Tragedy Strikes in Connecticut School Shooting

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connecticut shooting

(Developing): Just after 9:30 a.m. this morning, 24 year old gunman, Ryan Lanza shot and killed 28 people, including 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Sandy Hook is located in Newtown, Connecticut – an affluent town that had 1 violent crime in 2010 – a town with a median income of $111,506 in 2011.

Shooter Ryan Lanza, is said to have gotten into the school because his mother worked there.  The school recently updated their security system.  All external doors were locked and visitors have to be buzzed in.  He entered the school through the office, in fake military garb, carrying two semiautomatic weapons, and opened fire on the principal and teachers, during the morning announcements, then made his way to a classroom.  Without saying a word, he then killed an entire Kindergarten class.   As of right now, 20 children have been confirmed dead.

One news commentator said, “I think this is going to be for schools what 9/11 was for airports.” Some others, on the news, talked about the possibility of having armed officers at each school – something that would obviously need to be funded by the parents.

Folks in favor of gun control point to shootings like this and the Oregon mall shooting earlier this week, as examples of why our country needs gun restrictions.  Our own president has been reported to have said, “People shouldn’t be allowed to own guns,” according to University of Chicago professor, John Lott, who knew him before his presidency.

Conservative campers look at situations like this one, situations in which the attacker is clearly mentally ill, and ask what could have been prevented if teachers were permitted to carry concealed weapons.  Office staff carrying guns could have taken him down before he was able to enter any classroom areas.

Guns are not the problem with our country.  Remember the men with box cutters on an airplane?  Violent psychopaths don’t need guns to perform these horrific acts, but if sane civilians were armed, many tragedies like these could be prevented, and casualties could be lessened.

Our hearts are broken and prayers go out to the families affected by this unimaginable tragedy.


*Update: Shooter has been identified as Adam Lanza (20), Ryan’s brother.  He was mistaken for Ryan originally because he was carrying his brother’s identification.  We are told Ryan hadn’t spoken to his brother in 2 years and had nothing to do with the massacre.

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  • Carly Hill

    Update: The shooter has been identified as Ryan’s younger brother, Adam, age 20.