Called To Offend, Not to Be Offensive

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“America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion.” – Frank Pavone

The Center for Bio-ethical Reform is an organization that travels to college campus’ all over the country displaying graphic images of aborted babies. Critics accuse them of disrupting the peace and making people uncomfortable, but this model has been historically proven to be effective.

The organization’s website explains, “Martin Luther King, Jr. knew that America would not stop racism until America saw racism, so he used graphic images of black people being brutally mistreated, in order to show America clearly what racism looked like.”

“The Center for Bio-ethical Reform likewise uses images of aborted babies to clearly illustrate an injustice of such magnitude that words alone fail to describe it. We understand that the images used are not pleasant, but if the pictures are offensive, then the act of abortion is even more offensive. Showing actual abortion images is a very effective way to shine the light of truth on what abortion does to innocent children.”

Lincoln Brandenburg is the director of the Georgia Branch. Lincoln is also The Good Samaritan. You know the parable. A Jewish man is attacked, left to die on the street, and is passed by a priest and a Levite. Then, the Samaritan comes along. He has compassion on the Jew (even though Jews were known to hate Samaritans), takes care of his wounds, and gets him all set up at the local Holiday Inn.

Christians grow up hearing that story, and if we’re honest, most of us probably view ourselves as the Good Samaritan because many of us do try to live lives that please God. The problem with this mentality is that we often end up becoming prime examples of the sickening stereotype – Christians who exalt all the things they DON’T do – sex-drugs-rock’n’roll, rather than the things they do DO -caring for orphans and widows in their distress, defending and caring for those who can’t care for themselves.

Lincoln Brandenburg took this parable, and made an honest, heartbreaking statement regarding the typical Christian’s stance on abortion. He said, “We are the priest and Levite more than we are the Good Samaritan, because we assume that since we are not supporting or having abortions that we are justified in saying that we are pro life, but in reality, its a stance. We are doing nothing about it. (Our pro-life opinion) is not actually making an impact or making a difference in standing up and saving the lives of those children.”

Truth. Hurts.

Lincoln continued, “The Lord woke me up to that and I realized, Man! This is not just another issue. This is urgent – something that Christians need to be willing to make some adjustments in their lives for and get outside their comfort zone for, because if these are human beings that are literally being killed in our own backyard, then that’s something that we need to be outraged at, and we need to take action about. We need to be creative and join others who are being creative in finding a way to change societies stance toward this.”


This organization visits public and private colleges, but Lincoln told me it was actually harder to get approval from Christian colleges because the faculty doesn’t want to make people uncomfortable, or they’ll say, “We’re already Christians, so we’re pro-life and we don’t need it.” The fact is that over a quarter of women who get abortions claim to be believers, so this type of confrontational display is actually very needed in the Christian realm. If we pro-lifers are never confronted with these images, we will not feel the urgency to change. Lincoln explained, “Without the images, it becomes an issue rather than a tragedy. These images neutralize those who oppose us, convert those who are neutral, and galvanize those who are converted.”

Here are some practical ways you can get off the bench, and help save innocent lives:

College students can get in touch with the organization about bringing them to your campus.
You can volunteer to drive a truck with a picture of an aborted child on it. You don’t need to have any kind of special license. You just need to be 21 with a decent driving record.
You can volunteer to hold signs at diff events.
If your time or temperament won’t allow you to go out there and get confronted, you can always support the cause financially. Giving your money to this is being a good steward. Lincoln said, “You will be able to tell your kids that you were part of the solution in bringing child-killing to an end.”
Get educated. Visit Pick up a copy of the book “The Case for Life” by Scott Klusendorf.

When these college presentations happen, volunteers are kind and respectful to anyone who approaches. Pro-choice people often expect pro-lifers to yell into megaphones and be nasty. Lincoln said that by showing opposers respect as human beings, it validates our message – that all human beings have worth, whether born or unborn. Lincoln said, “The message itself will offend some people, but just because the message is offensive, doesn’t mean we have to be offensive.”

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