What Would Jack Bauer Do?

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Jack bauer

With all this fiscal cliff fear swirling around, of course everyone is asking, “What’s the plan, Stan?”  “What government programs will be cut?”  One controversial question is regarding the plan for Guantanamo Bay.  Senator, Lindsay Graham said, “Simply stated, the American people don’t want to close Guantanamo Bay, which is an isolated, military-controlled facility, to bring these crazy bastards that want to kill us all to the United States.”

Guantanamo is controversial because since it is a military base, and it holds prisoners of war, the prisoners held there are subject to military law – which basically means, they have MUCH less rights than they do here in the U.S.  There have been accusations made about of the sorts of torture that goes down there – waterboarding, sexual torture claims, tooth pulling, you know, all the sort of stuff you’d see Jack Bauer doing on 24.  The UN supports closing the detention center, and so does our President.

It’s a sticky situation.  Our jails are too full.  We’re at war – picking up terrorists from all over.  My uncle said, “Never go to war, because then you’ve got your prisoners of war, sitting in off-shore jails that you’ve got to babysit for the next 30 years.”

So, the government is in talks about shipping these blood-thirsty American-haters right smack dab in some of our backyards – in Illinois.  Side note: I am so glad I don’t live there.  Once they’re on American soil, they can stand a fair trial.  Maybe get Casey Anthony-esque results and be seen the next week in your local Publix?  Chilling thought.

Obama has referred to Guantanamo Bay as “a sad chapter in American history.”   He tried to close it in 2009 and buy a prison in Thompson, Illinois to ship the prisoners to.  That didn’t sit will with Illinois residents (duh).  But, just two months ago, there were talks of the government buying the prison in Illinois again, but not for Guantanamo Prisoners – just for other overcrowded prisons.  Critics are skeptical about this and wonder if the Gitmo crazies will be secretly transferred in.

My uncle said he’s not worried about it, though.  “Those guys would be murdered in the Illinois jail the first week,” he said, “Pedophiles don’t last in jail.  Even murderers look down on them.  If you’re a terrorist or a pedophile, it gives the scumbags someone to look down on, and they’ll shank ya.”  I asked him how he knew all that.  “Common knowledge…prison documentaries…”

Honestly, what if terrorists, whose mission in life was to kill Americans, were transported to the prison at the end of your block?  Wouldn’t that be unsettling?

What do you think should happen?  Or, more importantly, what would Jack Bauer do?

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  • Raymond Bautista

    If I was the Republicans, I would remind the public that the House has already passed 2 bills to fix the budget, Senate 0 and Obama has not sent anything detailed. So Republicans Keep ALL the Bush Tax cuts. For the Democrats make no distinctions between a hard working owner of a Commercial fishing boat, and the multimillion dollar Yacht owner. No difference than a car collector and the hard working repair garage owner/operator. Harry Reid refused to even allow the House Bill to be debated and voted on. What is mr Reid afraid of, that it will pass the Senate and Obama might sign it. Who is obstructing now. Not the Republicans, they have done their job in the house and sent it on to the Senate.

  • Aron

    Give these people rights! The are PEOPLE!