker John Boehner. The hashtag quickly became a pet project. All day, Meyer (@RonMeyerJr) would tweet links and snarky comments about the Ohio Republican, whom he calls “a member of the Beltway class.”

Meyer, however, has fewer than 2,000 followers, so the hashtag didn’t get much attention until his girlfriend, fellow activist Celia Bigelow (@CeliaBigelow), who has more than 9,000 followers, joined the #FireBoehner cause. Pretty soon, their boss noticed. Bigelow and Meyer both work for Americans Majority Action, a 501(c)(4) group, which is run by Ned Ryun, a longtime conservative organizer. He was impressed at how the hashtag had taken off.

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